Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hello Followers!
Well... I said I would never be "one of those bloggers".. Buuuut I am going to have to do that for now. I just have A LOT going on with my business, my 2nd location, and me working on other business ventures and just cant keep up with both. But maybe one day I will be able to do both again. 
SO! Until then...
I am now going to funnel all post and efforts at my other blog. 
  Infinite Life Fitness
You can also follow me:
Facebook: Infinite Life Fitness 
Instagram: @ms4composure
Snapchat: @ms4composure
***ATTENTION: I am also looking to be a health/fitness contributor to YOUR Blog!***
If you would like for me to host a health/fitness challenge I would love to do that! I can provide workouts, meal preparation guides, and prizes for the winners!
I can also create mini fitness challenges for you (and your followers). I can create/share healthy recipes and also create workout series for you (and your followers)!
If you are interested please contact me at:

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