Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hello Followers!
Well... I said I would never be "one of those bloggers".. Buuuut I am going to have to do that for now. I just have A LOT going on with my business, my 2nd location, and me working on other business ventures and just cant keep up with both. But maybe one day I will be able to do both again. 
SO! Until then...
I am now going to funnel all post and efforts at my other blog. 
  Infinite Life Fitness
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If you would like for me to host a health/fitness challenge I would love to do that! I can provide workouts, meal preparation guides, and prizes for the winners!
I can also create mini fitness challenges for you (and your followers). I can create/share healthy recipes and also create workout series for you (and your followers)!
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Friday, October 9, 2015

Such as fall has quickly approached, so has my desire to take my life to the next step.
I just found out that I will get to graduate from school this Fall.  I will earn my Master's Degree in health administration. 

So now what?

The business is doing good and is growing. 
So I think this is the direction the Lord is leading. 

But, I still like I can do more.  I want to do more.
I know that a lot of things take time.  And, it is the Lord who will decide when and how my life will unfold.  But for those that know me, I am very impatient.  I am not saying that I want things RIGHT NOW...But I would like these things soon.  Sooner rather than later would be nice.
What is next? What will be next? I guess we will all have to patiently wait and see!
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...Starting Over...

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My quest for love continues...
I feel that yes there is someone out there for me... BUT where is he?
You go through your life dating and meeting people. I am not saying that it is a waste, but how many 1st dates, 1st kisses, breakups must you have to go through until you find someone who "is in love with you"?
I have tried to take something away from each failed relationship that I have had.  I feel that with each relationship I give a little more each time only to get hurt that much more each time. 

So do you keep giving? Or do you hold back more and more each time? You give and give hoping that the person you are giving too will be the last.  But, you give just enough only to lose yet again. 
My heart is tired.  My emotions are tired.  My mind is tired.  Most importantly I am tired. 

I am tired of the bull sh*t and lies.  I am tired of the deceit.  I am tired of giving in only to be given up on.  I am tired of the failure.  I am just tired of being tired.  

*sigh* oh well.  Not that I dont have enough things going on to keep me occupied.  I actually am enjoying the freedom.  I am learning to find myself again.  I feel that I lost my self when I got lost in love...
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...Welcome Back?...

Monday, September 28, 2015

I sit here on my couch, dog laying next to me, and I wonder...where will I be a year from now?
I feel that I worry a lot about my next step.  Am I doing the right things? Could I be doing more? Where will my career take me? Should I/Could I do more with my career?

I still live in a small town.  Am I happy? YES! I recently purchased my first home, my business is growing, I get to travel the world.   I feel like I am living the dream.  BUT I WANT TO BE DOING MORE!

That is a question I find myself asking each day as I lay down to go to bed.  
I feel that I want to do more, I could do more, but HOW!? 

I want to help people. I want to change their life.  BUT HOW?
I want people to realize their potential.  I want people to realize their worth and work towards building a healthy and strong body physically and mentally. BUT HOW?

I constantly fight myself wondering if I am doing the right things.  I am happy each day.  I love working with my clients.  I love being my own boss.  At the end of the day, my bills are paid and I am also able to make a difference in peoples lives.  And that is all that matters.  That I am taken care of and so are those who I am helping.  BUT I WANT TO DO MORE. 

Time will tell.  And this is the beginning of yet another journey. 
Grab some pop corn, sit back, and relax as the chaos of   my life unfolds...

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...Handstands across america...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Over the next year(s) i vow to do handstands at any place i travel to...i have already started in 2014...first in Austin when i was there for new years...

the Bahamas...

and most recently Columbus Ohio for the Arnold...

I have a TON of trips planned for this year....so get ready! :-) 

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

My life for the next few weeks...

Yes march madness is my favorite holiday (yes i just called it a holiday)
Yes i do sit on my couch in my PJs ALL DAY and watch all of the games.  
This is the one time of year that i am the least productive because i am wrapped up into all of the games. 

Sadly, i was so busy with school and my business that i was not able to fill out a bracket :-( but i am not worried because i usually end up having a horrible bracket after the tournament! 

Who else is a fanatic?  What have you dont to get out of doing something so you can stay home and watch the game(s)?

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....Happy Monday!...

Monday, February 24, 2014



I saw this shirt and just HAD to get it!
In honor of my morning workouts it helps to get me up and get me going
Today is a NEW day...a NEW week. 
So something inspiring today or this week

I have been HUGE on random acts of kindness and just helping those around you.
Try to do something random yet nice for someone you do not know.  You will be surprised how it will improve your mood. And the real challenge....DON'T Tell anyone about it! 

Lets see what you guys can come up with :-) 

Happy Monday! 

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...Random Ramblings...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ok i saw this on pinterest the other day and just HAD to share it!! LoL
I have already done this to a few of my friends and i LOVE it!
it makes me smile every time they call me.

So if you are bored...have fun friends (or family members) give this a try! 
Never hurts to smile when you see your phone light up with a phone call


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...Motivational Monday...

Monday, February 17, 2014

d81afbbeeb17b82230b0774e3cd19950 l1 55 Inspiring Quotations That Will Change The Way You Think

Today get up and do something great!
Do something that makes YOU happy.
The best things in life come from the things that we love the most.
Surround yourself with people and things that you love. 

Doing so will allow you to enjoy each day.
Try to work on making YOURSELF happy this week.

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...Friday FITspiration...

Friday, February 7, 2014

Well ladies THIS is the time to start working towards that summer body you want to flaunt when it gets warmer outside! 

Start TODAY to start working towards your health and fitness goals.
Stop making excuses and get up and do something about it!
Start a habit NOW and you will see how easy it will be to carry out that habit throughout the rest of 2014.

First things first...make realistic goals. It is common for people to lose 1-2 pounds a week. More than that is usually a sign of something unhealthy. 

Set a plan of action:  How you will eat healthier? will you drink more water? what days/times can you incorporate a workout or fitness routine into your already busy day?
People who get things done do not always have time to go everything they need to do...THEY MAKE TIME!

MAKE TIME to reach your health and fitness goals. Make 2014 YOU year.  
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