....U jUsT dO u & ImMa dO mE....pt2

Monday, April 27, 2009

all i can do is pray...
made a long huge post for this title...i made it private...too graphic and i drop alot of names and details about events that just happened that i just cant realease to the internet world...not yet at least....LoL
.............until next time...........

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

.....I LOVE tUeSdAyS.....

....ThE cItY tHaT nEvEr SlEePs...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

well i am finally back in the swing of things after our new york trip...how was it? AWSOME! i had so much fun. we are going to try to go back in August. to be honest the city was not bad. even tho i have a slight phobia of big places with alot of ppl it was actually not that bad and pretty tolerable. we learned the subway system and rode the bus...it was really fun. we walked tooo much. not to mention that i forgot my jacket and had to walk around freezing!!! but we still had fun. i would love to visit there more often. im not sure if i could handle living there but it def would be fun to go back.

school is coming to an end. we move into our new place in june...i graduate in a few weeks :)

never tought this day would come but it did! so i am really happy abotu that.

jennifer decided to go t dartmouth which i am excited about. i think she will have alot of fun. i wish she wasnt going so far away but she wanetd to get away and she wanted to go ivy league...so what can you say?
everything else is still good. me and britney are still not talking....and to be honest i dont care. that may sound bad or mean but i dont know what else to say to her. she cant even say sorry for what she has done...and if she cant even do that then we have no biznes talking. i mean i will conduct chapter how itneeds to go but i am done trying to go above and beyond what is needed to cater to her. im DONE and i am tired....time for a new day...a new age...to start things off right and the way that i want them to be.
here are my future plans so far:
may 9th-graduate
may 15- move out of old house :(
may 22-25-go to memphis with my ship
may 25-june2- go home
june 3rd- b in chicago for ashley's graduation
june 5th- come back and move into the new place.
rest of the summer...summer school and work
august- go back to NYC :)
school starts again....
so im am happy that i actually have something to look 4werd too....makes things so much more enjoyable to be able to plan and be excited about...kinda like bball season...LoL
...............until next time................

....NeW yOrK nEw YoRk...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

i leave tomorrow for new york!!!! me danielle, toya will be heading across contry for a fun filled weekend...please look for the pix (prob post them on facebook :) ) but im excited...so you should b too...and of course i am gonna take lots and lots of pix!!! LoL

......until next time......

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