...ExTrA eXtRa...

Friday, December 4, 2009

well this week has been one heck of a week in the news!!
1) our fair Tiger woods was put in shame in the news...started with the car crash...led to mistresses....and women who wishe they could be....LMAO...all these stories of girls who also "had things going on" with the golf star. i swear, it never ends. But you have to just think who are the men out there doing this and not getting caught? its crazy...
2) my friend was put in the news...yes it was public record but what was the purpose of it? he has some legal issues going on and i feel that the school should not have relesed an article until after his court trials and more information was released about the case. all i have to say is the reported that wrtoe the story better watch out...there are alof of angry minorty students on campus who are looking to meet her...LoL
other than that...just living each day....trying to figure out the next...
...........until next time...........


Saturday, November 28, 2009

well this thanksgiving i did very well. i had to work at the hospital from 6:00 am until 2:00 pm so i took my lunch break to run home and throw the turkey in the over. so it was pretty much done when i got off of work. i made dressing, greens, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, rolls, cheesecake, yellowcake, corn, a 5 lb turkey and a 3 lbs turkey roast. it all turned out really good!! i had a few ppl over and we ate and then i had to work at the bar from 5:00 until 10:00 pm. it was nice. i was tired but it was good.

now its time for xmas. my bday is sneaking up and i want to do something fun but that prob wont happen. its the week before finals so i wont have much room to do anything exciting. but maybe i can do something fun when i get out of classes for the semester.

well at work (hospital) and i am going to try to get some real work done b/c i have to work a double shift at the bar tonight :-/

..................until next time...............


Friday, November 20, 2009

well i have started to spend my time filling out applications and looking for new things to do with my life for next year. so far i have looked into a few things but i have no definate offers yet. i am a little sad. a girl that i work with has applied to school and already gotten into them. but i already know why and that is something that i have to fix on my own. she didnt even want to be a doctor when she got out of school but was still offered a position. its great and i am so happy for her i just am waiting and trying to figure things out for me which sux...its ok i will one day know and when i do know and find out you will know too...LoL...
welll time to get back to the applications and essays :-/
...............until next time.............

...BiG bRoThEr...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

well for this post i would like to talk about Boss's.
the boss that i currently have at the hospital...she is a very nice person....to your face at least. God only knows the things she says when i am not around. i havt asked simple questions (well the seem simple on my part of the story) but get back nasty and rude remarks. Now one of the computers in the lab has had some problems and she left a statment saying "big brother is watcing you"...LoL
it just amazes me the things a boss can do or say. if i was a boss i want to be feared. if everyone fears you they will spend more of their time doing things right and trying not to make you mad then trying to be your friend and kiss your ass. that is what goes on here. the "full timers" have their own little circles. but sad to say they all talk just as bad about our boss (when she is not around of course) than our boss talks about them when they are not around. its a cray parallel. one that i do not like and refuse to not get mixed up in. i am not afraid to ask "why" or ask questions when i want to inquire about something. im not sure if that is intimidating or if some ppl just dont like it, but that is me and i dont care. i refuse to kiss someones ass to get something i want. i will work hard and try to get it myself. i have had to do that for years and i will not stop trying now.
good example....my hours got cut a few months ago. i asked for more. i got a rude reply saying i cant do homework or "sorority projects" on company time BUT i can play on the computer just as long as things are slow and i have no other work to do...LMAO...so you want me to screw around on the computer as opposed to do some school work? so if the CEO came in would u rather him see my head in a biology book rather than reading a gossip blog he would be happy with that? that is just a small example. i mean dont get me wrong our boss is a nice lady...but the whole boss role def has some character flaws. from what i have observed they wont change. she has been this way for years why change now? when your job is not at threat why even care? that is the attitude that i see going around.
i guess all i am asking is to be more one sided. if there is a problem ask. ok the computer is messed up. ask ppl hey did you go to a crazy web site/ if so dont do it again. no we get a threat in a memo saying "big brother is watchnig you if you have nothing to do go home..." LoL...yea i know but simple thngs such as that. not to say that i would be a better boss just trying a few suggestions to keep the break time gossip at a min...and on other ppl that dont work here. if they dont talk about lab ppl they manage to talk about someone else...LoL...i would much rather it be that way than be them talking about me.
like i said i would want to be feared....at least i will get respect, get called a bitch, but i know the work would be done and done the right way...LoL
..............until next time............


Saturday, October 31, 2009

well last night was AMAZING! it was kinda slow so i got to play bartender last night even tho it was my 3rd shift. it was alot of fun! yea i dont get to take home tips yet but this job it pretty fun. i didnt know what to expect but it was still alot of fun. LoL
i learned a fancy new trick on how to pour shots and look like a pro...and i just learned how to make different drinks in gneeral.
this job it like a double thing for me. i always wanted to try but never thought i would get the chance or have the time. and at the same time it is hard making ends meet with just the hopspital job since my hours got cut. this helpes to ensure a few extra $100 every week or so and that will help seeing as i am helping jennifer as well. but it is fun and i like it. def something different that i have never done before.
this past week has been....CRAZY! LoL yea that is all i can say. it was a good week, it was very nice. now it is time to stop slacking and get back on the grind.
well im at work (suprise suprise...LoL) so i guess ill start "working"....
.......................until next time.....................


Thursday, October 22, 2009

*listening to The Fugees..."FU-GEE-LA"....
well the same ole same ole.
another week gone bay...alot of time wasted....more things done....LoL
i just cant wait to get out of here and onto the next step! it sucks being stuck in the limbo. it really does. i see all of my old friends married/engaged...one person is about to graduate with her phD! another is in there 2nd year of med school...i see all these people moving forwerd and i feel like i am stuck sometimes. i feel like i am always learning the lesson of patients. but i guess i need to focus on what the lord wants me to do for now and not just on what i want to do. that is the hardest thing to try wrap my mind around but it is true.
i got a 2nd job...finally...you know how i said i always wanted to be a bar tender....LOL...yup...prob two nights a week. the same place that erica works. i start saturday. yes i need the cash. i have to pay out the pocket (yea like alot) for tution this semester and next semester...plus the medical bills my dad has said he was paying on but is not. so i still owe alot with that. im not broke, i am just tyring to budget and stay floating. still making $, paying bills, and saving all at the same time. im big on saving...LoL...i have some $ set aside just in case but i will never be satisfied until i reach "oscillation"...LoL...
but yea i start there on saturday. i already talked to her and i get one or two days a week which is great so it should be good. make some extra cash, send money to jennifer and be good.
i am homesick but not really. i mean i really enjoy just being at home and in a familiar place and i do admit i do miss a few people. but i cant be there 2 long...LoL...i will go home for x-mas for a few days or a week but nothing to long. just long enough to go out, be seen, and leave....oh yea and go shopping!! LoL....but other than that nothing too crazy.
jennifer is good. she is not doing good in one class. she has the "truman" mentalitly ....."just as long as i pass the class i dont care"...LoL i tried to motivate her to be above that but i cant even lie i know that i have had that attitude before. and with jennifer you cant tell her anything. so i just have to let her do what she wants and hopefully it is the right thing.
well just needed to make an update.....
..............until next time...........


Sunday, October 18, 2009

thats all that i seem to be doing latly.

not just for myself but other people around me who are going thru far worse things that i am right now. it is crazy just how your life can turn around in a matter of minutes. life is so unpredicatable but that is why it is called life right?

homecoming was good. went to lubbock! ha a blast...lost our show here (we went over on our time so we lost :( but the show was AMAZING) and the light did come with his brother. it was interesting. LoL. he was wasted when i finally met up with them that night and i just had to get on their level and in the right mindset and then i was good for the night. but it was a interesting weekend to say the least.

school :-/ im def getting burned out. and to think that i still have a few years ahead of me until im done :-/ LoL i just need a fresh start, a new motivation...just to get away from here and start the next chapter in my life and i will be good. i just need that newness to help my boost and to just know that i am finally almost done with what i want to achieve.

but that is all. the usual....say things diff day. living each day to try to be closer to God. taking it one step at a time.

on that note just please keep Brandon in your thoughts and prayers. he just needs it. and so does shawn. i just think these past few weeks/this month has been the month of no good for alot of people.

.................until next time.................


Sunday, October 4, 2009

...that is how i feel right now.... only got about 4 hours of sleep last night and the night before and had to be up at 5:30 am.....


Saturday, October 3, 2009

well yet again, my hours got cut (at work) we hired two new people and who does it affect? me the part time employee....*sigh*
i feel that i work (whenever someone calls in and i work the crappy shifts that no one else wants) and i have never had a no call no show. if i am going to be late i call (and 95% of the time i am late it is b/c of a class/test that i was in so i have a good reason for being late). it is just so annoying because i feel that i do work hard and i am flexible but my boss dosnt show appreciation towards that. i refuse to kiss her ass or suck up to get the hours i want/need. i will just start looknig for a 2nd job so i will have that security and also so i wont be so flexible with this job so i can get some set days/times. i am just tired of comprimising my life and my time for people to not be treated the same way. so alli can do is pray about it and hope the good lord directs me in the right direction.

i do love AKA again (and my neos :) the step show is this weekend (THANK GOD) not that i dnt love spending late nights practicing with them i am just ready to have more time for me! and to just have the step show over with. i see why other chapters dont do it. it is very time consuming and just hard to do when you have a job and classes to worry about. but i hope we do well and i hope that we win!

he will be here this weekend :) he is coming for homecoming to see our show and of course to see me! i am really excited to see him! it has been over a month since the last time i saw him and i know we will have a great time while he is here. even tho its giong to be only for a few days i will enjoy every second of it.

i sent off my texas med school applications :) i am hopin that by the end of this week i can have my ACMS applications as well. so i am going in the right direction and i am anxious and excited to get everything sent off and done. all i can do now if pray and hope that some school likes what they see of me on paper and will accept my desire to be in medical school.


*listening to Bone Thugs & harmony...thuggish ruggish bone*
well i will make it thru the week, and i will be free! LoL

..............until next time...............


Saturday, September 19, 2009

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Friday, September 18, 2009

***listening to biggie smalls juicy****
i want to start by saying ....SiGh....
that is the kind of past few days that i have had...
1. had the MCATS on the 12th....got back on thr 13th to work, left the night of the 13th to leave for new hampshire to take jennifer to school
2.spent the weekend on the east coast spending ALOT of $ with jennifer getting stuff ready for school. i am SOOOO sad that i changed my ticket and did not stay longer so that i could actually see the school and help her. but it is ok. i will go back soon. i just think i miss her and worry about her way to much with her being so far away. but we talk so much now thruout the day that it def puts my mind 2 ease. i am excited and worried about her but i know she will do great and have alot of fun. i just think about all of the things taht i did during my freshman year and WOW...LoL...but i am happy she will finally get to grow as a person and meet new people and best of all she is out of Lubbock! not to say lubbock is bad but i feel that one needs to get away so that you learn and experience the world outside of west texas. i did it and i would nto change it for the world!
3. so jack is in jail...i tried to help but he has a 2 diff problems and he has a bond but will not be set free b/c he has a theft charge and can not be released....so i will try to send him a letter. i know he is just caught up in a web of trouble in Lubbock and wish he would have gone when he had the chance. i know that he is not happy there and he 2 needs to leave and grow by himself and he can only do that when he is not in lubbock. i cant wait until he can finally get away. until them as a friend i will try to help and support him. what are friends for right?
4. it is shaws bday on the 16th....and he is feelin the age...LoL he has called me a zillion times! but i guess he just misses me. i do miss him. he is like family and we def look after eachother. but its ok i know he will make the right choices and will enjoy his bday without me.
5. AKA...LoL...its actually not bad!!! i enjoy it and the Neo's def make this year so much more enjoyable and i found that love that i once had for the orginization. so that is good. i still hate the negative people that are around us but what can you do? just getting ready for the stepshow...after that i will be free! LoL
6. talked to him last night...he said he missed me :) yea i know!!!! i was in such a sock when he said it that i asked what he said...and he happily repeated it! LoL...but i def like him and again im taking each day for what it is. just cant wait to set a date 2 see eachother so that i can look forward to something....
7. work....AHAHAHAHAH! LoL
i do work alot...but when i think of school...bills...jennifer...i just dont want to take the time off b/c i want to be able to provide and pay for things that i need/want. so until i get things taken care of i will be on the grind in the classroom and at work :-/
8. club ball.........i lost the battle. i am now a general memeber. :-/ it was heartbeaking. i was not even given a fair chance to run for a position. but after many attempts i still was not granted my request and shal remain that. i am the founder...CEO...this team is my baby and now i have to setp back and it is so hard for me. but maybe it will be a good thing. now i can focus on other things ...hmmmm just maybe....
with that i just feel that "people" who that are apart of it should have talked to meinsted of making decisions. this week has def made me loook at the people who "come" to me...they say one thing to my face but what do they say when i am away? i am not going to please ppl anymore. i am on my own *ish now and i just am tired of trying to keep the peace. i will now become the a*s hole who will just be on my own agenda...oh well....its time to do me!
these past few days have def been a rollercoaster ride for me. i have never felt so many emotions all at once. i just dont want them to get the better of me. you know how i am about my emotions and my feelings. but its ok. glad to be alive. blessed to be here and to see each day!
last week pastor bill talked about in his sermon things such as "our plans" and the lord messing them up. but are our plans really his plans? we ask him to bless us and grant our wishes but never focus on what he might possible want us to do. and i am trying to figure that out now what he is wanting me to do rather than just what i want to do...each day is a lesson learned.
....................until next time.................

...SuMmEr TiMe...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

i can say that this last summer was def one to put in the books. i can def say that it was not boring and that alot happened. possibly my last "free" summer before i jump into "the real worl" and i can def say that it was a good one. got see alot of old friends as well as make some new ones. got to see some new places as well as some old. i know i could have probably did more but i feel that i did fill my time well with things that i needed and wanted to do. made time for classes and the MCAT, shadowed some doctors and worked quite a bit. but overall i would say it was very nice and alot better than last summer.
took the MCAT yesterday!!!! finally got that done...now i just have to wait and see what comes of it. i feel better about it but its one of those things that you just dont know about. i have taken some test and felt like i did really good on it but then bombed it or didnt do as good as i wanted. but it is ok. i tried to the best of my abilities and willjust have to wait and see. maybe my best isnt enough and if that is the case i will just have to try harder....
i leave tonight to go to STL to meet up with jennifer to take her to school. i am both excited and nervous. she is going to dartmouth and that is really far! i thought i went far to school but she is just really really far. i understand and can see all of the feelings that my family and friends had wheni was getting ready to leave for school b/c i have those same feelings that they had. the only different is me and jennifer def have different personalities and drives and i feel that mine def helped me to make it this far. she is a little more extreme than i, but everyone has to make their own mistakes and learn from them.
other than that....all is well in the land of me....got to watch my preachers sermon today ( 3rd sunday in a row!!! i am doiing good!) all i have left today is to pack, clean up, and chapter. oh yea and get off of work...LoL i am here until about 2 (sometimes 2:30) but its 11 now so i am alomst done! made it thru the MCAT and now all i have to do it make it thru taking jennifer to school and iw ill be good :)
...............until next time....................


Friday, September 4, 2009

so on 8.31.2009 i tried to send a package to indianapolis, in to suprise someone with some gifts and other things that i had bought....well to my suprise it was sent back to me....

why do you ask....

becuase UPS sux at handeling packages the right way. upon my stuffing my box with those strach enviromentally hazardous packing nuts....putting paper...and stuffing it full of the gifts....it made it all the way to the delivery truch TO BE DELIVERED and magically was damaged. you would think that something like this would happen in transit b/c the locations but no...so driver probably dropped it...or placed it under a box that was too heavy for it...breaking some of the contents there for damaging the box....having them send it alll the way back to me...and having me to REPAY to send it all the way back to where i wanted it to be. and why can i not get any cooperation from UPS? b/c its was damaged b/c it was "packed wrong"...ok stuffing a box full of paper and nuts is not packing it wrong...i even did a few test drops to make sure that it would be ok...but no...some driver probably way playing kick ball with it causing it to damage the there for send it back to me. i wish they would have called me or something asking me if i wanted it returned...b/c it was in the city..IN TRANSIT to be deliverd and they stoped and sent it all the way back to me! yes i was mad....and i still am...but you know what its ok...i got it re sent out...packed it with more nuts and paper and food...and hopefully this time it will make it in one piece...the one image i keep having in my head is in the ACE VENTURA movie where at the start of the movie he is just kicking and stepping on a box clearly breaking/damging everything in it...yea i feel that is what happend to my box...LoL...


Sunday, August 30, 2009

ok i know this is my 2nd post for the day...buuuuuuut....
i was looking at my ships blog spot blog ( and she is slacking b/c she hasnt updated it...LoL) and i am proud of her yet envious. she just started optometry school...i wish i was starting a medical program of some kind and not just stuck...here...in this spot...but maybe it is a good thing. i believe that everything does happen for a reason and i guess i will eventually find out what that reason is. i take the MCAT sept 12, i will be applying to as many programs as i can afford to apply 2...i want to have some kind of option when i graduate next year...hopefully it will be medical school but i will def have a back up plan just in case
i guess im just tired of seeing people around me moving forwerd in their life and im kinda stuck. i mean i will def take this year to get things done but i also want it to be a reminder of what i need to get done so i can be on my way to something else.
i would be studying but i am so dog tired...i cant keep my eyes open. i started reading and i fell asleep...LoL...yes im at work or i would take a nap...this is gonna be a long day...i have chapter at 4 and then i should be free for the day. i will def hide away from the world in my room until i am ready to come out and get stuff done. i am trying to decide if i should take a nap or not. if i dont then i can just go to bed super early and get a good night sleep...but if i take a nap i will go to be later than i want but i will be able to get some other things done today....hmmmmm...
i am dying for some sorbet right now! LoL yes that is random but i just have a taste for it for some reason.
ok but back to the topic i will talk about...have you ever called customer service only to find out the the person that is supose to be helping you cant understand you and you cant understand them? and you dont want to hang up and call back b/c you have been on hold for like 20 min? yea i had to deal with that. i try so hard not to get short or hasty with them but it is just hard. it took me twice as long to figure out my problem...just one of life little frustrations i suppose....
......................until next time...............


roomies are a bittersweet equation....you need them to help pay the bills but sometimes they are a pain in the ass!
not saying that i hate my current roomies, i just have some days where i wish they would just leave! LoL i have had my share of horrible roomies, so i know the in's and out's to having a bad and good situation...but its nice to have someone there. i mean i hate being alone and dont think i wold enjoy being alone, but at the same time there are things that some ppl do that just makes me want to choke some one...but the fact that i have my own bathroom and huge closet def make me feel better....now only if my door/room was sound proof and i could keep them out all the time!
....*sigh*...oh well...cant live with them...cant live without them...LoL
......................until next time................
just watched the sermon of my church ONLINE! i know its amazing. the things that we can do now. i remember when i was younger you could buy the video or tape and listen to it at home or have it sent to you....but now all you have to do is just go to the church website and watch/listen to the church sermon! just the other day i was thinking that i wish that i could start going to church again...well i guess now in a sense i can! i will watch the sermon each sunday (seeing as i work everysunday and cant physically go, i can just watch it online during the time my pastor gives his sermon)
the other goal is to slowly work on my procrastination! i am so bad at it. i do good for a few weeks then i fall off again...so I WILL work on it...it seems like things run way better when i am on top of it! LoL
.......................until next time........................

...LoVe AnD bAsKeTbAlL...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

yes this is my favorite movie...but it also brings up a very impotant thought/question in my mind...what are/was your first loves? mine...basketball...i have devoted alot of time and energy into it. wish i could have gone farther than i have, but it is a pasttime that i will always be able to enjoy. and the movie def is an added bonus. no i never got the "boy next door" as i once thought when i was younger, but i can def relate to alot of other things monica, the main character, went thru during the movie.

i started playing ball in junior high. made the varsity team and still played JV...i guess you could say that i was good. i feel that i was a hard worker and tried hard...but due to alot of events i did not get my goal of playing bball for some college to help pay for my school, i know i could have done alot more to prevent the lack of achiving this goal, but i look back and i have def made a way for myself without playing for a school. i dont even know if i would have achieved as much as i did if i would have went down that road....let alone meet the people that are in my life right now. but there is no way for you to know what other roads you did not take in your life would have offered you. that is why i try to make sure to thank god for all the blessings he has giving me.

this picture combines both basketball and art...my 2nd love...a very interesting concept but just found the picture so i couldnt leave it out :)

and yes this would be me in high school...LoL ....lived with a ball in my hand. *sigh* the good ole days....LoL

but it just makes you sit back and think of all the things you said you wanted to do when you were younger. have you achieved some of those goals? or are you still trying to make them come true? i know that i try to keep going back to those roots to use as inspiration to get where i want to go. i know i have a long way, but i have to stay positive and motivated to try to get where iwant to go. but in the meantime i will take each day for what it is worth and try to enjoy each oppertunity that i am given.
....................until next time.................


Saturday, August 22, 2009

.....internet radio.....

since i have been working in places where i can access the internet at work (ii know im a bum...LoL) i have been trying to find a good internet station that is perfect...and i finally found it!!
at first i would try to google free radio stations, or try to acces stations that i know have websites...but b/w the commercials and then not being able to access them on certain days i just had to keep searching for something that i could really use wheni wanted.
not gonna lie, itunes has a pretty good selection of radio stations to choose from, but i cant get itunes on the comp at work so i had to stick to the internet. but its ok. i have been having really good luck with jamz @ 1.fm and i finally found pandora. it is great!
with pandora, i can search for artist and they will create a station with their songs and songs of otther artist that are similar. it is great! you can tag and flag artist and songs that you like and it will save it for you and play them more often than the other songs.
i tried slacker radio...its ok, but it is not nearly as versitile as pandora and the stations are limited to the areas of music that i like. but it is a good station as well, they just limit your skips and they limit the # of songs you flag as your favorite an then try to reel youin by buying their "upgrade" for unlimited access and other features. but for FREE pandora is def the way to go!
now on another not i found imeem. it is a website where you can type in a song and hear it. so if your at work and someone mentions a song that they liked and you have never heard it and no one has it on their ipod, you can go there, type it in and listen to you. they give you options to buy it, get the ringtone, and etc. they give artist info and everything. it is a really good site as well but not a radio site as you will have to pick and choose the songs that you want to listen to
well i have shared my internet radio secrets, hope that someone other than me finds it useful! LoL
.................until next time...............

...HoMe SwEeT hOmE...

Friday, August 21, 2009

some people say that your home is where your heart is....i think it is where you store all of your stuff....LoL

and yes i have realized that i have ALOT of stuff. i have already thrown away so much while packing not to mention the piles of stuff i am throwing away while unpacking...i dont even know where i got most of this stuff from! i guess over the years it just builds up. but it is mine and i have no other home, so with me it shall remain.

we finally got the kitchen, living room, bathroom done! got the decorations up, got the furniture and Dish network set up...washed all the dishes and pots and stuff...now im washing clothes, and trying to empty the last few boxes that i have. i finally got all of my clothes boxes empty and i have a huge pile to wash and another pile that i need to hang up ( no worries i had a pile of clothes that i need to take to goodwill) but it has been going good. the kitchen (my kitchen! LoL) is great! we have an island, dish washers, and it i just perfect. exactly whati need!

my room is big, huge cloest, and MY OWN BATHROOM!!! its about time! something iwas in dire need of. i just get weird about my bathroom! it will ALWAYS be clean, and i will have no shame or have to make excuses b/c my roomies didnt want to pick up after themselves. im excited to finally be at home even after all of the problems with our landlord....but i guess it was kinda worth it....

well that is my day in a nutshell....

...............until next time................


Thursday, August 20, 2009

a friend once told me that New York city is the city that cultivates and encourages the "hustling" dream....

i am not too sure how i feel about that. not to knock it or anything, i have a few friends who have jobs where their whole salary comes from their commission...which is good i supose...until you hit that dry spell and dont know when to expect your next check, or you are use to living a lifestyle, but when your income is cut and you dont know how long, what do you do then? i mean i know that "hustling" is def NOT the job for me. i like to know when and where i am getting my money. i like knowing how hard i need to work to get what i want. i guess its just a prefernce of choice. possible how you are raised? i know that i was introduced to this lifestyle until my late teens. yes this is partially b/c my mom did a great job at keeping us away from it, but i guess i just dont quite understand why someone wouldwant to live that way. to each his own right?

but in new york, we saw the cream of the crop on the streets. from selling handbags, wallets, watches, movies, clothes, you name it, they have it...packed in their stand as they stand there all day in all types of weather to try to sale their items to make ends meet. not to mention the people who just skip asking for selling of products and go straight to asking for money. it is interesting to see how much they do make. i know that the people i was in new york with gave away $10 maybe more $ to one guy. if he hits up 5 or 6 people and gets that amount, that is more than some people make in one day. not to mention the other free things they may get like food or clothing, or other items that are handed to them just b/c they ask. this indeed opens my eyes yet again to how blessed thati am and i def appreciate all of the things and all of the people the good Lord has put in my life.

it encourages me more and more to want to help those who need it the most. i cant quite figure out where i want to aim but i do watn to help. i know that doing the 200+ hours of community service with the orginizations im in does help, but i want ME to make a name for myself for helping people. i might have to wait until my wallet can do more talking for me, but i def can see myself trying to start something once i am able to manage it and keep it going. i guess i get this ambition from my mom. always trying to help others that need it the most. but the look on someones face when someone actually takes the time to help them is priceless. if you can impact just one persons life to make a difference you have accomplished something great.

well those are my thought for the day.....

................until next time...............


Thursday, August 6, 2009

well this picture was cute...LoL i am on and off studying for the MCAT...the date i take it is Sept 12. the last time i can and i can not move it back any later b/c that is the last time they offer it this year. i am just ready to get it over. i am having troubl studyin and i just....*sigh*....i just want to be done and in med school and on to the next chapter in my life. but like with all things i must wait and see what the good Lord has planned for me.

2 more days until chicago!!! i am so excited. i cant wait to see my ship and to see "the light"...LoL...

hmmmm....at work...got beeped....gotta run to ER :-/ ....

........until next time.................

****15 min later****

today i have not enjoyed being at work. it has been super busy and i cant sit down for more than 5-10 min. its like the hospital TV shows....doctors running aroung....waiting room full of people...overflow patient care in the outpatient areas...LoL..its been pretty crazy and pretty busy. i guess it is making up for the past few days b/c it has been pretty dead and the census at the hospital was very low. but i guess with every low their is a high...and vise versa...

well i guess ill try to pull out my flash cards and stud :=/ LoL

...............until next time................


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

well all day, i keep thinking that it is thursday...i guess it is because i have had to work everyday for the past few weeks and the days just run together after a while. yes i am tired of being here at work...but i will def enjoy it when i get paid! LoL

this saturday i will be leaving for chicago this saturday!!! i will spend the weekend with my ship and meeting up with some old friends that i have not seen in a while. then on 9th i will head to indianapolis to see "the light"...LoL...i will stay there until the 12th and head to NYC with danny and toya and meet up with reese in bost on on the 16 and head back to kvegas on the 18th. it will be a week full of fun!!! im super excited and can not wait to just see everyone and go out and have fun!!

i have removed those ppl in my life who have caused me so much grief for the past year... and IT FEELS GREAT! to know that i am the sane one and what i have been thinking/doing has not been bad is a good feeling. we have already gotten so much taken care of and i am really enjoying and loveing the reason i am an AKA again. the sisterhood, the service...and everything else that comes with it. it just feels great. i am very excited about this year and all of the things that me and the new girls will do!

we FINALLY get to move into our new place this weekend....only thing is i wont b here! we were supose to move in june 1st...nope....mid july....NOPE....now august first....and i am sleeping on my friends couch with all of my clothes and belongings in my car..yea not a fun time. i really am homeless! again! LoL for the 2nd time this summer! it sux...but i do see th elight and it is almost done and i can finally be in my bed!!!!

i am a little home sick. i miss my friends and some of my family. its always good to go home and visit but since i am going to NYC i wont have time to go home at the end of the summer like i usually do.

i take the MCATS sept 12....i have moved my test back 3 times b/c i study but i just never feel prepaired for it...thisyear i did spend the $1000 on the Kaplan course and i think it was a very good idea. it is helping alot so hopefully i will get the score that i need to get into med school next year. hence why i have not been able to blog as much as i have wanted 2! i have been bust with school (took 3 classes this summer! got an A and 2 B's!!) and i have been working 40+ hours this summer (what is new...LoL gotta get that $!!) and not to mention i have been studying and
reading thru the books i have gotten and just trying to make some things happen.

got the palm pre!!!! its the greatest! its like having a mini computer with you and a phone...and a camera...its great! i would def tell ppl to get one!

but i will be sure to update on the trip!! i may even post some pix!

.....................until next time..............

...NeO sOuL....

Sunday, July 12, 2009

"wants neo soul...hip hop got old...and i already had rock and roll..."

well needless to say last weekend with the light was AMAZING...i mean...i have been sitting and thnking all week of ways to explain what has happened or what has been going on. and to be honest...with words i can not explain it. i mean it is indeed great but all i can do is smile about it...LoL

got to meet the "sands"...saw the swag pad...watched the fireworks and got to look at the stars!...that was only day one...day 2 slept in...went to columbus ohio. got to eat GREAT sushi...and see a movie...that was day 2...day 3 consisted of going to the mall...and going on the best date i have ever gone on. it was at this place called the melting pot and it was so much fun. i honestly have never had that much fun on a date. it was just great...i cant say enough good things about it. and this is completly 2 way! i mean with most instances i spend my time trying to worry and please the other person. but no, he def does his share to make me smile. with calling me in the morning or texting me thruout the day...it def is an eye opener to what i have not been getting the past few years. great conversations and he is a gentleman....i just pray that this last b/c i do not want to let this newness go away. we need to plan another meeting b/c i cant lie i am missing him a little bit...LoL...but like advised i will take each day at at time and just hope that it keeps going in a positive direction :)

Newness by: Musiq Soulchild

Hey girl how you doing

Do you feel like talking?

Or do you need me to call you back

You from round what way and when's your birthday

Or what's your zodiac sign (I'm an Aries)

Well I'm a Virgo so my sign's compatible

What you do for fun cause I don't drink or club

I just like to chill with somebody like you

[Chorus]Everything is cool when love is all brand new

Cause you're learning me and I'm learning you (it's cool)

Cause you're learning me and I'm learning you

[Verse 2]What type of work you do or are you still in school

Or do you have any kids (and if I did what?)

See I'm the type that don't mind

Cause I can understand that things happen sometimes

By the way I 'm wondering are you cool with your family

Cause I would like to meet your parents someday

Maybe we can begin something wonderful and beautiful cause



Girl it's so cool (yeaaah)

Talking with you (yeaaah)

It gets better every moment I spend with you

Girl you're so nice (nice)And you so fine (so fine)

Plus you're real and that's just what I like

...PeTtY WiNgS...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

maxwell has made a come up and a come back...and i wil have to say that i love it...

introducing pretty wings....a new song on my top songs list:

Time will bring a well end of our trial

One day there'll be no remnants, no trace,

No residual feelings within you

One day you won't remember me.

Your face will be the reason I smile

But I will not see what I cannot have forever

I'll always love you.

I hope you feel the same.

Oh, you played me dirty, your game was so bad

You toyed with my affection

Had to fill out my prescription for the remedy

I had to set you free.

Away from me

To see clearly

The way that love can be

when you are not with me

I had to lead

I had to live

I had to leave

I had to live

If I can't have you

Let love set you free

To fly your pretty wings around.

Pretty wings, your pretty wings, your

Pretty wings. Pretty wings around.

I came wrong you were right

Transformed your love into like.

Baby believe me, I'm sorry I told you lies.

I turned day into night

Sleep till I die a thousand times

Ah, I should've showed you

Better nights, better times

Better days, and I miss you more and more

If I can't have you

Let love set you free

To fly your pretty wings around.

Pretty wings, your pretty wings, your

Pretty wings. Pretty wings around.

Pretty wings, your pretty wings, your

Pretty wings. Pretty wings around.

...The anecdote of my life... - by Templates para novo blogger