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Sunday, July 31, 2011

for this weeks LOL moment i would like to share a few images with you...

Have a great first week of August!!


Saturday, July 30, 2011

well to start this post off...i would like to say that i am a list person...
i like to make list...
OK wait...I'm gonna correct myself...i HAVE to make lists in order to function...LoL
I admit..i am one of those people with a daily/weekly "To Do" list...
At the start of each season (i.e. new years or summer) i make a list of goals i want to accomplish
Well at the start of the summer i made a list of things that i wanted to do this summer...
those things included...
....travel more and make plans with my gals....(this has been checked off several times)
...pay down some of my debts...(got a huge chunk off of my car and credit cards!!...so check!)
...set and execute a regular work out routine....(check!)
...communicate better with my family and friends that i lost touch with....(1/2 check...still working on it)
...do some spring cleaning...(CHECK! made about $300 by selling stuff on eBay!)
...clean the house from top to bottom....(as of this morning check!)
...golf more....(well this one is not checked off yet...but i hope it will be!)
...study for the MCAT...(still not done with that :-/  )
...find a good man...(1/2 check...i have Mr. adventure but i don't want to jump the gun and say he is mine yet)
...find a new hobby...(as of this morning...CHECK!!!)

and the last thing on my list that i checked off is by far the most exciting.

Since i do not work at the bar anymore (which has turned out to be a blessing in disguise! although my bank account is hurting a little bit i defiantly enjoy my days so much more!)

A few months ago i was approached by a guy who wanted me to model for him.  After some convincing and consideration i finally said yes. Well this guy ended up flaking and getting my hopes up about the idea of modeling. I mean i don't want to be America's Next Top Model...but i would LOVE to do some things on the side and in my free time. and ladies and gents...that is exactly what i am going to do!

Last week i have a sorority sister who is into modeling on the side and we have been chatting.  She hooked me up with some of the right resources and needless to say i am negotiation several modeling opportunities as we speak! Naturally after i woke up to some very exciting and promising emails i had to call my dad and thank him.  I had to tell him that the long face/big forehead i have and the lack of ghetto booty he passed along to me turned out to be a good thing! LoL He was excited and very supportive just as long as i didn't do anything too crazy.

I mean i am not gonna lie i have had several people ask me to model nude...i even had someone who is connected to playboy ask me to submit some things...but once i thought about it i could not do it.  First of all i am shy about being naked in front of anyone let alone the whole world. and i would like to be a business professional one day and would not like this skeleton in my closet.  I did joke with my dad and say that if a nude pic will pay for med school that i would have to just suck it up and drop my bra! LoL

But now that i have a new hobby i am excited that i was able to check something else off of my summer list! I know that i do not want to pursue an extreme career in modeling.  I already have a dream. But if i can model on the side...have a little fun...make some extra cash...then why not!?

So wish me luck and i will defiantly be sure to share pictures after i take them!!


Friday, July 29, 2011

well i have been waiting a few weeks to write this blog...mainly because i was still pretty angry about it.

So a few months ago i wrote this post....

While visiting the bar in town that i WORKED at  (yes i will put them on blast because i feel like the whole world should know what really went on!) a "manager" made a comment regarding my race...

(yes a picture of the actual bar i use to work at...)

the moral of this story...i was fired!
Not because of the incident...but because the general manager said i was asking hostile towards the "manager" who said the racist comment.

The reason she said i was acting hostile...one night i came in after my AWFUL  bad first date (read the post and you will see why i needed a drink!)
The GM and i were joking around while i was playing pool with my friends. After the "manager" made the comment a few months ago i told her that we were not friends and she should just not talk to me if we are not working together...well the GM decided  to call over the "manager" the night i came in after the date and try to include her in on the fact that i had a bad date. As this "manager" comes over and tries to be friendly and act like nothing was wrong at all...i quietly got up and walked away...i did not make a scene...i did not curse her out (even though i wanted to)...i just got up and walked to a different area where i had other friends.

Well after this...the very next day i got called into work.  I was again scolded because i was suppose to be friends with this person who made this demeaning comment (not to mention she did not even apologize for it! to be honest i did not want an apology because i knew it would be fake but i just wanted her to realize the comment she made was not OK!)

My boss said she was letting me go because i gave a  fellow bartender a discount ( i charged them $1.50 for a beer instead of $2.00) and because i was "being hostile" towards the "manager".... to be honest WE ALL give discounts to fellow bartenders (yes even the GM and the "manager" give away a lot more drinks and deals than i do!)

Needless to say...i don't care anymore.  I mean i LOVED being a bar tender...and I'm not gonna lie the $ was pretty nice to have. But why would i want to work for a place that supports that? why would i want to work for a place that will stand up for someone who made a racist comment instead of standing up for me?  My dad and other friends said i defiantly could get a lawyer and get something out of it...but why? what good will that do? i don't want my job back anymore.

It just goes to show how much things have not really changed all that much in 2011.
Yes it may have been a small comment made out of anger about the color of my skin...but the comment was still made and that should not have been tolerated! i was taken off of the schedule until MY GM MADE ME APOLOGIZE to the "manager" about the confrontation...to my knowledge no punishment was given to this "manager" that made the comment! *sigh*....talking about this is just getting me angry all over again...LoL

I pray that if/when i have kids that they will not have to deal with this kind of crap! It is so stupid...if i was fired so should the "manager"...that would have been the only fair thing...but what do i know...i am just a college student trying to make my way through life...

i cant wait until I'm some big time doctor and can come back to this town and show them what i have become.  That i have become something better than some small Midwest town...donate a lot of $ to some charity & business in town and show them they should have treated me so much better


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

although the past few weeks have been blistering hot outside...
i for one have vowed to NOT complain about the heat (and uncomfortable humidity)

I LOVE the summer and all the heat...sweat...and sunshine it brings with it.
Most of my best/cutest clothes are my summer clothes...
and i have noticed over the past few years (since i have moved to the Midwest from Texas) that i enjoy the heat way more than the cold...

So with that being said...i know that i try to make the BEST out of the summer days that i am not working.
We have had countless random BBQ's...i know that i will just drive around town...windows down...my fav. play list blasting just to enjoy the summer breeze and the summer sun...
not to mention the random but fun summer trips that i have made so far.
The summer is not over yet! and i still have so much more planned!

My new found enjoyment of being in the country (although i have not gotten comfortable yet with the wild life and bugs that seem to always come around me to test my patients...) i hope that i will get to enjoy a few more weekends in the forest with Mr. Adventure before it gets cold and he is off hunting instead of dragging me on wild forest adventures....LoL

I know that as i have grown up and me and my gals have all moved away from each other we HAVE to plan and make time for each other. If not...i know that i personally go crazy!
For instance....each year we always go some place for new years...and now we are going to implement a annual NYC trip (during each summer of course!!) We also always find time to go on other fun/random trips to places we have to go for family functions or for work...and we find any reason to invite our friends to make the trip that much more enjoyable.  Growing up is no fun...but i do notice that i travel a lot more and have a lot more trips/vacations.

I cant wait to "be a grown up" and have my official desired "Big girl" job (being a doctor). Hopefully living someplace which has more warm days than cold (someplace similar to my home town in Texas).
But until then... i will enjoy the few more months of heat in the Midwest with my gals and cherish these days...as i know i will not be as excited and happy about each day when the cold uncomfortable winter gets here....

...LoL SuNdAyS...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Welcome to yet another wonderful Sunday!
I know here in the midwest it kinda kooled off just a bit today to make it a pretty good day!

This weeks "LoL" moment is brought to you by one of my ALL TIME favorite websites...

Happy Sunday! Hope you guys start your weeks off to a good start!
If you ever need a good quick laugh go to this web site! it always give me a good giggle when i need it! :-)

...fAlLiNg FoR tHe IdEa Of LoVe...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

After talking to my closest gal friends and going over the guys that have been in my life over the past few years...i have come to realize that some of those guys...were not the best choices for me.

Of course at the time that was not clear to me. I would meet a guy who had the courage to come up to me and as me on a date.  And that is usually what got me hooked. If he had a nice smile and could hold my attention and make me laugh...then why not go on a date and give this guy a chance?

Well the thing is that i would give them a chance...and find that one thing that i would really like about them...and hold onto that.  I think it was the fact that yes i have been single for so long, i was yearning for the chance to finally have a guy that i could call mine.

I was not letting myself fall for the person and all their flaws (good and bad)...i was simply falling for the idea of being in love.

I realize this after analyzing the past few guys (such as Mr. Big aka Mr. Rodeo cowboy or Mr. Beats or a guy that still bugs me currently)
When i think about them...i try to think of why i was craving their commitment in the first place...and to be honest for each guy i could only list a few things. (not to mention that my gals pointed out that i was "slumming" it with their looks...some of them were not the best looking and defiantly not in the best shape physically but i was still willing to give them a chance)

So then that made me think...i have no idea what to look for when i am looking for that guy for a relationship! I mean yes every girl has THE LIST...a list of things that the ideal guy would have to have in order to be in love with him. But Have i blinded myself to other things because of this list or have i just been blinded because of the way guys have treated me in the past?

With Mr. Adventure i seriously honestly just like him for him and i like being around him.
Last night i made dinner for him (an AMAZING lasagna...i will def say it was probably the best one i have made so far) and we just enjoyed each others company and of course did another forest tour (this time alcohol was involved...LoL) He is an out doors kinda guy and i am a city girl...so hanging out with him i am almost always being put out of my element and flung into his.  Being surrounded by trees...bugs...wild animals...and everything else the great outdoors has to offer....and i actually like it!

He is opposite from me. And i think that is a nice balance (i am only making an assumption seeing as i have managed to miss read past relationships).  I have learned to really enjoy seeing his smile and he is very lively (never a dull moment when you are around him) for the first time i will say i am enjoying this "taking it slow...taking things day by day" with him.  Just getting to know each other and no expectations.
I know that we still have a lot to learn about each other but so far so good.

I just was trying to look at my past "mistakes" to see what i could change or do differently with Mr. Adventure. And to be honest i cant think of one thing. All i can do is be myself.
I should not and wont change who i am or how i act to please anyone.  I know that i have a lot going for me and that i am a good catch...it will just take the right guy to see that and to want me for who i am.

...LoVe ChRoNiClEs...ChApTeR 3...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Well i realized that i had not done a post on this in a few weeks!!! i need to catch up and keep it going as i have had a few people request this post...

But welcome to this weeks...

After engaging in a boy bashing session a few weeks ago with a group of gal friends, we had some of our guy friends randomly drop by while we were in the middle of our "boy hating" discussion (yea i know...how convenient!!)

The main purpose of discussion...why do guys just not be honest!?!

I know that i personally have asked guys in the past to keep it 100% honest with me. 
I have flat out asked them if they are dating someone...or if they were just not interested in me anymore...and i always get the run around. I always state that no matter what i will respect them so much more if they are honest and just say what they have on their mind...and i never get that (and neither had any of the gals that i was in the discussion with...)

So why is that?

The guys that dropped by in mid conversation said it was to spare the girls feelings...
But that is just it...do you not realize the damage you are actually causing by "trying to spare our feelings"...you drag on this meaningless relationship (or situation) just because you know she is holding on...and you are just in it for whatever perks...

It was also brought to my attention that some of the guys would slowly become jerks or a**holes to slowly push the gal away from the relationship. They said the meaner they got...the more the girl would start to dislike him and slowly start to let go....and as mean as this sounds i have also had that happen to me!
But why do that!?!?

I know that i try to say what is on my mind (and sometimes that has not turned out so well for me) and just be up front so that we both were on the same page.  I always want to know what i am getting myself into...and what i have to look forward too. Is that too much to ask for? I mean when i first meet a guy and i start to like him...i personally do not chase after another guy. I want to focus my time and attention on him (But we all know that most guys are not the same way). So when you are "chasing" this guy for 3...4...or even 5 months is it too much to ask where the friendship is headed? Because if you don't know then is it a waste of time? that is how i see it. If i am wasting 1/2 a year on a "friendship" that will be nothing more than a friendship...then that is time that i wasted.  i could have been chasing after someone else. Don't get me wrong i have learned from each guy i have tried to keep around for longer than a few months and i have even made some good friendships from those situations...but in the end why do we date? I date to try to find someone who will be around a few years from now...not just a few months...

So the moral to this Love Chronicles story....men...STOP WASTING TIME!
If all you want is booty...then say that (but it is also known that some girls end up wanting more..but that is a different topic for discussion).  If you just want fun...then say you just want fun. And if you like her and just want to take things day by day to see what happens...then just say that! Just be up front and honest...and if she asks...then answer her question.  Girls are full of questions and concerns when it comes to finding a guy that she likes...because the previous guy played so many games and hurt her! So if you are up front and put it all out on the table i promise this may earn you a few extra brownie points. Don't be mean to get rid of a girl. Just tell her it is not working out. Yes she will cry...but believe me...it will be a lot better being honest then being labeled a jerk (hence why some girls end up going ape crazy after you break up...you are mean to them for months and wonder why she flips out and is mean to you after the relationship is over...)

I promise you from the gals i had the conversation with...you will respected a lot more if you just tell the truth up front! Don't hide it and don't drag it on for no reason. most importantly...DON'T LIE...i hate liars...and so do most people. And don't ever forget....Karma is a Bi**h...and she will be lurking and will eventually come back around to get ya one day.

...Mr. AdVeNtUrE...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

well for some reason, i conjured up this weird superstition that if i ever talked/wrote/blogged about a guy that i was currently seeing that i would somehow jinx myself and for whatever reason he would stop liking me...and things between us would slowly dwindle away...

But what i have grown to learn is...no matter if i talk/write/or blogged about the current flavor of the month he will either come or go not because i decided to spew details about him and the things that we do...he would stay of go because it was just how things would work out...

So i would like to officially introduce to you...Mr. Adventure!

(i assure you he is nothing like the guy in the above picture...LoL...just a  pic i found that was fitting to my topic...)
It took me some time to come up with a name for him.  to be honest it was just hard to find a word that was so fitting that would fit him and the relationship we are starting to have (and when i say relationship i am not saying that i am off the market...i am saying that we are hanging out and talking to each other...taking things day by day to see what comes of it :-)  )

I call him Mr. Adventure for the pure fact that every time i see him or every time i talk to him...it is an adventure...you can never know what fun you will have when you are with him.

The first time i encountered Mr. Adventure was posted in THIS blog post.
The first date alone was an adventure!! needless to say the fun just keeps coming every time we encounter each other.

He has unconventional ways...and i would like to say that i like it.
He is not the "good morning/goodnight" kinda guy. We don't spend endless hours texting or talking everyday.
What i find refreshing is that when we do chat randomly throughout the day i always walk away from the conversation with a smile on my face.

He is very active...and i find it very refreshing to find someone who is just as busy as me during the day.  He is very social and has a lot of friends (which is a huge plus because i am the same way) and he is very out spoken and leaves nothing unsaid (if he has something on his mind he is sure to say it!)

i look forward to our random "short and sweet" conversations during the day (he calls them short and sweet because he is usually in between doing things at work) and we usually have a nice little chat sometime in the evening before we both try to get stuff done before we go to bed. oh!! and He usually goes to bed early so we don't have to stay up late talking to each other (we have done it before but usually ...i have to be in bed pretty early so its nice we both have to be up super early during the week)

I am so use to guys texting during the day (like all day) which is concluded with a goodnight conversation...and followed by a good morning conversation/text...and the whole cycle starting over again. To be honest it took me a few days to get use to it...but then i grew to enjoy it. It gave me more freedom during the day...oh and did i mention he would much rather call and talk to me rather than text?!? yea that is something different and i enjoy that as well.

But so far it has only been about a month...so there is not much to tell about Mr. Adventure. We may get to meet up this weekend (if we do he is gonna let me cook for him! :-)  )  but as things go on I'm sure i wont be able to keep myself from blogging about it! LoL


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

well i think i have a stalker!!
well not exactly...but close enough...listen to my story...

OK so a few months ago (i would have to say sometime in late may)
i was working at the bar....
A group of guys come in and of course flirted and got drinks from me all night (which is not strange or unusual)
Well this night one guy in particular (his name is Carlos...yes it is his real name and i try not to use real names but at this point i don't care...LoL) would NOT leave me alone.
So it is closing time and we are trying to get people to leave and he asks me for my number.
in a flirty way i say no...but i end up giving it to him anyway because at the time i was very single and willing to  give a guy a chance (not to mention he was latino and i have a weakness for latino men!! LoL).
Well needless to say by the time i had gotten off of work that night (which had only been a few hours after i had given him my number) he had called me 4 times and sent me 6 text messages!?!?! ummmm yea

so the next day he calls me...so i answer and tell him that i have a boy friend and that he should not call me. His response:..."i don't care...you are beautiful"....so i say thanks and say again that i have a boyfriend (and we all know this is not true...LoL) hoping he would get the hint and again asked him to stop calling me....since May...this guys still calls and texts me!!! and not just once or twice...but several times!! and no i have not answered his call or responded to his text since MAY!

So now i am stuck with this creepy Carlos guy calling/texting me every night (almost every night but usually on Friday and Saturday nights) and he will text me...and then call me...and leave me a message that is pretty much the same "Hey Stephanie (he pronounces it Steff-ahh-neeeey b/c of his accent...LoL)...this is Carlos! Call me!"...that is it...

OK guys seriously...do you not get the hint after a few weeks!?!
if a girl tells you she has a boyfriend then you should back off...
and if you still call and text for a few weeks and she does not answer you then i think that is a sure sign that you should just give up!!!

Well my next plan is if i happen to be hanging out with my new guy (oooh i need to write a post about him!! :-) )  and he happens to call i will have him answer and tell him not to call back....i guess that is the only way to solve the problem? i hope so...if not i guess ill have to figure out a new plan...

...LoL SuNdAyS...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

well i decided i wanted to try something new!
I decided that since i like to laugh...i would try to make other people laugh!
so each Sunday i will dedicate a post to the viral world that will at least make you crack a smile :-)
so in honor of the first official Laugh Out Loud (LoL) Sunday event
i would like to introduce to you...Kevin Hart (one of my favorite comedians!!)

...fRiDaY nIgHt LiGhTs....

Saturday, July 16, 2011

OK so waking up this morning i felt that i had to write a post about this topic.
Last night, one of my favorite shows of all time had its season finale. and it is the last season :-(

the show i am talking about...Friday Night Lights...

This show is about a man and his family who live in Texas. He is the football coach of a small town team and the show is based on things that students go through as well as his family.

I love this show because i am able to relate to so much of the show, seeing as i grew up in a lot of the elements the show talks about.  Seeing as i am so far from home, watching this show every Friday night at 7pm made me feel that much closer to home (especially on the days that i was pretty home sick).

My sister got me hooked to the show a few years ago when she came to visit me during one of her spring breaks.  She was hanging out in my room and watching Netflix one day when i got home from work and she was watching this show. Naturally i laid down next to her and instantly i was hooked.  Thankfully she had started with the first season and during the time she was with me we watched all of the other seasons that were on Netflix.

I would have to say that it is by far one of the best shows on TV. It really makes me sad that the season had to come to an end.  It has every element that i was looking for in a television show and that the actors were all very good. I can say that i know people back in Texas that were similar to all the characters on the show and maybe that is why i fell in love with it.  I just hate that such good shows do not get to have more seasons...but shows like Survivor...or Big Brother get to go on...Now i am not downing reality shows at all...but there are some reality shows that do not need to get season after season when shows like Friday Night Lights get the boot.

But on a side note...most importantly...i always dreamed of having a man...or husband like Coach Eric Taylor (who is played by Kyle Chandler) He embodies a lot of the values and characteristics in a man that i always looked for!

But after i realized we don't live in a perfect world and that a man like Coach Taylor does not actually exist (and to be honest he probably does exist but is already married with a family by now...LoL) i am able to look for a guy in the real world that would treat me the same way he treated his wife and family in the show.
But it is nice to dream :-)

I learned that they did not build set homes to shoot the show in (all the homes/buildings that they used were real places) and to be honest that is what i loved most about the show. It seemed so real and not set up.  The outfits and other elements were so real and down to earth.  They were like real people that actually lived and worked in a small town in Texas. I could just rant on and on about this show...but i wont....i encourage you to look it up and if you have time watch a few episodes. If you don't fall in love with it like i did then at least you will get a taste of what it is like to grow up in Texas.

But in honor of the last show of Friday Night Lights....all i have to say is...

"Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose"

Texas Forever!!!

...ExTrEmE cOuPoNiNg...

Friday, July 15, 2011

have you ever seen this show on TLC...

well i have seen maybe 2 episodes and all i have to say is...those people have WAY too much time on their hands!! I mean it is kool to walk into a store and buy 1000 things for only $200 but who needs 75 boxes of crackers or off brand cereal?

This lady at my job (i will call her Ms. Stoam...just a nick name we have for her...LoL)
Ms. Stoam has introduced me to the world of couponing. not extreme couponing but just enough to save me $10-$30 on my monthly grocery bills (which over time adds up!!)

For instance...last night i went to Walgreen's....

i got :

NyQuil ...$5.99
(because i have been feeling crummy the last few days...i hate taking meds but my new friend suggested i take it and to be honest i finally slept through the whole night without waking up in a coughing fit!)

Cough Drops...$2.99
(for me to use during the day so i don't kill myself hacking up stuff... :-/   )

Dental Floss...$2.00
(just got my teeth cleaned and realized i was out!!!)

EOS lip balm....2/$6.00
(hey gotta keep my lips smooth!! LoL)

OK so my total should have been: about $17.00 (not including tax)

Well at Walgreen's...the dental floss was on sale $2.00 plus you get $2.00 register rewards (which is a coupon for $2.00 ANYTHING in the store on your next purchase :-)  ) and the lip balm was 2/$6.00 but you get a $4.00 register reward to use on your next purchase. Not to mention i found some coupons in the Sundays paper for the dental floss and NyQuil...

Of course i found out you have to do separate transactions (and i went in the later afternoon when it was not busy so i would not hold up the line and to be honest it took me about 5min to check out!)

my total for all the above purchases...a whopping...$7.84

Um yea...i know! i mean i know its not extreme coupon but it def helped save me some money since I'm on a tight budget!

So yea every little bit counts. It actually does not take that much to just look and find some good deals. I know that i don't go out of my way to price something and i don't usually buy things unless i need them.  But it is nice when i can get $ knocked off my total and all i had to do was spend about 15 min. looking through the paper or looking online and just noticing what i needed and where i should go to get it.

Like i said it saves over time and that is $10 i have to blow on something else! LoL

Ms. Stoam is still teaching/helping me out...she is def on a whole different level of couping  than i am (since she has kids and has to buy a lot more things than i do!) she says she has gotten laundry detergent, toothpaste, floss, toothbrushes, deodorant, and other makeup products for FREE! she says she does not usually have to pay for them because she just looks for the best deals and when to buy things.  But like i said she is helping me out and i have been doing this for about 6 months now. and i will admit that i can def tell that i save money on my monthly budget! I am defiantly excited to see what other things i can get for a discount or even for free! But you will never see me on that extreme couponing show...LoL

found this blog about a mom who is good at finding the good deals as well...check her out!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

well i have been introduced to the new craze Google+

I will have to say that it is pretty kool.
will it blow facebook out of the water....maybe in a few years. but as of now it is just "kool".
I am very impressed by a lot of the features that it offers and the added tools that is has that facebook does not offer.

My favorite thing about it....
well there are a few things that make me really like this new social network.

1...the "hangout" option.
OK i know i am living in a tech savvy world but i have not been big into video chatting. My sister and i just recently started to video chat via our phones (the Android phones with the camera on the front). It is also attributed to the fact that i don't have a computer at home with a web cam (my sorority sister does and so do other friends so i use it when i can.)
This "hangout" option is like a video chat that you and your friends can log into...and who ever is talking automatically pops up on the screen! last night i was talking with 3 of my gal friends (all in different cities in the Midwest) and it was so much fun and a overall good time to see them and just chat with them!

2...the "My circles" option.
This option allows you to group and categorize the friends that you have.  It is nice because you can target statuses to certain "circles" or make it public to anyone you are friends with on Google+.  You can pretty much upload or do anything and target it to just one person or a group of people and not worry about having other people see it. i think its a great idea and wish i had it a few years ago while i was still in undergrad.  Would have been a great communication tool to help my sorority sisters who are here and who have graduated and moved away.

3...I like how it is "Google"
I like having my Gmail...and everything else Google all on one page and in one location. that is probably my favorite tool right now. I love not having to go to different sites to find something that i am needing. It even allows me to connect with my blog!!

you cant "comment" on someone profile page (a feature you can do on facebook) and uploading/sharing pictures and videos is a lot easier on Google+.  There is no "like" button like facebook but there is a "+1" which is pretty much the same.  There is no "poke" button with Google (but honestly what is the poke anyway...LoL) and so far i have not seen anything that shows birthdays of your friends or seen the "events" section (where those annoying party promoters send you tons of party events each week or if your friend makes a facebook invite for a bbq or other event...don't know if Google is gonna have that option). But like i said i am sure a lot more features will come out when the full blown Google+ will be released.

I like it and it is new and it is different. It is simple and simplicity is what i like (compered to all the crazy things that facebook now offers from games to apps to spam :-/  ) but i will defiantly use both quite a bit (great just something else to help me procrastinate doing other more important things...LoL). But it is kool to be one of the few who are currently on it and i am excited to see what happens when more people are hip to it.  If you want a invite let me know!!! i think i can still invite a few more people to join the elite club of Google+  :-)

...tHe BiG aPpLe...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

well first let me say that i have found that i am a little uneasy about flying (in an airplane)
Once when i was flying back to the Midwest from being at home we got caught in a storm...needless to say that plane had A LOT of turbulence and i was literally lifting out of my seat as they were trying to land...so since then i have been kinda freaked out about flying.

But i managed to swallow my fears and hop on a flight to NYC to meet up with one of my fav. gals!

I will have to admit...i am in LOVE with NYC...could i ever live there...no...but i can def. plan a trip once or twice a year. Being around all the people and all the lights and all the hustle is so much fun and refreshing! but i did find that after a few days i was missing my slow paced country life that i have grown into.  The shopping...the food...all the people! *sigh* all i can say is that i LOVE NYC and i cant wait to go back.

This time was a lot of fun and very different from the other times i have gone to NYC. 
The differences is that i went with a different friend this trip. She is not big on all the tourist attractions so it was nice to wonder around time square and try to find all the hidden amazing shopping spots i had stumbled upon the last time i was in the city (not to mention all the amazing food places as well). 
This time was different because i actually got to shop and i actually found some good things that i bought! My last trip i was not as lucky! i just did not find much at all the last time i was here and shopping...so i will have to say this trip i was very happy with what i walked away with (i.e. a pair if Aldo shoes from Aldo for $30 plus free shipping to my home because they did not have my size in the store...it is hard to find shoes for my big feet and even better if they are at a great price from a great store!! )

I did manage to also find my favorite bakery in little Italy.
i swear if i lived in NYC i would gain about 1000 lbs from all the amazing food and junk food places that i have found over the years. 

Oh and the big added plus to this trip is that i walked away from NYC with a new HUGE ego! LoL
Walking down the streets of NYC i was whistled at...stopped...hit on....proposed to...and even had guys asking to be my boyfriend....yes some of them were either A)old...B)homeless (well if they were not homeless they def looked like they were...LoL)...C)also trying to sale me something. We did get occasional guys who were not in any of the above stated categories summoning my attention...but i will admit it is very nice and refreshing to know that i am wanted.  Being in the small town that i am currently in and having the guy troubles that i have had def. bruised my ego.  You cant help but wonder what it is that i am doing wrong or why some of the guys i have met have turned out to treat me so bad...but my dad said it best...he said "Baby...you should not have to worry about what you are doing wrong.  You will find a guy that will like you for you and all the you bring.  If he is for you he will like everything about you and nothing you do will be wrong.  Those guys treated you that way because they are no good for you and you just had to see that so when you do find a guy that actually treats you right you will know it and appreciate it."...Dad...i couldn't agree with you more! :-) (i love my daddy!! :-)  )

But back on the note of my trip to the big city....this was a good quick trip.  A mini vacation that was much needed as i was def. getting stuck in the rut of my life.  I am happy that i was able to go and just have fun with my friend and also get to experience NYC once again. I will have to say that it is one of my favorite places to go and i look forward to the time that i can go back and maybe spend more than a few days there.

...tHe 4Th!...

Monday, July 4, 2011

well today is the day...
a celebration of our country and a celebration for all the troops that sacrifice their lives and time to help protect us so that i can have the life that i have today. With out all the soldiers (alive and dead) our country would not be "the land of the free and the home of the brave".  I have a lot of friends who are in the services and i an forever grateful (no matter what their job is) that they made it a part of their life to serve our country and to keep me and all of my friends/loved ones safe.

So i would like to dedicate today and all the fun...food...fireworks...and good memories to them!

Well other than working early this morning and kinda helping get ready for the annual BBQ today i am actually quite excited to get today over with! This time tomorrow i will be in NYC with my girl from Iowa and i am SOOOO excited!

Although i don't think that i could ever live in NYC...i am finding that is has defiantly become one of my favorite places to visit. This time i will get to see a play on Broadway (Wicked  :-)  ) and of course we will hit up a comedy club. I am excited to take this trip with a different/new set of friends and i am excited to finally have some time away from the Midwest.  Not only am i ready to get to NYC but i hope to get on Cash Cab (a life long dream!! LoL) and maybe even bump into someone famous (we saw the REAL sex in the city Mr. Big!!!) and i saw the Cash Cab but was unable to hail it to snag a free ride!

But most importantly i already have a date with the new flavor of the week for my trip returning back to from NYC. I am passing his town on my way back home and he suggested i stop by and hang out with him. So i cant pass up this opportunity so i am strongly considering the detour to hang out with him again.

Other than that only a little bit and i am off to my BBQ and most importantly my vacation!! (which is much needed!)


Sunday, July 3, 2011

for the first time...in a LONG time...i finally know what it means to feel the "New" feeling...and it feels great. i only hope that this feeling lasts...


By No Doubt

Don't let it go away

This feeling has got to stay

Don't let it go away

This feeling has got to stay

And I can't believe I've had this chance now

Don't let it go away

New, you're so new

You, you're new

And I never had this taste in the past

New, you're so new

My normal hesitation is gone

And I really gravitate to your will

Are you here to fetch me out?

'Cause I've never had this taste in my mouth

Oh you're not old

And you're not familiar

Recently discovered and I'm learning about you

New, you're so new

You, you're new

And you're consuming me violently

And your reverence shamelessly tempting me

Who sent this maniac?

'Cause I never had this taste in the past

Oh you're different, you're different from the former

Like a fresh battery, I'm energized by you

Don't let it go away

This feeling has got to stay

Don't let it go away

This feeling has got to stay

And I can't believe I've had this chance now

Don't let it go away

Why am I so curious?

This territory is dangerous

I'll probably end up at the start

I'll be back in line with my broken heart

New, you're so new

You, you're new

And I never had this taste in the past

Don't let it go away

This feeling has got to stay

Don't let it go away

This feeling has got to stay

And I can't believe I've had this chance now

Don't let it go away

And I can't believe it

Can't believe it

Can't believe it

Can't believe it

Don't let it go away, this feeling has got to stay

Don't let it go away


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Well i would have to admit...waking up on Friday i had no idea how much i would end up enjoying this Friday July  1, 2011 so much

First i went to work...still not feeling well from my wisdom teeth (and still swollen and strong pains in my mouth) i had to tough the day at the hospital and had to deal with a Not-so-exciting boss (and an on going un bearable situation that i am dealing with at work :-/  )
After work i rush home to put myself together and get ready for my date...yes yet another first date!

After having a string of bad dates, all day i was praying that this date would at least be somewhat enjoyable and that i would not anxiously await my roomie to do the "hey i got in a car accident" phone call so i would have an escape from the date...LoL (hey after the last date i did not want to risk being stuck in the same situation).

Well to my surprise when i got to the restaurant i was met by a smiling... tall...very good looking...and very tan and charming guy (yes we met there. it was a better idea since i was coming straight from work and he was coming from out of town).  We exchanged hugs and we walking into the restaurant (yes ladies he made sure to beat me to the door of the restaurant and open them for me...so far so good!)

Since i still could not eat anything hard (because my mouth is still very swollen and i am still on my soft food diet) i was excited when i found out they had a good selection of soups. So i ordered that after suggesting a few things from him to order for his dinner.  Over our mid afternoon meal we shared a very enlightening conversation.  Joking...laughing...exchanging stories...and just enjoying each others company.  As the meal came to an end it was clear that we both were not ready for the date to be over so he suggested that i go home and throw on some shorts and take a ride to the cabin with him(because i was in a nice summer skirt outfit).  So I run home and grab some clothes and he then takes me to "The Cabin"  (i now call it the man cave...because it is the ultimate bachelor pad but in the woods...LoL)

It is a very quaint and mountain man type place. A small home settled and hidden in the middle of a bunch of conservation land.  After he shows me around he suggests we get on the gator (a golf cart but with better wheels and way faster!) and he shows me around the property. Well i am thinking "oh we are gonna drive around and see the country side and the property"....well me being a "city girl" i was not expecting the journey we soon took in the woods!

Diving tree branches and bugs we saw plenty of wild life and bounced all over the hidden paths through the trees and brush that was on the property.  Needless to say i had an amazing time! it was not too hot...not too many bugs...and if there was a bug he was gentleman enough to fling it away or kill it...LoL

After the gator ride he suggest we jump on the motorcycle and take a ride on the road. I was very excited about this because i have NEVER been on a motorcycles before. So after trying to fit the helmet over my curly hair-do...he helped me hop onto the bike and we took a ride. It was AMAZING! we saw more wild life and we were able to see the hills unfold under from under the dancing sunlight and all the trees. It was so breath taking. It was at that moment i realized all the things i have been missing out on since i have been a "city girl". He defiantly picked perfect routes to show me the scenic country side and i was very appreciative for him sharing that with me.

Well this part of the date had to end because i had to return to work for a few hours as i was suppose to be covering a split shift. so he brought me back just in time to change and rush to work.

Well when i got off a few hours later, he was texting me and suggesting that i come back to pop fire crackers and to just hang out again. I was not very tired and still very pleased with how the first part of the date unfolded so i decided to make the small journey to go see him. After Navigating myself back into the woods i was greeted by him and his dog and fireworks.  He cleaned off a seat for me and proceeded to give me a back massage as we were standing (well he was standing behind me and i was sitting) and his friends were popping off the big loud fireworks. It was amazing. He was so nice and gentle and yet again we had great conversation.  As his friends got more intoxicated and the big fire works were slowly disappearing he decided to tell me to jump in his truck.  sceptical at first i followed only to learn that he was taking me yet to another secret spot (this time not really in the woods but in a clearing that was in the middle of the woods).  we get out of the truck, he lays a blanket in the bed of the truck and tells me to hop in. So for the next few hours there we lay in the back of the truck...with the bugs chirping...fire flies buzzing...coyotes howling...and the stars as our blanket...staring into the night sky...enjoying the cool breeze and small conversation.

I stayed there pretty late but insisted on leaving around 2am because i was pretty tired and i needed some pain meds for the pain that had again developed in my jaw. 

Needless to say that was by far the most interesting...and fun first date i have been on!
He was nothing but a gentleman and made me laugh the whole time.  I am sure my gums were screaming with pain because i had been laughing and smiling so much that evening. 

So far so good...cant wait until the next time we hang out! Def liking what i am seeing so far!

I am just happy that after the long string of bad dates i was actually able to go on a good date....i guess good things do come to those who wait...and did i mention the kiss...LoL...all i have to say about that is that it was just right...

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