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Thursday, May 31, 2012

So far TimeBomB Thursday has been a HIT!
I have gotten tons of positive feedback about this series an it makes people dance through memory lane and brings back the happy playful childhood memories they have. 
So i guess i should just keep going with the TimeBomb Thursday!

Who can say that they remember this little guy...

This hideous creature was the very first thing that gave me a nightmare. 
This probably the first movie i refused to watch again after seeing it the first time!
Before this hideous create evolved it was created from a "Mogwai"  
It was a white and brown furry animal with big bright eyes.  The main character of the movie named his pet Gizmo and was told NOT to feed it after midnight...keep it out of the bright light...and to not get it wet. As all of the rules are broken this horrible Gremlin is hatched causing all kinds of trouble for the town they live in...yes there was a sequel several years later and to this day i still can NOT watch that movie...LoL

And of course we CAN NOT forget about this toy...

The Farmer Says
This is called a  "Farmer Says".

It had a string or latch on the side you can push down.  What ever animal the red arrow was pointing at this amazingly annoying toy would say..."Farmer says Moooo....or meow....or quack" or whatever noise the animal happened to be.  This is a toy for younger kinds and i remember my older brother demolishing mine after having to listen to it on a road trip to a family function one year....LoL..
*Random thought* why are some children toys so annoying? They always have some repetitive noise or voice or something that makes you want to "lose" it so the child can not play with it anymore...

Well here is your flashback for this week. I hope i was not the only person terrorized by the Gremlin movie!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I LOVE this picture...i actually took this picture by accident and it ended up turning out pretty kool (at least i think so!) My part time job i work at a hospital...and this day a doctor mentioned that he sees me more than he sees some of his residents or interns...i guess i just LOVE being at the hospital! I def cant wait until i am a Doctor!

This past weekend for Memorial Day i was lucky enough to get to spend the weekend with some of my favorite gals.  We decided to go on a Float Trip!!
It was SO SO SO much fun.  We got to camp...make smores...float the river...and just enjoy spending time with each other! It was def a much needed mini vacation!

This awesome renovated cooler is something my AHHH-mazing boyfriend Mr. Awesome 
put together for us for the float trip.  It is insulated...waterproof...speaker system!
The batter is connected on the inside and you hook up your ipod or whatever and that also came with a water proof bag.  We drug this things around with us EVERYWHERE and this def made us the Life of the party this weekend! There are 2 speakers on each side and a amp on the inside...it has so BASS which made it ever more awesome! Thanks Mr. Awesome...you are indeed awesome for helping us with that! :-) 

This day...was casual day for me at work.  I usually try to dress up just a bit when i have to go to work and be around my professors...but this was the day after the float trip and i just felt like i needed to rock out my Jordan gear for the day.  Def got a lot of compliments on my kicks!

This is me...bored at work...LoL
some days are busy ...some days are slow...i do work 80+ hours a week so some weeks i am just worn out! But i def like to stay busy and i wont lie the $ is nice as well...

This is one of the meals that i have had...baked fish...backed zucchini...and whole wheat pasta.
Def kicking my healthy eating into a high gear! def trying to reach my goal by the end of June!

Yup...so this have been my week...
i am def so HAPPY that we had a 3-day weekend! it def helps to make the week seem like it is flying by!
Hope that you all had a happy and safe memorial day! 
Happy Hump Day!
Friday is ALMOST here!!

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...LoL sUnDaY (eehhh MoNdAy)...

Monday, May 28, 2012

Well Happy Memorial Day Monday Guys!
I am bring you LoL Sunday today b/c for some reason my scheduled post did not post :-( and i was traveling back home from my camping trip and just made it back to my comp to check my blog(s) and my emails...

I hope that you all are having an amazing 3 day holiday weekend so far!
I know that i had a weekend filled with fun in the sun with some of my closest friends
It was def a much needed mini vacation :-)

Here are your LoL moments for this week!
I hope they bring a smile to your face :-) 

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Thursday to all!
With the weekend quickly approaching i hope that you all some fantastic plans for this weekend!
I plan on taking a camping/floating trip with some of my best gal pals!
I have been planning this trip for 3 months! so i am so so so excited for it to finally be here!
For those of you who will be traveling this weekend i hope that you guys have a safe journey to your locations and back home at the end of the weekend!

timebomb thursday

Who can remember these....

i absolutely LOVED looking in my lunchbox and seeing that my mom put one of these in it.
These would not only stay cold longer...BUT you got so much more CapriSun than those stupid flimsy pouches you had to poke your straw in!
Not to mention my favorite flavor ONLY came in theses aluminum can!
These were by far one of my favorite lunch time/snack time treats

OK OK...now who can tell me that they honestly have NEVER played with one of these...

Oh Mr. Simon...
I think i blame YOU for making me so easily amused.
I confess i would sit for HOURS on those rainy Saturday afternoons or on long road trips and play you.
I remember playing competitions with my cousins or the other kids around to see who could make it to the furthest level
Your tantalizing beeping noises still echo in my mind every time i see you
BUT i will thank you because of you i think i did indeed develop better hand/eye coordination skills
I would like to say that i am still the reigning champion for making it farther than ANY of my friends.
You Mr. Simon...are one toy that will forever be engraved in my childhood.

I hope these brought back a few Happy childhood memories for you guys!
Like i said have a good Memorial Day weekend and for those traveling have a safe trip!

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...wEdNeSdAy RaMbLiNgS...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


So this JERK FACE keeps parking in MY parking spot...
...he or she has done this three times in the last 2 weeks...so you see that nice BIG piece of paper in the windshield? That is a friendly note from Me informing them of what will happen the next time they park in MY spot...

Laker Pride!!
Even though my Lakers lost ( *big fat tears and sad face*)
I am sporting my Vintage Lakers Shirt to still show my Lakers Pride!
No matter win or lose...I will still LOVE my Lakers :-)

midnight workout
the past 15 weeks i have been working 12+ hours a day...but i STILL manage to get my workout in at the end of my looooong work day.
I was determined to be bikini ready by the time summer got here!
Not to mention i wanted to try to get leaner and eat healthier...and so far i have been able to do that while gaining muscle mass...you can almost see my 6 pack yall!


Long distance relationship....*sigh*...
all i can say is that i am so so so grateful for a boyfriend that is very good at communicating and
who looks forward to video chatting with me almost every night.
He is so supportive of all of my aspirations and i appreciate all that he does for me...even though he is 1000 miles away
can you say girls night out!?!
These are one of few rounds of shots we got on our girls night out a few days ago
when i was in KC for some modeling stuff.
Ladies night is ALWAYS a good night!
And tequila is def my shot of choice!

So yea...this is what my life is like on a DULL week! LoL
If i could actually remember to take pics on a daily basis i would have a nice photo collage of all the things i happen to get into...oh well...happy hump day! :-)

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...LoL sUnDaYs...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happy Sunday Everyone!
I hope that you guys had an amazing week and weekend!
Thanks so much for the comments on my modeling pictures!
I am working on A TON of new stuff right now so as soon as i get those back i will be sure to share those with you guys! I appreciate the feedback i REALLY do! :-)

Well...here are your LoL moments for this week!
Hope they bring a smile to your face

...notice the creepy man in the background on the left LoL...

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Friday, May 18, 2012

howdy yall! 
 Well the past few weeks have been BUSY!!! So sorry for slacking on my blogging. I am in the midst of a busy fashion time so i have had quite a few shoots and shows... and since i have been so busy i decided i should share some photos with you guys!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know what you think! I like ANY and ALL comments (good and bad) i like to get feedback from other people than my close friends b/c they tell me i gr8 no matter what...LoL so here ya go...and let me know what you think! Oh..and HAPPY FRIDAY! :-)

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