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Hello Blogging Buddies!
Since the growth of my blog i have decided to start doing Ad Sponsorship on my blog to help other upcoming and aspiring bloggers out there get a little more attention.
Your ad well be found -------------------------------------->
On The side bar of my blog
Yes the ads will automatically rotate when the page is refreshed!

The DELUXE Ad Spaces Ad's will be on TOP of the other Ads and those will rotate as well
The PROMO Ads will be located in the middle of all of the ads
The regular Ad spaces will be located towards the bottom of the sponsored ad spots.

here are the current Ad Sizes:
DELUXE Ad Space: 300 x 150 ...Ad runs for 90 days
PROMO Ad Space: 200 x 150 .... Ad runs for 90 days
regular AD Sponsor Space: 200 x 125 .... Ad runs for 30 days

When going through the purchasing process PLEASE upload the above listed sizes that correspond with the ad size you purchase. 

Do not have an Ad/Button? NO WORRIES!! 
I can create and Ad/button for you for $5 per Ad/button (and I will send you several different sizes so you can use it for other purposes!)
I can also help with HTML codes, creating headers, creating Favicons, and almost anything else
Please contact me if you need help with any of those!

Each Purchase Ad Sponsorship Will get a Facebook Shout Out
And a Blog post welcoming and thanking you for your sponsorship

{Product Reviews}
I am open to doing reviews, so if you want me to write an HONEST  review of your products/services please contact me!  In the product review post i will include pictures and a full article with my experience.  PLEASE NOTE: all products/services for review will be approved by me before committing to do the product review. I will only accept products/services which I believe would be of interest to my readers and things I would personally use.  

Giveaway opportunities are available ONLY to the DELUXE sponsors of my blog.  These spots are on a first-come first-served basis. I may consider accepting giveaways from non-sponsors, please contact me with giveaway details. If you are a sponsor who would like to book a giveaway please email me to let me know so we can get it arranged.  I will only do a limited number per month. Giveaway value must be of your own product/service and have a value of $25 or more.

If you have any other questions PLEASE feel free to contact me at:
ms4composure1908 {@} gmail.com


Each month i have hundreds of viewers from all over the world!

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