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Thursday, November 12, 2009

well for this post i would like to talk about Boss's.
the boss that i currently have at the hospital...she is a very nice person....to your face at least. God only knows the things she says when i am not around. i havt asked simple questions (well the seem simple on my part of the story) but get back nasty and rude remarks. Now one of the computers in the lab has had some problems and she left a statment saying "big brother is watcing you"...LoL
it just amazes me the things a boss can do or say. if i was a boss i want to be feared. if everyone fears you they will spend more of their time doing things right and trying not to make you mad then trying to be your friend and kiss your ass. that is what goes on here. the "full timers" have their own little circles. but sad to say they all talk just as bad about our boss (when she is not around of course) than our boss talks about them when they are not around. its a cray parallel. one that i do not like and refuse to not get mixed up in. i am not afraid to ask "why" or ask questions when i want to inquire about something. im not sure if that is intimidating or if some ppl just dont like it, but that is me and i dont care. i refuse to kiss someones ass to get something i want. i will work hard and try to get it myself. i have had to do that for years and i will not stop trying now.
good example....my hours got cut a few months ago. i asked for more. i got a rude reply saying i cant do homework or "sorority projects" on company time BUT i can play on the computer just as long as things are slow and i have no other work to do...LMAO...so you want me to screw around on the computer as opposed to do some school work? so if the CEO came in would u rather him see my head in a biology book rather than reading a gossip blog he would be happy with that? that is just a small example. i mean dont get me wrong our boss is a nice lady...but the whole boss role def has some character flaws. from what i have observed they wont change. she has been this way for years why change now? when your job is not at threat why even care? that is the attitude that i see going around.
i guess all i am asking is to be more one sided. if there is a problem ask. ok the computer is messed up. ask ppl hey did you go to a crazy web site/ if so dont do it again. no we get a threat in a memo saying "big brother is watchnig you if you have nothing to do go home..." LoL...yea i know but simple thngs such as that. not to say that i would be a better boss just trying a few suggestions to keep the break time gossip at a min...and on other ppl that dont work here. if they dont talk about lab ppl they manage to talk about someone else...LoL...i would much rather it be that way than be them talking about me.
like i said i would want to be feared....at least i will get respect, get called a bitch, but i know the work would be done and done the right way...LoL
..............until next time............

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