...Modeling update!...

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Well it has been a LOOOONG time since i have shared any modeling stuff with you guys!
For all of my new followers...
yup i am a model!
I do not want to pursue a career in it...but it is a lot of fun and i really enjoy getting to do it on the side
It is A LOT harder than i ever thought it would be
But i do love being in front of the camera and on the runway!
Here are some new images from a few recent shoots i did...

i have been busy with runway shows AND i got to be in a shoot for a jewelry catalog!! 
So watch out!! You might start to see me someplace! :-)

These are just a few!!
I am working on putting together a website just for my modeling. so when i get that together i will be sure to share that with you guys!!

But yes please let me know what you guys think.  
With each shoot i feel like i am growing more as a model and i learn more and more. 
It is very evident by the pictures that i get back from photographers.

If any aspiring models have any questions please feel free to ask me!
I love being able to help and guide those who are wanting to pursue this as well.

Have a great day guys! 


..Instagram Hop!...

Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Monday!!
Today is Instagram Hop Mondays!

So link up your intagram accounts (example will be stated below)
surf...browse...and follow some new instagrammers :-)

Have a Marvelous Monday!


...Friday FITspiration...

Friday, January 25, 2013

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yes...DO NOT QUIT!!
You CAN do whatever you set your goals for!

Make a goal...make a plan...and start working!
Take it day by day....meal by meal...workout by workout...
You WILL reach your goals!


...GoT My NaiLs DID!...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Well for those who saw THIS post....or THIS post...
You will know that I do NOT get my nails done very often
...well i do get a regular pedicure...but as far as my finger nails...that is a WHOLE different story

I use my hands a lot during the day. 
I am actually pretty rough with my hands
I am not sure if i am just that clumsy 
But all of my jobs i am pretty hands on
So when i do get my nails done...it looks nice for about a FEW HOURS :-/
Yea i know.
So naturally i do not get my nails done very often at all (unless i have a big fashion show/photo shoot coming up)

I end up paying $20-$30 to get my nails done and it wont even last me a whole week!
Well my friends...i have found a new solution to my finger nail paint chipping problem!
shellac nails

What shellac nails is they apply a gel to your nails.  
I have never had the real nail add onto my nails (because of all of the horror stories/horrible nail beds i have seen of friends and family after they get their nails done...hence why i stick to the regular mani/pedi when i go to the nail salon)

This get is applied to your nail and then they apply the nail polish that you like
Well i was VERY hesitant to try this for MONTHS
But after the nail lady i usually see convinced me to try it this time i will admit i was quite impressed!
It did not take very long at all! (like 20 minutes)
And they look great!
I even put them to the real test and went to workout AFTER i had gotten my nails done PLUS i had to work later that day.
Nails still looked great!!
About 2 weeks later they started to look a little worn so i had previously ordered some stronger nail polish remover (with acetone) on Amazon.
soaked each nail and Used the big round makeup remover pads and 
the stuff came right off!

So i will have to say i will give this shellac nail polish two thumbs up!
I decided to share this with you guys because when talking to "salesman" they will try to sale the moon if they can.
So if anyone was ever curious about it i just wanted to share my experience about it. 
It was like getting a regular manicure they just added a few extra layers by using the gel and finishing polish.
No grinding or sanding down...not digging into your nail beds...
It was quick...simple...and painless!
I will for sure use this method in the future. If i am going to pay to have my nails done it is nice to have them look good for longer than just a few days!

Hope this helps guys!
Have a great day!

...InStAgRaM hOp...

Monday, January 21, 2013

Well Instagram Monday's it is!!
Had quite a few people REALLY excited about this kind of hop since there are not very many out there.
So each Monday. I will try to bring to you the Instagram hop :-)
I have had a few people interested in co-hosting the hop and helping it get bigger so be on the lookout for this hop on some of your other favorite blogs!
If you are a blog that would also like to co- host sometime please feel free to contact me!

Don't have instagram? NO PROBLEM!
You can still book mark people instagram profile on your browser and still see what pictures they share!
So here we go! 
Ready...Set...HOP! :-)

...LoL sUnDaY...

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hope you guys had a great week/weekend!!!
was this a long week or what!!?? 
To me it seemed like this week drug on and on and on and on...

Well i will say that i rather enjoyed this weekend and i am even more excited
because i get a 4 day weekend!!
Yup that is right!
Going to Chicago to see the LAKERS play!!
I will be sure to share pics next week :-)

well here are your LOL moments for this week!
I hope that they bring a smile to your face :-)

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...Friday FITspiration...

Friday, January 18, 2013

You see the true success of your hard work in the gym if you work hard in the kitchen!

If you have a good consistent workout but eat crap...that is NOT going to help you!
You have to stick to a good balanced diet to fuel your body

It is OK to treat yourself every once in a while...but the key words are...
to TREAT yourself every ONCE in a WHILE!

You do not want all of your hard work to go to waste! 
Eat Clean. Train Mean. Start getting the results YOU want!

Dieting Tips For Weight Loss

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...WordLess Wednesday!...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy Wednesday guys!
I hope that you all are having a productive week!
I feel like this week is going by SO SLOW!!!!

Oh well...because in just a few days i will be leaving to go to Chicago to GO TO A LAKERS GAME!!!
I got some tickets for my birthday so i CAN NOT WAIT!!! :-)

Who got to watch the BCS Championship!?!?
Can you tell which team i was rooting for?

The past few weeks have been MISERABLE at the gym!
My regular gym time is shown below...
We call theses people the New-Years Newbies
The gym is PACKED (as you can see EVERY machine is taken :-/)
But as the weeks go on the amount of people slowly start to trickle away
I am all for people getting health and getting fit...i just do not like having to rearrange my gym schedule!
But its OK! I actually enjoy my new time because now Mr. Awesome gets to come to the gym with me :-)

This is a Throw Back pic...yes that is young Stephanie...i feel like i still look exactly the same!! LoL
I am one of eight kids (only 6 of us in the pic)
I must say that i LOVE having a big family and hope that one day i will be able to have a handful of kids just like my parents did

For those of you who do not already know...i am somewhat of a shoe connoisseur! 
And Mr. Awesome is amazing for still hooking me up with shoes that i like :-)
He got me these for xmas! Was so excited because i have wanted a pair for some time now but never got any (because i recently started investing in MORE athletic shoes/clothes instead of stylish shoes/clothes)

and last but not least...the Love of my Life (other than Mr. Awesome)
Blogger Family...Meet Calliope (pron.: /kəˈl.əpi) 
a.k.a. Callie for short
She is my baby (my current pride and joy)
Got her brand new a few years ago (with only 7 miles on her!) 
and i have decided to spoil her recently (DELUXE car wash and soon to be detailed and deep cleaned plus window tenting!)
Been saving up for a while to do these things (because it was a luxury not a necessity so i saved like $20 a month and not it is time!)


...InStAgRaM hOp...

Monday, January 14, 2013

Do you guys know what a blog hop is?
A Blog hop Is (also called a link or linky party):

A 'Host: blog (such as myself) 
Will Host a "Internet party" (figuratively speaking)

What happens is each week (or how ever often i would like to do so)
I will make a post when you can add your instigram name (or blog URL, or facebook link or what ever other social media link you may have that you want to share...but i want to stick with instagram :-)  )
This will allow others to know your name and allow them to Follow you!

For my hop
You must have an instagram account to participate 
(You can go to instagram.com to sign up and you can get the application for your phone or ipad)
Instagram is like facebook or twitter...it just has pictures!
I am on instagram WAY more than i am on facebook (sorry i do not have a twitter!)
It is a way for people to share their lives through pictures!
And you have apps that you can create text images (like if you want to make a note/status to your followers)
I personally LOVE it and would love to share my random pictures with you guys :-)

This is just a way for everyone to meet new people and create a community to allow for more followers.

So if you have an Instagram account PLEASE feel free to post your user name below!

And feel free to browse other peoples instagram accounts and meet new people :-)

Other hops have rules
(like you must follow the host and co-host of the blog hop/link party/linky party)
but.....since i am just starting out...i will make it simple...

Feel free to check out my instagram...if you like it...follow me! 
yes...it is that simple!
If you do not like mine feel free to check out other people who have posted their links
If you like their page feel free to follow them as well! 

Depending on how well this goes i will host it once a week..or every other week...or whenever!
But have fun...meet new people! 

Hope you guys had a great weekend!

..LoL sUnDaY...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy Sunday!

Yes we have made it to yet another Sunday :-)
My Sunday...is cold & wet from the snow...and i have to work alllll day :-/
Not a very exciting Sunday for me BUT i am grateful for the weekends!
Allows you to sleep in a little and just enjoy those simple things in life that make you happy :-)

Well here are your LoL moments for this week!
I hope that you guys enjoy them!
I hope they make you laugh or at least giggle!

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