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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Sunday Everyone!!
Hope you guys had a gr8 holiday weekend!
I know i had a blast dressing up for Halloween and celebrating with my friends
Well here are your LoL moments for this week! i hope that you enjoy them!

And this week i decided to share  a video. This video makes me laugh everytime i watch it!! Enjoy!

...27 oN tHe 27tH...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

well i saw a fellow blogger do this...
they told their readers things about them.  so lets say i decided to do this on the 27th of October...then i would do 20 things about me. but since i was super busy with work and other stuff these past few weeks i procrastinated until today...LoL...yes im def gonna have to work on that and get better...so here goes!

...27 things about ME on the 27th...

1. I HATE cold weather...yes i know i live in Missouri which is infamous for cold weather during the winter but i do plan on being AWAY from it someday!

2. I have been to Hawaii 4 times

3. I played golf on the varsity team at my college my freshman and sophomore year.After that 2nd year it was just not as fun anymore so i stopped playing for the team

4. My fav ice cream: From coldstone...the cheesecake ice cream with TONS and TONS of choc chips on it....yuuummmm

5. i did not have my first boyfriend until my senior year of high school! 

6. i am one of one of 8 children (yes my dad was a busy man!)

7. when i was younger i would collect those $.25 pencils you could get out of those dispensers...not sure why but i just did...and yes i still have the show box with all the pencils in it...LoL

8. I have 2 degrees (exercise science and biology) and 2 minors (health science and business management)

9. I am terrified of bird! I hate them! i feel like they are going to attack me!!

10.  I am slightly afraid of the dark! sometimes i start to scare myself and other times i am fine...just depends on how im feeling that night.

11. a few summers ago i worked 80+ hours a week between several jobs for almost 4 months so that i could buy my first car! I am happy to say it is an 2008 and it is almost paid off! :-)

12. i have been natural all of my life (never had any kind of chemical treatment on my hair...just shampoo, conditioners, hair spray, moisturizers, and oils)

13. i LOVE french fries!!! I had to swear them off a few years ago b/c i was eating them so much

14.  I have not had ANY fast food since January 1, 2009!!! Yea i know it was hard but i am so proud of that.

15. I am happy to say that i am a shop-a-holic. It is a good thing i live in a small town (with only a wal-mart!) but when i go home for xmas i def set myself a spending budget and spend lots and lots of time at the mall!

16. I love to cook. and i can almost cook anything.  it def helps to relax me when i am stressed out.

17. I LOVE to workout and play basketball.  I would not be able to live or function if i could not do either.  I kinda tell when i have not worked out in a while...i start to dream out working out...LoL

18. My fav all time junk food are these chocolate chip pecan cookies a bakery in my home town makes...i could eat a dozen of them in one day!

19. i LOVE going to NYC. i go once or twice a year. i could never live there but i def love to visit!

20. March madness is my fav. holiday. yes i said it was a holiday! because it is!!! LoL

21. My 2nd fav holiday is New years

22. I made a vow a few years ago (a few years after my non fast food vow) that for new years each year i will bring in the new year in a new place. i have spend new years in Miami, Chicago, Kansas City, San Antonio, and this year will be Houston!!!

23. My favorite band(s) are No Doubt and Lit. No doubt was the first CD i ever bought with $ i had saved from not using all my meal money for my school lunches

24. I plan on going sky diving and bungee jumping! oh and traveling the world!

25. I would love to keep foster kids when i get older (and more established) my mom did it when i was growing up and i would love to do the same thing.

26. I am very money savvy.  I have a detailed monthly budget and spread sheet of where my $ is going! I have managed to save up an emergency fund and i am currently looking into investing some extra money i have in savings.

27. i recently got into modeling and i am having so much fun doing it! no i don't want to make it my life but i def want to do it part time. it is a lot of fun and you get to meet some great people!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

...LoL sUnDaYs...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Sunday everyone!
I know it felt like my weekend blew by!
Here are your LoL moments for this week! ENJOY :-)

Hope these at least brought a smile to your face!!! 

...ThE nEw NeW mE...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Well as I ended today, I realized that i have grown and developed into a completely new person just in the past few days.
Yes i am still the same ole Stephanie...but with just a twist

Thanks to Mr. Adventure...he suggested that i take a Hunters education class...
Yes i will repeat myself...he suggested I, Stephanie, the city girl who is terrified of the bugs and the complete darkness (which is all you get when you are out at night in the woods) to take a Hunters Education Class so that i can go hunting with him when gun season opens in November. Yes yall...im goin huntin!!! LoL

Well...me being the adventurous person that i am...about a month ago (with the help of Mr. Adventure of course) logged onto the Missouri Conservation website and signed me up for the local hunters education class. Yesterday/today was my class...so you are officially talking to the  new HUNTING Stephanie!!! :-)

I am now the proud owner of my legal hunting/fishing licence, a fancy Missouri hunting patch, a new bright orange hunting pencil, a hunting orange coozie (even tho they stressed not drinking and hunting at the same time...but they give you a free beer coozie? LoL) and an award winning hunting DVD! Yea i cant wait to watch that! LoL (uh yea right).  The hunting class it self was not THAT bad. I had the first portion Friday night 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm. then i finished it off today 9am until 4:30 PM. One of the local hunting clubs sponsored us FREE lunch and did i also mention that the instructor was very...very good looking (hey i may kinda be off the market but i cant help it that i had to stare at the guy all day!) and was kinda entertaining for the amount of time we had to sit there and follow along in the hunting book and watch bad 1970's hunting education videos.

All in all i would have to say that i am proud of myself! i take pride and being open minded and trying new things.  If you would have told me a year ago that i was gonna get hunting certified i would have laughed at you.  I guess being around Mr. Adventure i want to be able to do things that he likes to do. I want to feel more comfortable in his environment (which is the wilderness).

Now dont get it twisted...i will still bring my own flare to the outdoors.  I have been searching for the flyest pair of hunting boots and accessories (and yes Mr. Adventures yells at me for trying to look stylish out in the woods...LoL) But hey...if im gonna do this i want to do it my way! and that will be in style! (since i clearly cant rock my Jordan bball gear!)

And yes i have shot a gun (well several actually).  seeing as Mr. Adventure has his hide away space that we go to on the weekends we set up targets and shoot at them.  I have shot a 22 rifle...and a 12 gauge shot gun.  It took me almost 30 minutes to build up the courage to shoot my first gun.  But after i finally pulled the trigger...it was like an amazing feeling rushed through me! No i have not killed anything yet. and who knows when i going hunting i may freeze and not be able to kill the deer or rabbit or whatever we are hunting.  But i did learn the true meaning of hunting and why people still do it today.  The most important thing about hunting and why we still do it is to help keep/manage the population of wild life that we do have.  Now you city folk who dont see wild animals (other than birds) you dont have to worry about the wild life problem.  But since i have moved to rural Missouri i have been around it to notice the abundance or lack of wild life as the year passes on.  So yes hunting is a good thing.  And i know not everyone will agree with it...but how else do you think you got that burger...that turkey you eat at thanksgiving...or any other meat product? I am not hunting just to kill the animal just for the sport. I will indeed harvest my kill and use the meat (to cook and eat).  So yes blogging friends i will indeed be killing to save my pocketbook $ as i will have meat that will last me through the winter time! (and meat to make deer jerky my all time fav!!!)

So the moral of this story is...i urge each of you to try something new this week! ANYTHING! just try it. don't think twice...just do it!

PoP Quiz!
Who can tell me what a Drake is? (and no i am not talking about the rapper from Canada...)
It is a male duck!!! See i learned something new and i just taught it to you!!!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

yup... that's me...def getting better at this modeling stuff :-) 

...LoL sUnDaYs...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

*WheW*...this was a Loooooong week!
I hope you guys had a great week! i Know i was way too excited for Friday to get here!
Now that its Sunday...its time to get ready to get back on the grind tomorrow...
It seems like the weekend is never long enough!
Well Hope this helps to get your week off to a great start!
Here are your LoL moments for this week :-)

 So hope these at least made you smile or giggle...and please try not to do anything too crazy so you wont end up on my post here next Sunday! LoL Have a great week!

P.S. Please dont forget to check out my new blog


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Over this past week i had some young ladies tell me how much they envied me....
I have my new job, i am working towards my masters...
i know what i want to do with my life (go to med school and become a doctor)...
I am very social and i have tons of friends...
that my family seems very supportive (their facebook comments on my new modeling pictures)...
plus a whole list of other things...

I smiled and thanks them.  But then i told them to not be envious of me.  I told them to not look at my life and compare it to theirs.  They need to create their own life.  They need to accomplish their own accomplishments. Yes i have a lot going for myself, but my life's path is not going to be exactly like theirs.

Yes i am a very confident person.
...but i was not always this way.  Getting this confidence came with a lot of struggle, a lot of heart ache, a lot of self finding, and a lot of loving.  I had to learn to love myself.  And that is something that took time and patience.  I did not have the best childhood.  People ask me all the time why i came to Missouri to get away from Texas.  Of course i give them the cookie cutter response "oh my college is a great school! i got some amazing scholarships, and i wanted to experience a new culture!" yes that is true, but the other half of the story is that my family was torn apart...home did not feel like home anymore...and i wanted to move away to start fresh. to start a new life and to grow as a new person.  no i was not running away from home and all the problems that came with being back in Texas...i was running away from the hurt and negativity.  I am glad that i did because it has been one of the best decisions of my life.

yes i have goals. i know what i want to do with my life
....but it was not always that way...Yes at a young age i knew i wanted to be a doctor.  i got to shadow a doctor for a career day type of thing at school and instantly fell in love.  It was indeed love at first sight.  since then i have dedicated my time and efforts into doing what i need to do to get to medical school.  Getting to college...things were HARD! yes high school was easy but college def made me re-think what i wanted to do with my life.  I was so lucky and blessed to meet/shadow the doctors i did to help reassure me of what i wanted to do with my life.  i got the job at the hospital to be a reminder of what i wanted to work towards.  I did not get into med school after applying the first year...after dropping $100's of test fees and applications fees i still did not give up.  i tried again for a 2nd year...still did not get in.  but then i realized a lot of my peers were not getting in either.  so i had to re-vamp the road i wanted to take to get to my success.  Yes it happened by luck (finding my research and working towards my masters) but i found it.  and when i am done with this it is almost a sure thing that i will get into medical school.

yes i am social and i do have many different circles of friends...
...but it was not always that way!...in grade school i was very shy and quiet.  i did have  few friends...and to be honest i am still friends with a select few to this day.  i went to a private christian school for part of high school.our class size was in the low 20's.  so naturally we were all friends.  i left that place and went to a public school. i met some of my close friends there.  it was not until i went to college that i started to develop and become more social.  granted joining my sorority did help.  but i grew to learn that i was a natural born leader! i started some organizations on campus not to mention i help high positions of authority in other organizations .  But with time and putting myself out there i was able to meet more people and to grow relationships with many different types of friends.

yes my family NOW is very supportive of me and what i do...
...but it was not always that way...when i first decided to move to Missouri my dad at first tried to bribe me to stay in Texas.  as you can see that did not work.  and to be honest i only had a select few people support and push me to make the big move to a new life.  my brothers even made a bet on how long it would take me to move back home...and now 7 years later i am still in Missouri...LoL 
As with all families, no family is perfect. with time and people growing you learn to get along and grow together as a family.  now i would say my family is the closest it has ever been.  but like i said it took time and learning and many many many talks/discussions (or arguments...LoL).

Being single for so many years, the past few years were hard on me.  I saw so many friends meeting guys, getting engaged, getting married. now they are having children and their families are growing.  I had to learn to be OK with that and not be bothered by it.  I needed to learn to love myself and my life before i could bring anyone else into my life.  I guess maybe that is why i seem so put together now.  I learned how to love me.  From the scars on my face, to my curly nappy hair, to my big feet, and my wide smile.  I love every inch of me and every aspect of my life.  Yes sometimes it does bother me to see friends in medical school and almost done with school...but i am on this path for a reason.  with patience and hard work i will get to where i want to be.

although it was nice to see/hear people envy me and my life...but what they don't know is that it was not always this "good".  Everyone has to work on their own journey and not focus so much on someone Else's. once i figured that out things just started to fall into place.

p.s. don't forget...please check out my new project!! :-)

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

well after a crazy fun filled weekend Sunday has finally gotten here!
Hope you guys had a gr8 weekend as well!
Try not to laugh too hard! :-)

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