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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Hump Day!!!

Today is Wednesday and today is the day i share with you the things that have been going on in my life for the past week!!

I VOTED!!! I got to do early voting this year. is your VOICE going to be heard?

relaxing before my fitness competition!!
the competition was a BLAST!

I had SO SO SO Much fun. i met some amazing people and i can not wait to compete again.
I for sure have binged on sugar and carbs but back to training today so back to my strict diet!

Celebration meal AFTER my competition.

me and my gals all met at my FAVORITE place The Drunken Fish...sushi...martinin's...and of course dessert!!

For my competition...
I was in two different divisions
i got 4th place in one division and 5th place in the other division

it was an AMAZING experience   
I met some AMAZING people.  It was so empowering to be around people who have been working SO hard over the past few months.  no one was mean everyone was so up beat and helpful and i enjoyed every second of it! I wish i would have placed in the top 3 BUT with that being my first show i still have SO much to work on and SO much to change before next time. 
I had fun and i can not wait to do it again!

To be honest there were people of ALL ages competing 
The oldest....a 74 year old man with the body of a Greek god! LoL
I kid you not! the only thing that had aged was his hair but he looked amazing and was the life of the party! 
There were also a ton of moms who were in the figure division.
It was just so interesting to see so many different kinds of people that were there

Well i hope you guys are having a good week! 
I know i am a little less stressed out now not having to worry about this show anymore!
I probably wont do another show until early next year BUT i am going to start training NOW so i will be where i want to be! It is "off season" but there is still SO much work i need to do in the gym!

Happy Wednesday guys :-)


...LoL SuNdAy...

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Yes we have made it to ANOTHER Sunday!
Fall is here! And Turkey Day is RIGHT around the corner

Mr. Awesome is coming to visit me for thanksgiving!!!!
SUPER DUPER excited!
I miss him and cant wait to spend a few days with him :-)

I am a HAPPY gal this week!!!

Without further delay...here are YOUR LoL moments for this week!
I hope they make you smile or giggle :-)

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Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Bahahaha! Made my day!

i literally hate these


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Friday, October 26, 2012

need some quick...healthy...affordable snacks to add to your lunch box?
Here ya go! 

Pinned Image


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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

highlight of my week...getting new workout gear!!
Its the small things in life that make me happy! :-)

my 2nd home! 
i am here everyday! 
It is nice to start making gym buddies! 
and i def start to dislike some of the ppl that come to the gym and hog up all the machines :-/

gotta share my TOUGH MUDDER gear!!!
This stuff CAN NOT be bought! it has to be EARNED!

Yup...thats my calf...def made some sexy legs over the past few months!!

soooo a friend of mine has a son!
and this past week was his bday! so Mr. Awesome and I got him a balloon and a gift card so he can go and get ANY toy that he wants at the toy store...he was WAY more excited about that darn balloon!! and played with it the whole time i was there visiting him...*sigh* kids...LoL

picked up some "junk food" to gobble up the second i step off of the stage on Saturday! LoL
I seriously spent almost a HOUR walking up and down the isles at the store trying to find junk food to enjoy after the show...i could only find a few!! that stuff does not appeal to me anymore! :-( but i guess its not a bad thing.  But i do plan on getting some pizza and a few other things. then its back to training! I have another show i might do! i am  HUGE fan of chocolate peanut butter fan. you guys def should try it!!

and that is in a nut shell...my life this week!
It is a NICE week b/c i have NO STUDYING to worry about!!! WOO-HOO!!
not until next week. i do have a 20 page paper i am working on :-/  
but hey i would much rather write a paper than spend hours studying!


...CaSe Of ThE mOnDaYs...

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hey guys!!

Ok Ok...can i PLEASE tell you about my day....

So far today i have:
8:00 am - took med school block test
10:00 am - got my early morning cadrio in (since this is my final week before my competition i am doing two-a-days with my workouts! yea so much fun!!)
12:00-went to wally world and stocked up on more chicken and turkey since i am eating A LOT of it this week
1:00 pm- cleaned up my room! It looked like hurricane Stephanie had swept through! the last few weeks i have been SO busy with school and training i let things kinda pile up :-/
3:00 pm: workout #2 for the day!
5:00 pm- training session for the day! (i am a personal trainer on the side :-)  )
6:00 pm- head to my part time job at the hospital
and here we are now!
I have no idea how i am still full of energy right now and my diet is all screwed up...all this working out is wearing me out...and after this weekend i will def have to take a mini vacation away from the gym. that will last only about a day...LoL but hey! I def need a little break!!!

i will NOT complain! 
I do love being busy! It makes me feel like i get so much more out of the day!
BUT some days i do wish things would slow down...and that is what tuesday is for! :-)
all i have planned so far is class in the AM and workout in the PM. 

Oh and my competition is SATURDAY!!!!!
I have been preparing for this for the past 14 weeks.
i have put a lot of sweat...and hard work!
Missed meals...missed going out with friends...missed a lot of good eating and drinking to get here
i am SELF MADE! No coach...all ME!
So i hope that i am able to place in the top this weekend.
i have been really working hard and i have sacrificed a lot to get here.
wish me luck guys!!


...FrIdAy FITspiration...

Friday, October 19, 2012

need some ideas for your workout today?
Here ya go!!

15 minute total body workout

Pinned Image



Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This past Saturday this is what i did...

yup...go ahead...click on the above image to go to the website...
...the intro video/images on the main page pretty much sum of the HELL that i went through on Saturday...and it was AWESOME!!!

Team: Rainbow Warriors

yup that is me...in the top pic...all the way on the right...in a pink tutu
Had to go BIG with my costume...and it held up the WHOLE race...and i got TONS of compliments!
Not to bad for a $10 ebay find!
It was AWSOME.
Yes it was hard physically...but it was way more mental. you had to push yourself.
and EVERYONE in the race was pushing you as well...everyone helped everyone which was so awesome.  the sense of community that all of the ppl shared was amazing!

Not too many girls in the race...and i was the only girl on my team (we had 6 ppl on our team) i would have not made it through without them.  It was def an ULTIMATE test of my physical ability and i rocked!
Yes i am sore today...yes i have scratches and a few bruises...but those are battle scars! and well worth it! we are already planning out next tough mudder! 

so i def enourage anyone to try to enter into one of these kind of competitions!
they are so amazing
all the hard work you put into training for one pays off the second you cross the finish line!
It was so worth it and i will sport my tough mudder shirt and headband all week this week because i finished a tough mudder! i am one of the elite!! :-)


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