...Wordless Wednesday...

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

When i woke up this morning look what greeted me at my window...

yup...two deer...
i live in a small town...and this is not unusual...
I have lived here for 6 years and i am STILL not use to it when i see it!

But it was a nice surprise.
its the small things in life that i enjoy the most :-)

Happy Wednesday!

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...Friday FITspiration...

Friday, July 26, 2013


Your body is a reflection of what you are. If you want to look healthy, you will have to be healthy.

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...Friday FITspiration...

Friday, July 19, 2013


Reaching your health and fitness goals is based off of the workouts you do, but most importantly the foods that you eat!


 To ensure that your body is getting the fuel it needs, you HAVE to have a clean consistent diet.  You have to fuel your body with the right choice of foods.  Try to stay away from processed foods and food stacked with sugar.  Stick to fresh fruits and veggies as well as meats and whole grain rice, pasta, and breads.  These are the best options to consume when wanting to eat the right foods to help you reach your goals.  You can work out for hours each day, but if you do not have the proper diet all of that hard work will go to waste!


Yes it will be hard, but the results will be worth it!

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...The Importance of Insurance...

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ok...You are reading the title of this post and thinking "Stephanie...this is NOT health and fitness related so why are you even talking about it right now!?!"


 BUT having insurance is a HUGE part of your health.  It actually affects MANY different aspects of your health (and the health of your loved one's).    I know that insurance can sometimes be hard to obtain if you do not have a steady job.  But, insurance is something everyone should considered JUST IN CASE something were to happen. You can obtain insurance at a reasonable cost for all of your ordinary needs.  You can get insurance for your car (which is required by all states!), for your home (or you can get renal insurance for those who currently rent), for you health (which is also important so you can get your yearly check ups), and other types of insurances.  You can also get floor, fire, and water damage insurance (which you usually have to purchase separately) to cover your home in case there is a natural disaster.


 I do not know about you, but i am a planner. I am always trying to stay 5 steps ahead of what is going on around me.  I personally try to budget so i can have the proper insurance coverage for all of my major needs.  One of the most important being health insurance.  You never know when you will need to go to the doctor or need to seek emergency medical care.  There are currently a lot of changes going on in the medical field with the new Obama Care Act going into affect.  But my motto is "Better safe than sorry!". insurance-claim_large 

 So when in doubt try to get some type of coverage to cover all of your basic needs.  When something does happen and you need it, you will be glad that you had it!

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...Friday FITspiration...

Friday, July 12, 2013

WOMEN! Do you lift weights??

One of the BIGGEST misconceptions women have is that they do not want to lift weight because it will make them "big" or Bulky"....SO NOT TRUE!

It will take you YEARS (and with the help of tons of supplements) to get big and bulky
Lifting weights help to sculpt and  tighten your body.
When losing weight you want to strength train because it can actually help BOOST your metabolism!

So ladies PLEASE do not be afraid of the weight room!
Go in and lift more than the guy that is standing next to you! ;-)

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...Is it Friday yet?...

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

This has been my life the past few weeks....
...a little bit of working out...

...i got to work at a UFC fight night!...

...i got to see my sister graduate from college!...

...i have been traveling A LOT! No seriously! I have not been home on the weekends for the past 8 weeks! I have been living out of my suitcase!...

...I got to host a party at the Lake @ Shady gators. TALK ABOUT A GOOD TIME!!...

...i have done a few fashion shows and photo shoots...

...oh can't forget the 5k's i have signed up to run...

...also working my job AND taking care of my business..

Yea...my life is a WHIRLWIND right now...and to be honest i LOVE every second of it! 
I am someone who enjoys being busy and having a full hectic schedule! I manage my time SO much better.  When i have tons of time i get bored...and i get lazy...and i eat junk food...LoL

So yea...that is my life...
But like i said i would not trade it for the world! 
The summer is only about 1/2 way over and i still have a TON of stuff planned!
Stay tuned for more pics!

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…4th of July Healthy Meals…

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Yes summer time is here and what is the fun thing to do on holidays such as the 4th of July?
Meet at the park and have a BBQ with your friends and family?
Cook up some great foods and hit the lake?
Or go to the local pool or beach and enjoy the sun and some great food?
Just because it is a holiday does not mean that you have to make unhealthy food choices.
there are PLENTY of healthy food options for you to choose from.
You can create a healthy dish that looks just as good and TASTE just as YUMMY as the non healthy desserts you usually have.
Here are a few tips to help you stay on track with your healthy eating during the upcoming holiday weekend:
  • Try to make fruit trays instead of cookies or other types of candy
  • Use low-fat whip topping for a substitute for ice cream
  • You can make a low-fat pudding dessert and add fruit and granola instead of pies and ice cream
  • Try to provide water bottles instead of sugary drinks and carbonated beverages
  • If you want to get Popsicle try to use the fruit Popsicle or create your own with real fruit, honey, and almond milk
  • You can also freeze yogurt and server that as a sweet treat
  • Try to grill with chicken, turkey, or lean beef instead of other fatty meats
  • Try to keep the salads healthy by limiting the amount of cheese and creamy dressings that you can put on them.
  • PLAN AHEAD!  This will allow you to create and plan out your menu’s instead of waiting until the last-minute.  This will limit the chances of you “grabbing something” that can be unhealthy for you and your guest.
These are just a FEW tips that can help you stay on track with your healthy eating when you plan your 4th of July meals.

I hope that you guys have a fun, safe, and HEALTHY 4th of July!


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