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Thursday, June 28, 2012


First i would like to say SORRY to all of you guys!!
I made some post and tried to schedule them to post while i was gone on my mini vacation the past few days...but for some reason they did not post!!

So with all of my heart i am sorry! 
I made a surprise trip to surprise Mr. Awesome this past weekend!
We had an amazing time and i took a media timeout so that we could spend all of our time with each other. 
he knows that my life revolves around my computer (not just for my blogs but for my research and other things i need at work) so he was REALLY happy to see me not on my comp at all while we were together. 
the sacrifices you make for those you love :-)

bbbbbuuuuuutttttt i am back yall!
I made it back from Texas safe
and now it is back to my usual schedule :-)

Here is your Timebomb Thursday for this week!

who use to do these as a kid...

These are what made me to think that i was the next Picasso!
They had paint kits...crayon kits...all kinds of "Color by number" kits that you could use
Just color the suggested color in the number slots and *BOOM* like magic you have a "professional" picture that you made that you can hang on your fridge.
I know i got these in my stocking during xmas time 

what about these....


These were a HOTT commodity when i was in elementary school.
The kool kids had one of these for each outfit they owned!
I HATED these stupid things...LoL It never would change! I think the only color it would change for me was that dark deep blue color...so much for that $0.50 i just saved up and spent on a stupid ring that only told me that i was "happy" or "calm"...LoL

Well hope you guys has a great week so far!
I will be sure to post pic of my trip with Mr. Awesome.
Tomorrow is Friday and next week is the 4th of July!
I will for sure be out soaking up some sun ray!

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...wEdNeSdAy RaMbLiNgS...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Well another Hump Day is finally Upon us ladies and gents...
and i CAN NOT WAIT for this Friday to get here!
I have BIG BIG BIG plans for this upcoming weekend...
i can not tell you about them right now....
BUT please come back later for pics...and maybe even video footage...
I promise gals...it will put a smile on your face!

Well here is my weekly ramblings for your Hump Day entertainment :-)

sooo...i came to work on Monday...thinking it was just your average Monday
Despite TONS of issues with my project right now...i was for sure
feeling like i was having a typical no fun Monday...until i got this letter....

Due to my hard work with my research over the past year i got a raise!

It made my heart drop.  It just feels good to have your hard work noticed and appreciated. Not to mention this money will def help with some bills i am trying to get paid off  (stupid student loans :-/  )

and yes...for those new followers out there i am a Model. and i am a model int he Midwest
I will say i have had some ups and downs (more ups than downs )and it has for sure been a HARD thing to get into! Modeling is so much harder than you think it is!! But on Monday... I got more good news...Ya girl got asked to walk in this falls Kansas City Fashion Week!!! HUNDREDS of girls auditioned and only the best were chosen...SUPER DUPER STOKED about the opportunity!

health and fitness still on track! My 6 pack is FINALLY peeping through not to mention my legs looks AH-MAZE-ZZZZING! So ready to sport my new bathing suite during the 4th of July!
(Pic is of my post workout meal...i have to work out late at night due to my hectic day schedule so i still gotta feed my belly so i am not starving when i wake up!)

this is a pre-photo shoot pic from this week! got my hair did (like my new hair style!? i am LOVING IT!)...my makeup did...and just gathering some last minute things getting ready for the mini shoot!

and even with a hectic schedule...i always try to put aside a little R&R time for me!
No phone...no work...just me enjoying ME time...got a fresh pedi and massage this week :-)

happy Wednesday Guys! The weekend is ALMOST here!
Hope you guys have an amazing rest of the week!
ohhhhhhh! I would also like to say....

I love hearing from you guys!! 
And if you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact me!

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...LoL sUnDaY...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Howdy Yall!
Well that was one more week down!
I hope that you all were able to enjoy your weekend and be somewhat productive!
The month of June has for sure been a busy and stressful week for me!
who wants to come kidnap me and take me on a vacation!? LoL
I promise i am tons of fun to be around!! LoL

Well i hope that you all are able to enjoy this Fathers Day with 
you fathers...father figures...or that single mom who held down the mother and father role for you in your life.  
It is always nice to take time to let people know that you appreciate them!
Make sure to do it often because tomorrow is never promised!

Well without further delay...here are your LoL moments for this week
Hope they make you smile...or giggle...or chuckle...or have a gut busting laugh :-)

Happy Fathers Day!! :-)

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...TiMeBoMb ThUrSdAy ...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Thursday All!
I Know i missed out on last week's Timebomb...bbbuuuuuuuttttt
No worries! I am bringing it to you this week!
Today is MY Friday so i am so excited for today to get over with!
I hope that you all have had an amazing week so far
You guys can make it ONE MORE DAY! 
Its almost Friday!!! :-)

Do any of you remember getting one...two...three...or four of these a day?

I got them from my best friends...from guys i had crushed on...from my first "Boy friend"...
Oh yea and don't you dare let a teacher see you passing one of these in class!
I do not know how many times we got to hear these read out loud in the middle of math...English...or history class! LoL

These were OUR "text messages"
These were my first love letters
There were how you say sorry to your BFF for forgetting to meet her at her locker during passing period
These are how i was asked to the school dance
These were how i you would communicate 'Back in the day"
I was doing some spring cleaning and found some of these stuffed in an old shoe box
It instantly brought a smile to my face

Ok what about this...

This my friends....made ANY kid think that they could be the next Stevie Wonder
With all the added extra buttons you could press to add drums...synthesizer...or any other weird/random sounds...this key board made it possible to have a jam session ANYWHERE! 
I know i begged and begged my parents for one...Casio was the brand to be correct...
and yup i got one.  It was the length of my small child twin bed and i played that thing ALL THE TIME!
I remember my parents "forgetting" to buy batteries for it so that i would not use it sometimes...LoL
Ahhhh yes...once upon a time i also thought i could be Alicia Keys...but i was lacking with my vocals and managed to remix "Mary had a little lamb" into 7 differences songs. 
Gahhhh i love being an 80's Baby!

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...wEdNeSdAy RaMbLiNgS...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

OOOOOOOH Happy Hump Day to you all!
Wednesday is by far one of my favorite days of the week!
I do good knowing that my week is ALMOST over...so when Wednesday rolls around it makes me a happy gal just knowing i have a few more days until i get to enjoy my weekend :-)

I do feel that some of my weeks are just jammed packed with activities for work...my research project...modeling...and managing my blogs...some weeks just ware me out! But i would MUCH rather be busy all the time than just sitting around twiddling my thumbs! 
I feel like i get more out of a day when i am able to look at my To Do list and see a ton of things scratched off...i am a busy bee and i like it! LoL

On Sunday...i had my first "cheat" meal.  For those fellow fitness junkies out there they know what i am talking about!  I have somehow managed to eat clean since February.  This means fresh fruits...veggies...lean meats...complex carbs...nothing but the good ole healthy stuff to help me kick my new fitness goals on gear.  Well for the past few weeks have been craving pizza...so i finally caved in! I was only able to eat one slice (b/c all that bread filled me up!) I had a salad and steamed veggies with my one slice of heaven and it was worth every bite! 

These are by far THE.MOST.COMFY.SHOES!!!
I got these on sale last summer and i LOVE them.  They seriously feel like i am walking on clouds... marshmallows...pillows...and all other fluffy soft things all at once! And i cant lie i def love the colors and the overall look of this shoe! 

For those of you who do not know i work part time in a hospital. 
I get to work with patients everyday and i am so grateful for that experience because i feel it will help me when i become a doctor.  
There was a little situation ( i can not really talk about b/c of HIPPA :-/ )
But the patient left me a surprise note that i found on our message board when i was getting ready to clock out from my shift.  It just makes me feel so good that i was able to help someone and make their expedience in the hospital that much better :-) 

I guess all my healthy eating/fitness talk has inspired some ppl to send me some questions!! 
So these next images are for the nice gal who emailed me asking me some of the things that i like to eat 

<-------small salad, grilled mushrooms, veggie lasagna with whole wheat noodles
Pasta salad  (whole wheat pasta with lettuce and veggies, mini bagel, 1serving peanut butter-------------->

1 cup of oatmeal with fresh fruit slices and glass of milk

Well hope you guys have a happy Wednesday!!
Trying out some new hair styles and stuff...will be sure to post pix soon!

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...LoL sUnDaY...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Sunday Everyone!
i hope that you all had an eventful and restful weekend!
I know that the next few weeks will be SUPER CRAZY for me
so i try to enjoy and LoL moments that i can get!
Here are your LoL moments for this week!
Hope they make you laugh or giggle!

****the following LoL is suppose to be in reference to the song called "call me maybe" by CARLY RAE JEPSEN (you can find it on youtube)***

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