Wednesday, August 31, 2011

well this past week has been CRAZY!!

Between spending time with Mr. Adventure (and helping him chop down trees for fire wood...yes i said i helped go into the wilderness and chop down dead trees for fire wood...LoL. And yes i did break a nail...but it was alot of fun and i def got a good workout...oh and i learned what poison ivy looks like...LoL)

I also had 3 photo shoots scheduled. One was Sunday, one was suppose to be yesterday but due to crappy storms it got rescheduled...and i have one today. So i have been putting together outfits and trying to get accessories...and other stuff like that...

Not to mention my jobs...

and working out...

Oh and not to mention my hair (being natural all my life...i still cant figure out how to get my hair to do what i want it to do sometimes... but I'm still learning!)

But i did get a new home computer! (and free xbox and printer...)

So hopefully after today things will die down a bit and i can get my life back in order.

So hope you guys are having as good of a week as i am! :-)

...LoL SuNdAyS...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Well we made it through yet another week!
With all the crazy earthquackes...hurricanes...and other random acts of natural disasters i hope that you and all your loved ones made it safely through this past week!

Here is something to help brighten up your day! :-)

...ThE sHoW...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Over the past year or so, me and my gals always agree that we need our own reality show.

From dealing with school work...to ppl graduating and trying to figure out life.
Like i have said several times before we are Notorious for taking trips when we all can so there is never a dull moment when we are together.

From relationships (or me the crazy girl who did the online dating thing)
To everyday life encounters...
There are days that i have to seriously ask myself is my life is real because i cant believe the things that are actually going on around me.

If you could just see the smorgasbord personalities of the friends i hang out with you too would agree we would be a pretty interesting show to watch...
on many different occasions...from many different ppl we have been called "The Sh*t" show...
let me give you a run down...

There is Erica....
the lesbian whisperer...LoL
She has been know to steal girls right from under the date they are with and even has turned a few straight girls curious. She is a woman...so in a way she knows what women want (and need)...which is a bad combo because she defiantly has the same intentions of a man...sex

There is Michael...
The gay guy who does not think he looks/acts gay
But he is...and he is always trying to do our hair...or help with our outfits.
He is a BIG social butterfly and meets some of the most weird/random ppl
He brings a smile to anyones face and is full of laughter and fun.
There is NEVER a dull moment when you are with this kid.

There is Thiky...
Our Asian friend
That is all that is needed to be said...LoL

She is not gay...and she is spicy! I love her personality and her attitude about life
She is a short Asian and is pretty good looking!!

There is Kelsey...
Kelsey is the party goer (also a heterosexual unlike the first two ppl listed...LoL)
She knows there there is a party...and if there is not one...she makes one!
No matter what group of ppl we end up partying with (usually guys) she can out drink ANY guy i know!

There is Me...
The mom of the group...
I usually organize and plan most of the trips.
Being the person who has been single the longest...i am good at flirting...and using my goods to get free drinks (and food...LoL...hey gotta use what i got until its gone! or until I'm finally taken off the market...)
I can party with the best of them...but being the oldest i also tend to sit back and watch (mostly laugh) as the others are running circles around me going crazy (and I'm usually the one taking the pictures or like in south padre last year i had the video camera the whole time...yea def got some interesting stuff!)

There is Aubrie...
The country girl
she was raised in a small town (like super small)
She is still learning how to keep up with us
But i ALWAYS have a gr8 time when she joins us in the mix

We have a few other random friends that defiantly add to the craziness of our group.
But when ppl see us out...We tend to draw ppl that want to hang out because we are always having such a great time.

Unlike Jersey Shore...or the real world...there would not be a fight every week...or dumb stupid questions asked (like where is Italy on the map :-/   )
And unlike those "I'm trying to find eternal love" shows...you wont see us making out or getting it on with ppl we just met a few days ago...but what you will get is episodes full of laughter...great adventures...and complete randomness that makes life so much more enjoyable
I guess those are the things that bring in the ratings...and i guess that is why we will never have our own reality show...but it is nice to dream!

...2nD jObS...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

i would like to say that i started working at the ripe age of 15.  I worked at a grocery store bagging groceries...and it was by far one of the worst jobs i had.  I needed the job because i had just moved in with my dad and he pretty much made me do it....and to also get my dad out of buying the things i wanted/needed for myself...but in the end i worked there for about a year and then worked at CVS pharmacy (it started as Eckerd...but CVS bought it out and changed everything).  The boss there was a great mentor for me.  During those years, home life was not the greatest and he got that. He knew that school and work was my get away...so naturally he let me work literally as much as i wanted.  He came from a crummy family situation and tried to help me during my dark days.

Well i worked there the remainder of my time in Lubbock, Texas (yes a home grown southern gal...and I'm proud of it!!)

Then i decided to move to the arm pit of America...Missouri :-/  (yea I'm still trying to figure out what made that seem like such a great choice...but in the end it seems to be working out pretty good for me!)
Having only a few hundred dollars in my bank account, a credit card (for "emergencies"...uh yea right...) and my tuition and books for my first year paid for i knew i needed a job! So in the "welcome freshmen" packet i received before leaving Texas there was a flyer for a grocery store. I called the manager, told him i was coming from Texas and that i needed a job (badly in order for me to go to school there).  He pretty much hired me over the phone. Told me to come by when i made it and we would set some things up.

My first day in Missouri we went to this grocery store (to get food) and so i could meet the manager.  He hired me and i worked in the meat market (i know it was a rough time...) and in the pharmacy (it was an OK job...small town folk love to gossip and to be honest they were not very welcoming to me...)

So i worked there for a year and found what i thought to be a better paying job as a waitress as a pizza place in town.  Needless to say it was better paying...but the boss and hours were def not as desirable.  So on to the next job as a "Guest service Agent" at the local Comfort Inn in town. 

That job was AMAZING until the owners sold the place and we got a new manager and owner.  Finds out the new manager HATED me because i had ambitions of being a doctor (she got knocked up in college and had to drop out...so i guess she resented me for having the life she did not have).  I would tell her days i would have test/lab and she would purposely schedule me to try to get me in trouble with the owner (and he did not really care...he owned a handful more hotels and was here like maybe once a month)
Well while here i worked at the local JC  Penney (to help get discounts on clothes and shoes of course! LoL)

So i did both of those for a little over a year and then found my job in the lab at the hospital (my current job). I have been here since 2008 and have loved it more than any of the other jobs i had here in town.  I was also a bartender (until recently) and officially as of today i got another...more lucrative...WAY BETTER job than the hospital.

I will be the research assistant to the professor i have been doing my research with over the past year.  He did a little reading into his grant and found a clause that would pay a "minority woman" to help encourage minorities to do research.  So i will be getting paid twice as much as i do at the hospital...better hours...benefits (b/c i get kicked off my dads in December)...and an AMAZING work environment that i control 100% (as apposed to being someones slave all day like i am at the hospital during the day)! (not to mention i get 30 min during the day to use to go and workout!!!)

So for me...right now this is the temporary dream job (as my goal is to become a doctor).  I started doing research with the professor to build my resume and to help me have a better chance at networking and help my chances at getting into the med or grad program.  Well i feel like i have accomplished that as well as TONS of research with publications and future conferences.  I will do this...then the masters...then med school.  Sounds like the perfect plan!! (since i really did not have one after getting my 2nd degree in May)

Since being in college i always had 2 jobs. At most times it was to make ends meet...to pay school bills and to have money to go home for Xmas and other holidays.  But now, it feels like i am finally being rewarded for all my hard work (getting my degree and focusing on the research project for almost a year with out being paid for it until now.) I am so blessed and so happy that i found the professor i did. He did not have to do what he did. He defiantly went above and beyond with trying to help me and i will forever be grateful.

It just feels good to have things fall into place right now.  I will work towards finishing my research so i can use it as a tool to make me a stronger candidate for the grad programs i want to do then medical school.  Even though i am going the long way to get to my life goal...i am glad i did it. I am learning so much and have experienced a lot about life!

I officially start September 1st (filled out my paper work today). This deal has been on motion since January it just has taken so long getting it approved and getting all the right people to sign off on it. Good things do come to those who wait. And over this past year i have truly learned what it means to be patient.

...LoL SuNdAyS...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

well another week has come and gone and it is now Sunday (and my Friday as far as work is concerned!!)
Hope you guys had a gr8 week and an amazing weekend

Here is the LoL moments for today...

...ThE tRuTh...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The past week has been so great for me.
A lot of things in my life are finally falling into place.
And on top of that for once i have a guy that is around that seems to be good for me (i hope!)

Upon thinking about what the future holds for me and my life plans...i could not help but also think about what it potentially holds for Mr. Adventure and I.

I was putting so much pressure on myself about the camping trip because he was going to get to meet my best friends...and i wanted them to like him and get along.  I had always wanted a guy that my girls would like and get along with and not hesitate to hang out with me if they knew that he was coming along.

After the camping trip...i realized that some of my friends liked him...and some don't.
And that worried me...
But then i had to ask myself...why?

I am not dating guys that will please my friends.
I am trying to find a guy that pleases me and that is there for me...if he happens to get along with my friends then great! if not...then i don't know. After being in college and joining clubs and my sorority...you learn that not all ppl get along.  Not all personalities go well together...and you have to learn to compromise and make things work.

And when i actually sat and thought about it...honestly i have not liked alot of the guys (or girls for my ex-roomie) that my best gals have dated! LoL
For some reason they were mean...or rude...or suspicion of infidelity...or too over bearing on the relationship....(or with the girls for my ex-roomie most of the girls were just down right ugly and way to weird/dumb)

I guess i wanted to put alot of emphasis on my friends liking him because i know how i have felt about guys they have dated in the past.  But all in all...no matter what...as a friend i would support them in their decision of who they chose to date or be with. And that is what i hope they are doing for me

I just hope/pray it does not affect my relationship with my close friends...because like the saying goes...
"Hoes before bros!"...or "Chick before D*cks!"....LoL

...ReTuRn Of ThE Ex...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

It is that time of the year (and i would have to say that his happens to me several times a year)
I don't know if the moons all align in a perfect pattern...
If the moon is full and the tide rises and it stirs up every one's most inner crazy person...
Or if my pheromone some how got caught in a strong wind current and managed to drift several 100 miles away...

This special occasion i am talking about...
is the return of the ex!

It is that one moment when you get a text message (and if your lucky a phone call) form a guy that you use to date (or "talk" to).
For whatever reason you two split ways...some on good terms and others on bad terms...but for whatever reason you went on separate paths and have not talked to each other.
For me...when one Ex contacts me...it never fails that one or two more will magically contact me as well within the next few days.  I am not sure why...but like i said some cosmic universal force beams my face or my name into the minds of these guys and they feel the need to "check on me".


Now no it is not a bad thing (in most cases)...but it can be annoying.
I always take pride in checking up on my friends and trying to have good communication.  I will admit there are a few of my ex's that i am good friends with. We were friends before we dated...broke up...and still continue to be friends to this day. 
Then there are the guys who did not make the best decisions which led to the break up in the first place.

I would not have such a bad problem with communicating with my ex's if they would not have ended things so badly.  I am all about being 100% up front and putting things on the table. But for some reason i NEVER got that in return (i did with a few guys but only after i had to pry it out of them!)

OK this is where i will be a little conceited but...most of the guys left me for uglier...heavier...less put together (as in my drive for my education and no kids and no baggage) woman than me! Yes i KNOW I'm a great catch and it insults me when i see them with someone who is no competition AT ALL. I would seriously give them props if i saw the girl they were with and did not cringe...but that has yet to happen. I guess some guys cant handle the upgrade (Me)...so they gotta settle for something a little less....

I guess they do it to have some piece of mind about what happened between us...or to just see if i was going to try to get back with them...im not sure at all of their intentions...but i will say sometimes it is good to just know that they are doing alright.  I guess i will be flattered that they think of me and want to re-connect even if it is through a small text message convo.  But to each is own...and i wish the best for all of them!

For those of you who do not know my story let me give you a break down...
i have been in one serious relationship that lasted 3 years.  This relationship ended about 4 years ago.  It ended due to trust issues...distance...and infidelity.
Before that relationship i had dated 2 other guys...one guy broke up with me because i was moving from Texas to Missouri (a great thing to do! i was sad then but i realize now that it was the best thing he could have done. we are still good friends to this day) and the boyfriend after that cheated on me (and of course lied about it :-/   )

After the long serious relationships i have bounced from guy to guy trying to find someone to call my own.  I kept getting caught in the "i don't want commitment" game...or the "I'm lying because i want to have my cake and eat it too" game...I even had one guy get another girl pregnant while we were "dating"...um yea.
So the moral of my love life is that there has not been one.  I have had one love...and have been searching for another since then.  All the guys since him have cheated on me and treated me less than what i should have been treated (not during the whole relationship...but towards the end when things started to go bad).

Realizing my current situation (me living in a town with a population less that 15K ppl and a very small black population) i joined online dating (but i recently suspended my account).

So all in all my "Love Journey" has been a roller coaster ride.  And i know that it will always be that way.  I am learning that that fairy tale picture you have painted of guys does not exist (and if that guy does exist he is already taken).  I am having to learn to try to be with a guy for the right reasons...and not just to settle to have someone to cuddle with. During this journey i have learned a lot about myself and what to try to expect from guys. 

But on a side note...don't you hate it when you see one of your ex's and you think to yourself...



Wednesday, August 17, 2011

well i will have to say that i survived camping!!

i had TONS of fun meeting new people and making memories with the old friends that i had there.
I learned alot not only about myself...but about the ppl i was there with

After this trip i can say that i walked away learning alot about myself.
I realized how lucky i have been to have the friends that i do have.
We are all care free....very happy and social ppl.
We don't ever get into fights/arguments (except this past weekend....*sigh* long story...LoL)
when ever we get together we know it will be a good time.

I love the friends that i have now.  They have been there for me in the times that i have needed them the most and have been there in the best of times...i love all of them so much. They have been my family since i have been here in Missouri and i will be forever grateful for all the things that they have done for me.

Seeing as i have not been in a relationship in several years i am having to learn everything...well at least that is how it feels. I am having to learn how to care for someone else...put someone else's needs as a priority with mine. compromise and communication are very important...and that too is a hard thing to do.
After my friends meeting Mr. Adventure they noticed quickly that he was not like any other guy i have "dated" (and i use that word loosely because we are not officially in a relationship yet and the past guys were never really official either...)
He is very outspoken.  He has a strong personality and is probably more of a leader than i am.  He is not afraid to jump in and try something new and is he has a question he asks it...if there is something to be said he says it.  The past guys were more reserve...i was the "big dog" in the relationship. I was usually way more opinionated and more outgoing. So this "relationship" is something totally new to me...and at the same time it is scary! (but not in a bad way)

I am use to guys allowing me to help them...somewhat spoil them in a way (like cook for them and do things for them)...but with Mr. Adventure...he is so independent he wont even let me do anything for his bday that is coming up.  I will admit that i do like it. I guess i am tired of babying men and tending to their every need...but it will take some time to get use to.  I am not use to a guy not needing me at all...and that is just something that will be hard to get use to.

The past week has been amazing! Alot of good things have happened (with my work...school...and research) and i have been waiting so long for these good things to happen.  I am just finally waiting for the romance in my life to be focused on one man.  Rejection is something i know far too well when it comes to relationships...and i just want to win just for once.  I am not saying that things with Mr. Adventure are bad...i am just always left with the doubt in the back of my mind.  I cant shake that feeling and i guess it wont go away until i am finally in a relationship with someone...but until that happens i will still have my moments of worry and doubt. 

I don't want to rush into a relationship at all. I am very happy with the grounds that Mr. Adventure and i have. But i also don't want to worry about him just not answering my phone calls or text one day...or him telling me that "we need to talk" and him dumping me for someone else. 

I guess after this past weekend i just saw the true person he is and how i accept him for him...and how much i have grown to like him and care for him.  I feel that we are a very good balance for each other and we have an amazing connection (at least i think we do).  i just hope that it last...and we continue to grow...and that maybe one day he will want to make me apart of his life as more than just a friend. Over the past few years i have learned to be patient.  With all aspects of my life.  I will be patient with him and i enjoy spending time with him and gettig to know him.  Like i said i dont want to just jump into anything but eventually we will have to talk about it and see what our "relationship" means and what we both want it to be...

But until then...i will keep striving for excellence....and keep praying that things will work out for us....and work hard so i can get out of this crappy town and start my "big girl" life as a doctor :-)

...*sIgH* WeLcOmE 2 TuEsDaY!...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

i have SO many things that i need to blog about...
hopefully i can crank a few entries out here in the next few days.
I have already written a few...i just need to edit them...and add some things.
Been super busy trying to recover from this past weekends trip ( i am getting old!!! i don't bounce back like i use to! LoL)

But stay tuned...I'm not forgetting my blog on purpose...just have a mile long to do list! :-)

Happy Tuesday!

...LoL SuNdAyS...

Friday, August 12, 2011

well since i will be with out a computer this weekend (hellz yea!!!)
i decided to bring you the LoL sundays edition a little early...hope you enjoy!
Oh and have a fun and safe weekend!!

this will be me this weekend...LoL :-)

this has to be a joke..

yes...this is def gonna be my wedding cake!

...FlOaT tRiP...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

well...it is almost here!!!
I had tried to plan a surprise float trip for my ex-room/bestie Erica...But due to some ppl (Erica's girlfriend...uuuh yea she is now on my sh*t list...) having diarrhea at the mouth (and i kinda spilt the beans a little bit 2) it turned out to not be so secret...
but tomorrow at 2pm we will be hitting the road to head on a FLOAT TRIP!!

I have some friends (some of which Erica does not now about) meeting us at the camp site..and Mr. Adventure has been so nice to also come and help us city girls learn how to camp.  Yes i said we are also camping!!! I have been camping only once and it was when i was a little kid.  Since then i have been DREAMING of the time i can go camping again and it is here!
Mr. Adventure gets 100 Brownie points for this...not only is he coming to help out...he has a lot of the things we will need (i.e. tent...campfire stuff...)
He is gonna pretty much do all the heavy labor while we drink and look pretty....LoL
I am so excited that me and my girls will be able to meet up for a weekend get away in the woods

Erica can not swim...so i got her some sponge bob floaties! LoL
I have already been to wal-mart and got all the food that is needed for the trip (and the booze)
I have made sure the campsite and raft is reserved (and paid for)
And i have made sure to let ppl know the times we are meeting up and where to be.
I have even pre-programmed the camp site into my Garmin GPS (and printed off map quest directions just in case...)
If you cant already tell...i like to plan and be organized!
I am sad more ppl could not come...but with the group of ppl that are coming i know it will def be a weekend to remember!

So look forward to my next post...and of course some pictures from this weekend.
I have my bug spray and sun tan lotion...my new bikini and tons of food and booze to last me the weekend.
*sigh* i REALLY love my life right now... :-)

p.s....got some photo shoots planned for the end of the month!!
and OMG let me tell you...i am doing some America's Next Top Model type shoots! Ill def have to keep you updated and share some pix!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Friday...i got off of work feeling pretty good. it was about 1pm and it was sunny outside.  It was a little hot but nothing that i could not handle.  I get off to work to meet up with my sorority sister and my ex-roomie.

Well my sorority sister was needing help moving into her new place...and my new roomie was to move into his new room.  Me having just worked a 9 hour shift...no i was not up to helping lug heavy boxes and furniture...but i did what friends do and i helped!

Well after moving i meet up with my ex-roomie (Erica) and we meet up for our usual "roomie dinner date" (well i guess it will be friend dinner date since we are no longer roomies :-(  )
We go to the steakhouse in town and decided to start the night off with small cocktails.  I have a glass of wine with my dinner and she a jack Daniels cranberry mix.  There was a nice gentleman at the end of the bar who was causally laughing at the silly things we would randomly rant about and joining into our conversations when we would bash the cubs or other sports teams he was a fan of.  Before leaving, this nice man buys both of us a shot of Patron! (yea i know...very nice! and you already know that i LOVE tequila!!)

So during dinner (before the shot and after helping everyone move) i am texting Mr. Adventure.  He randomly tells me that he sent some beef jerky with his friend who was on his way to the cabin and i would have to go meet up with him to get it.  This is a surprise for me!!! I knew he was making beef jerky a few days ago (which tastes AMAZING!!!) but he made no implication that he was sending me some! SO i was very excited and happy about that surprise.  Well he was very stern on the fact that i needed to go drive the 20-something miles to the cabin to get this beef jerky (instead of getting it another night like i suggested or meeting up with his friend when he headed back through town on Sunday). So after dinner i tell Erica to hop in the car with me and i drive her out to my new weekend adventure spot.

Upon getting there i see Mr. Adventures friends and make small talk.  Wondering where the delicious beef jerky was...i see Mr. Adventures dog.  Well i think nothing of this because...ill admit...sometimes i just don't put things together as fast as i should...LoL

Then in walks Mr.Adventure!!!
Yea!!! my jaw dropped with excitement as i ran over to greet him.  This was exciting because we made small talk about what we both had planned for this weekend and he told me he had to stay at home and get stuff done and maybe help at his uncle's farm...So In my mind i was not expecting to see him at all (not to mention i had a list of things i wanted to do this weekend as well) But he also got to meet Erica! (he has heard a lot about her...and she has heard a lot about him...it was about time they met i guess!)

Needless to say i was very surprised and excited.  I LOVE surprises and he did a good job.  Not only did i get to see him and spend time with him but i got some of his amazing beef jerky!! :-)

To make a long story short...it was a fun filled weekend with lost of adventure in the woods!! (everyday is an adventure when your with Mr. Adventure...hence why he got his name...LoL) I also got to shoot a .22 rifle and pistol for the first time! It was so much fun! I will admit i loved shooting those way more than shooting the 20 shotgun i shot back in October.

Well next weekend is the big float trip...and yes Mr. Adventure will be there :-)
This feels great....i honestly cant remember the last time most things in my life were going in good direction...all at the same time! I love this feeling and i hope that it does not go away anytime soon

...LoL SuNdAyS...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Well hope you guys had a great week just like i had!
Here is your LoL moments for the week!
Hope you enjoy!!

A guy goes over to his friend's house, rings the bell, and the wife answers.

" Hi, is Tony home?"

" No, he went to the store."

"Well, you mind if I wait?"

" No, come in."

They sit down and the friend says "You know Nora, you have the greatest breasts I have ever seen. I'd give you a hundred bucks if I could just see one."

Nora thinks about this for a second and figures what the hell - a hundred bucks. She opens her robe and shows one. He promptly thanks her and throws a hundred bucks on the table.

They sit there a while longer and Chris says "They are so beautiful I've got to see the both of them. I'll give you another hundred bucks if I could just see the both of them together."

Nora thinks about this and thinks what the hell, opens her robe, and gives Chris a nice long look. Chris thanks her, throws another hundred bucks on the table, and then says he can't wait any longer and leaves.

A while later Tony arrives home and his wife says "You know, your weird friend Chris came over. "

Tony thinks about this for a second and says "Well did he drop off the 200 bucks he owes me?"

Phil was at the bar one night, and complained about having a headache.

"I've got a beaut cure for a headache," said his mate Trev. "Whenever I have a headache I head home and I get my wife to give me a long, slow, wet blowjob. Never fails."

A week went by and they were in the bar again, talking. "Did you try my headache cure," asked Trev. "Yeah said Phil, worked great! Your house is nice, too!"

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