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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy sunday everyone!!!

Hope that you guys have had a great week!
I have some GREAT news that I have been DYING to share with everyone...
...after being a single gal for almost 6years...someone has finally decided to take me off of the market!
Yes...that is right...I am officially in a REAL relationship :-)
it feels so great and yes i will fill you guys in more later...that will be another post that i will share really soon!

A-N-Y-W-A-Y....here are your LoL moments for this week!
Hope they make you giggle :-)

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Well yes it is FINALLY Thursday!

The end of the week is almost here!!!
It is Thursday which means Friday is TOMORROW!!
I hope that everyone has had a good/productive week so far!
Right now i am having an AMAZING time in Texas with my family and Friends! And next i will be on my way to MIAMI!!! yea dont be jealous! LoL oh did i mention my tickets to the bulls/Miami heat game...15 rows from the court!? Uh yea can we say AWESOME!
So while i am enjoying the beach...sunshine...amazing food...and sangria enjoy today's post!

This week's TimeBomb Thursday...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Yes this group of crime fighting turtles stole my heart as a young girl.  I had the sheets...the figurines...the video games...and even went as one for Halloween one year (yes i know...i was def a tomboy!)
The Movies we my FAVORITE but i did not complain about the cartoon show that came on every Saturday morning. My favorite? Donatello the Purple turtle. 

I know that they are trying to come out with a new version of these guys...but it just wont be the same!!

The Giga Pet

Yes you were NOT cool at school if you did not have at least 3 of these somewhere in your backpack.  Between trying to feed it...clean up the "accidents" your pet would make...walking the animal...making sure it was in bed...this was the modern way to own a pet with half of the responsibility! 
Yes i will admit i think i had 3 or 4 giga pets and yes each had their own name. 
The giga pet is today's farmville that people like to play on Facebook! This was a toy i remember wishing very very very hard for when xmas time rolled around.  Thank you Santa for making me one happy little girl that Xmas! 

Oh by the way...
i am now offering AD spaces ad a DISCOUNTED Price! Yup that is right! 
My ad spaces are affordable...they will rotate every time the page refreshes...and the best part...you get them for 90 DAYS!! Yup not your regular 30 days...you get them at a GREAT AFFORDABLE Price for 90 DAYS! 
so Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions! 

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

3 simple GOOD rules to add to your life :-)

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...LoL SuNdAy...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Howdy Yall!
Hope that you all had an amazing weekend!

Here are your LoL moments for this week!
Hope that they make you laugh if not giggle :-)

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...RaNdOm RaMbLiNgS...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Howdy All
You know when you have alot of random...no related topics...that have nothing to do with each other...BUT you still want to share them with your bloggin buddies? Well that is EXACTLY how i felt today! LoL 

Last Week i participated in a charity Basketball tournament for Breast Cancer.
Now let me remind you...yes i do workout but i have not played ball in OVER A YEAR!
This was a ALL DAY 3-on-3 tournament.
After the first game....YES I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE! LoL
But i braved through the pain and the fatigue and we played bball all day long!
I was lucky to reconnect with some gals i use to hoop with when i was in undergrad and it was A LOT of fun. I missed playing ball with them SO much! 

And YES WE GOT 1st place! It just means that we will have to go back next year and reclaim out title!
One thing that happened...we were given a monetary prize for winning the tournament. We decided to donate it to the charity and needless to say the lady was almost in tear when we handed her back the money! 
I LOVE doing community service and charity events.  It is one thing i will always try to do as much as possible! 

BUT no worries!! We rewarded ourselves with nice cold brews after we played 8 games that day! 
Yea i could not walk the rest of the day and i was SO SORE for a few days after the tournament but it was well worth it!

OK...so i was walking down the hallway at the school i work at and i saw this...

There was NO ONE around...i even walked around the corner and came back a few minutes later...and it was still there....and no one was around...yea it def creepy me out just a little bit! LoL

and last but NOT least...look at me yall! 
This is a recent picture from a recent photo shoot! Talk about good shot! 
The photographer i worked with is from Kansas City and is AMAZING to work with! 
stay tuned for more pics!! 

OH and i am in the process of making a modeling website! 
It will be sooooo much easier to have a online portfolio than lugging around the current portfolio i have so ill let your guys know when i get it up and running! Would LOVE your opinions on the site and the pictures i have taken

...LoL sUnDaY...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

howdy yall!
Happy Sunday
and HOPPY Easter!! :-)

Hope that everyone had an amazing week!
I know that i hope this week flies by because next week I GET TO GO HOME!!
So excited!!!

Here are your LoL moments for this week

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...My FiRsT bLoG HoP! Restless Blog Hop...

Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Friday Everyone!
I hope that everyone has had an AMAZING week so far!
Today i am happy to bring something NEW to ...The Anecdote of my Life...

This week I was lucky enough to be apart of the restless blog hop

A blog hops is a place to link up your blog, facebook pages, twitter, or whatever, and then you hop around to the other links and find blogs etc that you like! So its a place to FIND other blogs and to be FOUND.

Simple Rules:
Grab this button and place it on your blog for the weekend!
Its smart to make a special post about the hop and talk about yourself or post something fun to draw people into your blog AND the blog hop.

young and restless


        Become a follower of the following blogs

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That's it!
So add YOUR blog link...facebook link...twitter link...and if you have time be sure to hop around to the other bloggers and check out their blogs! It is a great way to meet other bloggers and to find some pretty kool post or some new blogging friends!!

Happy Friday and have an AMAZING weekend :-) 

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

While doing my usual blog browsing this past weekend i found several bloggers that had
"Random Facts" Post telling things about them self to their followers. i LOVE this idea
I think it is great to actually get to know the ppl behind the blog post!
So i have decided to do the same. No i was not tagged to do this, i just felt like it was something i wanted to do :-)

i am ONE of EIGHT children...yes 8!......yea i know...BIG family and i LOVE it!

I am somewhat of a germaphobe!!! I HATE HATE HATE when someone drinks after me or uses my fork/spoon/knife if i am still using it. I have been this way since i was a child...it just grosses me out

I am actually pretty good in golf! Played my first few years of college. placed 13th in the State (of Texas) when i was in High school.

i know how to play the saxophone. played it when i was in high school and i was in the jazz band as well. 

I can speak Spanish AND Italian. I do not speak it as fluently as i would like but i am currently working on trying to speak it more/listen to it more (thanks to online tv/radio stations!)

i am afraid of the dark!! Thanks to modern technology and all these realistic scary movies sometimes i just sike myself out and start imagining the worst!

i LOVE to people watch! a favorite hobby of mine and my friends when we get together. Yes of course we do laugh at some ppl...but c'mon who doesn't!?!?

I have the WORST sense of direction!! without my GPS i would not know how to get ANYWHERE! 

My food weakness is chocolate...and cheese. if i could i would smother EVERYTHING in cheese! 

i HATE coffee!!! (yes hate it a strong word but i have a strong dislike for it!) i do not like the taste...i do not like the smell...i do not like the way it lingers on your breath after you have been drinking it...not to mention it stains ANYTHING that you spill it on. I just do not like it! I am a tea gal for sure!

i have not had ANY fast food in OVER 2 years. i gave it up January 1st 2k10 and have not purchased ANYTHING...not even a drink...not even fruit...NOTHING. One of the best things i have ever done!

i am a BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG Daddys girl! Growing up i was that way...and then i became a teenager and things got rocky...but as i have grown older and wiser my father and i have grown a very strong relationship and i LOVE his so much...and even though he wont say it...i know that I am his favorite! LoL 
Love you Daddy! 

i HATE snow!!!!!!! After living in Missouri have grown to dislike the winter time and all the snow that gets dumped around me. It is nice for the first 10 minutes but after that it is just annoying!

....Last but not least....
i wold like to introduce my blogger to my extended family.
These people are like my family.  They have been there for me during the time i have needed them the most. I can ALWAYS count on them no matter what. If i needed anything these would be the people i turn to.  Jennifer (my only full sister) is like my best friend.  And "Mrs.P" and her family literally adopted me and took me in as one of their own.
I will FOREVER be grateful for being blessed with having her and her family in my life. She has always supported me and pushed me to be the best that i can be. 

well there ya go! You guys know a little more about the gal behind 
..."The anecdote of my life"...
I hope that this give you a little more of an insight on who i am and where i come from and what i am about
No worries! I will for sure be sharing more random facts soon!

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