...LoL: The List...

LoL = Living Out Loud!
Here is a list of things that i would like to accomplish/Do...
most of these things are for fun...and just things that you come across and think to yourself
"hey i would love to do that !!"...and someday i WILL do each of these things on this list :-)

~take a picture on EVERY MAJOR D1 Basketball court~
~Bungee Jump (hopefully in mexico or on some island someplace!)~
~Sky Dive~
~Go parasailing~
~Learn/take a pole dancing class (not to become a stripper...but to tap into my inner sexiness!)~
~visit every state in the USA~
~ design/build my "dream home" (with a HUGE kitchen and HUGE walk in closets :-) ) ~Go in a hot air balloon~

~go on a mission trip in a different country ~
~Learn to use my sewing machine, & create an outfit (or create things to wear)~
~Stay at a bed and breakfast~
~Visit the walk of fame~
~stand under the Hollywood sign~

~say "I Do"~
~Run a Marathon
~eat a canoli in Italy ~
~Go Ice Skating~ 
~swim with dolphins~
~go on a Alaskan Cruise (watch the wales)~
~go to the airport...buy a ticket to a random place with someone~
~change someones life~
~attach a lock to a love bridge~
~milk a cow~
~Visit Africa~

~ride a hot air balloon ~
~be on the show Cash Cab~
~Plant a garden~
~Buy a nice camera and get into photography~
~read the bible from cover to cover~
~go to a day spa~
~start...operate...own a successful business~
~Go Ice Fishing~
~Go to NYC Fashion week~
~teach myself a new language FLUENTLY~
~Go on a trip with my sister~
~go on a trip with someone i Love (not my sister...LoL)~

~see No Doubt in concert~
~see Lit in concert~
~Kiss someone i love at the TOP of the Eiffel Tower~

~Get a paid gig~
~Nail a product campaign ~
~Do i BIG TIME Fashion Show~ (CHECK!! KC FASHION WEEK: February 2012)
~Get in a clothing catalog~
~Model Basketball/sports gear~
~Natural Hair Modeling~
~be request by a big time designer/creator to be their model
~do a Pin Up style shoot~
~Be in a commercial~
~do a punk rock/bad ass theme shoot~
~wedding gowns~

Traveling Bucket List: (I want to thank other blogs for some of these ideas!!)

North America
  • Go to New York City (United States) (DONE THIS SEVERAL TIMES)
  • Go to Chicago (United States) (DONE THIS SEVERAL TIMES)
  • Go to Washington DC (United States)
  • Go to Los Angeles (United States)
  • Go to Vancouver BC (Canada)
  • Go to Whistler (Canada)
  • Go to Oaxaca (Mexico)
  • Go to New Orleans (United States)
  • Go to Montreal (Canada)
South America
  • Go to Rio De Janeiro (Brazil)
  • Go to Fiji  (Melanesia)
  • Go to Wellington (New Zealand)
  •  Go to Sydney (Australia)
  • Go to Auckland (New Zealand)
  • Go to London (United Kingdom)
  • Go to Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • Go to Istanbul (Turkey)
  • Go to Athens (Greece)
  • Go to Prague (Czech Republic)
  • Go to Barcelona (Spain)
  • Go to Rome (Italy)
  • Go to Stockholm (Sweden) Go to Paris (France)
  • Go to St Petersburg (Russia)
  • Go to Moscow (Russia)
  • Go to Berlin (Germany)
  • Go to Oslo (Norway) Go to Dublin (Ireland)
  •  Go to Tokyo (Japan)
  • Go to Singapore (Singapore)
  • Go to Beijing (China)
  • Go to Hong Kong (China)
  • Go to Shanghai (China)
  • Go to Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
  • Go to Bangkok (Thailand)
  • Go to Cairo (Egypt)
  • Go to Cape Town (South Africa)

See the World’s Most Amazing Man-made Things
North America
  • See the Statue of Liberty (United States – New York)
  • See Time Square and Central Park (United States – New York)
  • See the Golden Gate Bridge (United States – San Francisco)
  • See the Lincoln Memorial / White House (United States – D.C.)
  • Stay at the Atlantis Resort (Bahamas)
South America
  • See the Head Statues on Easter Island (Chile – Easter Island)
  • See the Machu Picchu (Peru-Machu Picchu)
  • See the Christ the Redeemer statue (Brazil – Rio de Janeiro)
  • See the Sydney Opera House (Australia – Sydney)
  • See the Acropolis (Greece – Athens) See the Neuschwanstein Castle (Germany – Schwangau)
  • See the Colosseum (Italy – Rome)
  • See the Leaning Tower of Pisa (Italy – Rome)
  • See the Trevi Fountain (Italy –Rome)
  • See the Mona Lisa (France – Paris)
  • See the Eiffel Tower (France – Paris)
  • See the Chateau de Chambord (France)
  • See Big Ben (London)
  • See the Forbidden City (China – Beijing)
  • See the Great Wall of China (China)
  • See Hong Kong skyline from The Peak (China – Hong Kong)
  • See the Taj Mahal (India – Agra)
  • See the Pyramids of Giza (Egypt – Cairo)

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