...30 hOuRz N a DaY rIgHt?...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

well it seems like there are not enough hours in a day to get everything done. I have been getting my homework done, and thanks to my job i get a little time to study my anatomy notes...its just the other things outside of work like meetings, step practice, going here, take me there, pay this, take that there....all the little extras that take time and that i have to squeeze in between classes or before work. but its ok...i try to convince myself that i am superwoman some days so i can get everything done...but like today it hit me and i just had to crash. put everything aside and i took a NAP! LoL yup right n the middle of the day and woke up, ate and came to work. I needed it! i have been staying up until almost midnight or later (b/c we have step practice) and then this week i have been coming to work at 6 am to help with morning draws then straight to class...and from then i am just running around. but i only have to do that this week, next week will be ALOT better. i changed my schedule and i even get to choose which day i get off....so im starting to get back in the groove of things which is nice and i so far so good...just gotta keep the studying up for my anatomy class :-/....but its ok, ill keep at it and hopefullyi can stay on top of everything....

well time to get ready to go home!!! but im gonna study and we have step practice so my day isnt close to being over yet....

.....until next time....

...FiRsT dAy Of ClAsSeZ...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Well i made it thru the first day of classes. And YES i already have a TON of homework. i miss the lower level classes when the teacher were not as mean and did not throw alot of work at you during the first week of class...but thats what i get for going to Truman i guess....

found a new thing that i can start to vent about. Im gonna call this person the "queen bee"...in which she thinks she is.

complaint #1:
for the step show. i came to the meeting prepaired. had a list of about 4 theme ideas. had ideas that i wanted to incorporate into each idea with outfits and other things we can do in the show that would be a "attention getter"...but nope. the mood was set on another theme...which is not a bad idead but its hard to come up with costumes and other aspects....so i was the "bigger man" so to speak and i let them have their theme...i did not argue

complaint #2:
we want to build a prop for the stage...but the "queen bee" wants togo all out and build damn near a fort thats going to be costly to build, impossible to travel with (yes she suggested we put it on top of my car and drive it to the step shows....uh HELL NAW!!! LoL)...and just hard to build and more complicated than it should be....we r still "discussing" the matter now...

complaint #3:
we are sending the alumni i postcard just giving them an update on this years events. "the queen bee" wants to take a pic in front of a fire place....but i dont. my reason...a fire place pic = happy holidays/merry xmas and a happy new year...its summer and its nice outside...why not take a nice shot outside? but she dosnt want too....b/c she just dosnt like it...

when it comes down to it she wants EVERYTHING her way. she has her ideas and thoughts and does not want to give consideration to what anyone else, or me, can come up with. and it dosnt help that artesha is her bestfriend and lauren is her ship so all 3 of them automatically side with eachother....its like me against them...neos vs prophyte....this sux! and i dont like it. i can comprimise but when this becomes a habit and there is an issue about everything and everything is your idea and your way i can only give in so much....im sure u will be hearing of more arguments that we have....

well gotta start the homework i have :(

.....until next time....

....iCe BoX...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

well this will be the LAST time i talk about this...personally i am just sick and tired of being sick and tired and when that happens all i want to do is talk about it. so here goes...

i sent ray a letter. i was just askinghim basicallt if he had lost interest and why he has failed to do some things or make more of an effort in general. his reply...he is busy. "he is working in 2 careers" with that being his real job and his music thing. he was hoping that things would have settled down by now so that he could pursue things further with me. i am not a bother to him, but at the same time i am not that important. so my worst fear did not come true. i figured that it was someone else or he just lost interest completly. but to some extent he has because if he was as interested as he use to be than he would make more of an effort when it comes to me and him. I do really like him, i really do...but i guess all i can do is wait for either him to come around of for someone else that will be put in my life. one of the things that i hate the most is the feeling that i am not wanted...me being alone. and that how i feel. i felt it growing up at home when all the things were going on with my parents and i moved on my own...and i feel it now. i mean yea i have been trying to talk to other people but i honeslty feel that it is to fill that empty void that i feel. when it comes to relationships i only get Hot or Cold....Hot means i meet a guy and he is just head over heels for me. and in this case i think i finally warm up to the idea of being with them and then it happens....so far everytime that has happened it hasnt ended very good....Cold means i meet a guy and i start to really like him. But i like him more than he likes me...so i am left feeling this way.

Aubrie said something to me the other night that made alot of sense...she said tru happiness comes from no man but from God. and i agree with that 100%. i guess that just means that i need to work on myself and my relationship with god before i can find that fulfilling relationship. I do want to be happy with someone, but i dont want to just settle to create that. so my instinct is telling me to just wait and see what happens. Good things come those who wait. good example...my car. i was so eager to get it when summer started and i wanted it right then...but i had to learn to be patient and now look. i have the car that i want and i am very happy with what i was blessed with. So i guess that is all i can do is wait & see what happens. whether i get that happiness with ray or with someone else, i just want it to be true and genuine. so instead of stupid boys i am going to turn all my attention, time, and energy on the things that are important and that need to get done now.

school starts tomorrow....not sure how i feel about it...LoL...we will see.

....until next time....

....ScHoOl TiMe AgAiN...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

well it is time for school again. It feels soooo real now that people are getting back to town and the town is coming more alive. after the ghost town that was here during the summer, its good to see ppl my age and not just the townies. im still having mixed feelings about school starting but im ready to do things with my sorority and have fun with basketball, but at the same time im not ready for the test and homework and all the other school stuff i have to deal with. oh well, gotta take the bad with the good right?

this friday is our first party...we are throwing it with the kappas, it should be pretty good since its on friday and most people will b back in town by then. THEN saturday we (me and my roomies) are havin a BBQ...we bought all the food and stuff today. we spend almost $200 bux so far, but hey its for a good cause. just the chance to get to know people and to just offer free food and a good time to anyone who wants to come. im excited about it b/c it will give me a chance to get to know some of the new people that are here and to just see a bunch of the "old" people that i am cool with.

well got the house clean, and my car clean. now i guess i can study for the MCATS...im gettin scared now b/c i did a practice test and could not answer alot of them...so i want to hit it hard now so i can be better prepaired for it....

.....until next time....

...bAcK 2 sQuArE 1...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

well im at work now...what a suprise. i did not work at all yesterday! which was sooo nice. im starting to cut back on my hours b/c school starts soon and i gotta focus on my studies.

well i did not sleep good at all last night. i took a nap late in the afternoon by accident yesterday so it was hard for me to sleep. than someone at work called me at 4am to "make sure i was comin into work at 6 am"...LoL yes im commin in, when have i not? so then i work up every few sec thinking i was going to oversleep...it was just a bad night. but hopefully 2nite will be alot better.

ive decided that i am going to write RVS a letter and send it to him along with the stuff i got him when i was in texas....and carlos is a prob no go...he asked me for $ again... :( im sorry that is just something i cant deal with. i would ask aubrie or call one of my sorority sisters or even call my family for $ b4 i asked the guy i was dating or talkin to... just one of those thngs...*sigh*...oh well....we will see. maybe the letter will encourage ray or he will just leave me be for good. guess alli can do is send it to him and pray for the best.

bought a grill yesterday! so we might have a BBQ sumthin this week and invite a whole bunch of ppl over...im excited about it. i think it will be alot of fun. erica and danielle r both back :) im happy b/c i dont have to be home alone anymore and it just makes it seem like school is about to start....so ill need help withthis semester b/c it will b BUSY! but hopefully ill b able to pull it together and get everything done...

.....until next time....

Cuando digo que te amo...yo te amo...

Friday, August 15, 2008

i found this and i just had to share it...

Cuando digo que te amo...

yo te amo...

te busco en la oscuridadpara

continuar amándote al amanecer

pues para nuestro amor

no hay tiempo ni limites que nos separen.

Si te busco,

voy a tientas

voy segura

y se que te encontraré

... siempre...

Cuando te amo,

mi amor se extiende mas que el amor

voy recorriendo caminos



esos que siempre han unido

nuestros cuerpos.

Por donde quiera que vaya

llevo tu sonrisa dibujada en mi sonrisa

te beso y nuestros labios

vibran de color y del sabor de la miel

vamos abriéndonos sin limites

a todo el amor que nos rodea...

Es así...

te amo aquí

hoy estoy aquí

hoy estas aquí....

*all of this was found on the page of :
good job and wonderful work! :)

...StUnTin iZ a HaBiT sO gEt LiKe Me!....

so i decided today i will tell you about my new car :)

it is an NEW 2008 nissan altima...stick shift...had 16 miles on it when i drove it off the lot...it is "winter frost white"...with coal interior....it has 4 doors and yes it still has its used car smell :)

since i had to drive back to missouri from texas i alreay put 1000 miles on it...yea i know thats alot! but since the town i live in is so small i wont get too many mile on it. i think since i have been back on monday i have put 15 miles on it and that included going to work everyday and to the doctor i shadows office oh yea and my walmart run...LoL...but i LOVE it and i am both happy and blessed to have gotten to get the car that i wanted. hard work pays off as i had NO life this summer b/c all i did was work so that i could get it. but im happy with the outcome now i gotta get ready for school to start

soon to come...pix of yours truly in the new ride...a sexy car for a sexy driver! LoL

my roomey danielle comes back tomorrow! im super excited about that...ive been in the house alone for the past few nights b/c erica out other roomey is gone with the football team to football camp and toya my other roomey is in iowa doing research...so ive been alll alone in our big house but it has been nice to be alone and b able to blast my music and walk around with no clothes on...LoL dont act like u wont do it if you were home alone and had no one to look out for.

well since i have gotten the car i want...for now...LoL...i have been starting to think about the house i want to build next...yes i said build! im gettin there...give me a few more years to get out of med school and i will have it all! its never too early to start thinking about sumthin like this...i mean if i want something i work hard to get it. i can say that everything that i have (inculding my college education) i have worked hard and paid for on my own! even my new car! so i can say that i have alot of things to show for my hard work and hopefully it will pay off

what home dosnt need the huge stair case as you walk in the front door...it is a def must have! i dont like the design of the metal on the stair rails but i love the desin of the actual stari case

DETAIL! one of the most important things...i want lots of details in the ceiling, in the walls, everywhere,...you would be amazed at how much it can improve the look of a simple space

LOVE the tub and the see thru shower...i want one of those fancy showers that comes from all angles. i got to test one out in a hotel we stayed at recently and it was WONDERFUL...so that is a must have...love the his/hers sinks...

I really like the hidden refridge. i love the island in the middle of the kitchen, it adds space and a uniquness to the kitchen...i would probably choose a different color for this are but overall i like it

living area...one word...SPACE..i like the wide open space and all the sitting areas...its a great place to bring company and just chat...this is a def good idea.

well thats all i got for now...stay posted

.....until next time.....

....bAcK 2 wOrK....

Thursday, August 14, 2008

well today was alot better. i got up, finished writing 2 papers, turned both in, helped britnay move into her new place, FINALLY finished unpacking...and now i am at work. i am starting to get back in the grind of things, i kinda slept in a little late this morning but i am going to try to start wingin myself to gettin back on my old routine...

not excited that school starts on the 25th...but i am kinda excited about it...i dunno it is a mixed emotion but hey it is my last year!!!!

so i have the chance to go to STL this weekend...my only reason 4 going would be raymond...but he is not making any attempts to come see me so i honestly think that i will just stay here...clean up...learn the step show and just work. i mean yea it would be nice to see him but like i said b4 i am putting in way too much effort to get nothing at all in return....besides i have carlos :) LoL yea i know im a mess but hey he is really nice and i love the conversations we have. last night he had me rollin the whole time we were on the phone. i think this is exactly what i needed...i guess good things come to those who wait...

my car is still sexy and beautiful...well it got a lil dusty and dirty on the inside b/c i was helping brit move into her new place today, but tomorrow when i get some down time im gonna go and clean it out...gotta keep it lookin so fresh and so clean! LoL im excited for school to start so i can show it off to everyone.

well im at work...cant think of much else to talk about...so i guess ill check my email and start studyin my MCAT stuff...gotta get ready for the test!!!!

.....until next time.....

....tryin to get back in it....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

well i am back from texas and it is REALLY hard for me to get back in the swing of things. i am just strugglin to get motivated to do the things i did b4 i went home. i cant stay up late and sleep in like i did while i was at home...i cant just sit around and do nothing i actually have to get back to doing things. I WILL start tomorrow. i stayed up late talking to carlos :)...LoL ill talk about that later...and i woke up, went to shadow Dr. Feeland, went home took a nap...got up 1/2 way unpacked...then came into work early.

learn the steps for the stepshow
study for the MCATS (yes i pushed the date back again...i know i am really slacking...)
make reservations for the formal that is in october
go to walmart to buy food ( i am OUT!!! LoL i ate it all b4 i left and now that i have a car i have just been buyin food...i need to be smart and save the $ and just go to walmart)
send brandon his part of the deposit
pay the water bill
finish unpacking
finish my papers for my summer class
clean out my car... :) (not use to sayin that yet)
hmmmmmm i think that is all i need to do

school starts in a few weeks!!!! im both excited and not ready for school to start...we will see how it goes...but i am excited about it being my last year here at truman...hopefully...LoL...

starting to treat people how they treat me...and when i say people i am meaning raymond...i am not going to make any more attempts to try to foster anything...i have put in WAY too much effort and if he cant see that than oh well...maybe its time to let that go....

not i saw carlos when i drove thru oklahoma city...we had a blast! at first i was not sure how it was going to go, but we ended up having alot of fun...he kept me laughin and he is a gentleman and just overall really nice. so right now i guess ill see where it goes...he is already making plans to come see me in a few weeks! how about that! someone actually showing intrest and offering to come see me! i dont have to ask..and he actually calls me! and we have conversations! i know crazy huh!

oh and after oklahome i was on my way back to kirksville...well actually i was going to stay in KC for the night....bbbbut i found out iowa was gonna b in iowa which is an hour from kville..so i just drove back and went and hung out. it was alot of fun b/c we havnt hung out and played checkers (like we usually do...LoL) in a while. it was just nice to see an old friend and just conversate and visit. but then i came back to kville and had to work. i am still tryin to catch up on sleep and i feel jet lagged...LoL yea i know texas is in the same time zone but for some reason i just get tired and im not sleeping as good...or im jsut catchin up on some good sleep i didnt get while i was partyin EVERYDAY at home...LoL...i had fun

went out with ashley, hung out with shawn...got to see the phamily...talked with my pops...saw some old ppl i went to school with...and just had fun...oh yea shopped...and got my baby...my CAR! :) i promise pix will come soon. i miss all my friends already! :( but its ok ill go home again soon!!!!

well gotta get to studyin...gotta get ready for the mcats....if i can think of n e thing else to share i will!

.....until next time......

....*press 7....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

this song i cant stop listenin 2 and i LOVE it... i jammed to it a good portion of the time iwas drivin bak from texas :) so im gonna share it with ya

Press 7....by TYGA

First off let me clear my chess started off on baby steps
We get right to the moment where babys come next
Grab tight holdin our self to whats nothin left
Two choices Im ya boyfriend or lets just forget
After dat you plead like
I can't believe what we did
So only option was to agree and keep it secret
Or ya friends will make ya think that ya just another cheerleader
On his team, Tyga man a playa
See but, don't believe what ears can hear and eyes can not see
You seeing me on a daily baby wheres my time for another lady?
get over it, trust me, faithfully, i can be all that you need

Say you want to let me go and thats gonna have to end
You can Go and getta new boyfriend
But you'll never getta better boyfriend

Love just aint our way but,
You know i don't pretend
Imma go and getta new girlfriend
Imma get myself a better girlfriend

[2nd Verse] [Girl Talks on Answering Machine]
Dear Ma, Misses She left ya guard down
For girbuads and riches
So we tore the mall down
And therefore fullfilled your little wishes
No more penny, pigeon, chowing at places
Dinner to reservations I'm so on to this lifestyle
I put you on to it baby, Tyga Style
Just don't run from it cuz theres carpets every where we roam now
Profits for party poppin wit popular crowds
Getty images flickering, Perez Hilton
Liker her dress was ridiculous, complements of Tygas expspense
I come at dem like Pete Wentz
Don't worry its all coming back in the end

Say you want to let me go and thats gonna have to end
You can Go and getta new boyfriend
But you'll never getta better boyfriend
Love just aint our way but,
You know i don't pretend
Imma go and getta new girlfriend
Imma get myself a better girlfriend

[3rd Verse] Wait, so this is how we plan it
Benifit friends and relationships don't mix
But don't trip, cuz you i'm far over with
Long John Silver sick
And this boat no longer floats for you goldfish
Go dig another ditch cuz im dead done wit dis
Im hangin up now, My new girl shes in the front now
I know that gotta hurt
Time to answer her
Well i guess its true Stick to the player rules

[Chorus] (2x) Say you want to let me go and thats gonna have to end
You can Go and getta new boyfriend
But you'll never getta better boyfriend
Love just aint our way but,
You know i don't pretend
Imma go and getta new girlfriend
Imma get myself a better girlfriend

....*sigh* back to life....

Monday, August 11, 2008

well i am back from texas! i had the best time EVER! i got to spend everyday with my best friend shawn...saw a few ppl i havnt seen in a while...met some new ppl...ate out..shoped...BOUGHT A CAR!!!! LoL my baby..an 08 white nissan altima...oooh yes i will post some pix soon! i got back to kville today around noon...went to iowa last night to see an old friend...it was only a 30 min drive but it was good to catch up. glad we got to hang out b/c we wouldnt have if i didnt have a CAR!!!! i am so happy and blessed that i finally got one...and one that i lOVE!

well im at work...and im tired...LoL..and i have alot of work to do since i just got here. but i will catch ya up on everything that went on soon

.......until next time....

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