...StRiKe ThReE...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

well today was strike three for me
was suppose to hang out with someone last week....it didnt happen...
was suppose to have a lunch date yesterday....it didint happen
and lastly today i was suppose to have lunch/dinner with someone....it didnt happen

i dont know but i give up...
i just try to hard...or i try not enough...and no matter what i still get my feelings hurts
i dont know what else to do...
i know that it is not me...but then what is it...
i just want one...decent person...to do the simple things that i ask....
like if you say you are going to do something...DO IT
if you say you are gonna call or text...DO IT
and if you are going to say that you are gonna come see me or make a date with me...DO IT
i am just tired of getting my feelings hurt...or getting discouraged.
that is my BIGGEST pet peeve...someone whom i like or hold to high regards dissapoint me
i grew up my WHOLE life being disappointed by the people that "love and care for me"
well this is where i draw the line...i refuse to just let someone decide to do it to me out of habbit or just b/c that is how they are

on a lighter note...it snowed today! the first snow of the winter. yes i hate snow and the cold...but it is a sign that m bday is close and that xmas is even closer. i am so excited to go home and i cant wait. i am even more excited about our new years plans!!! we will all be together and we are all gonna have a good time!!!

well gotta go make dinner...prob turn my phone off for the rest of the night...i have called 4 diff people and 3 ppl didint answer and one person ignored my call :-/...yea def donst make me feel better esp after having yet another date called off today....oh well i will pray about it...take a nice hot shower...cook an amazing dinner...drink some hot coco and go to bed early....tomorrow will be a new...better...warmer day :)

..............until next time...........


Friday, November 26, 2010

 So let me give you a rundown of how this week has been....

this week i will have worked almost 50 hours at the hospital....and 20 hours at the bar...not to mention the AMAZING thanksgiving feast i managed to cook for turkey day...and work out...and plan a new years/spring break trip for me and my friends....yes...go ahead...you can just call me SUPERWOMAN!! LoL :)

yea i know you are prob asking me right now..."stephanie...why are you killing yourself this week"...well the answer to that amazing ? is b/c i get paid extra for working the holiday ANNNND i will be going home soon (plus my bday and the new years VIP celebration) so the extra money will def. get put to good use...

i was chatting with a friend while i was at work and they told me that working like this...little sleep...no free time...i am just getting ready for life in med school....LoL...if that is the case than i am ready!!!
one more step...one more hurdle and i am in! and to be honest i cant wait!!

but until then...i will keep studying for the MCAT (which i havnt done at all b/c i have been so tired...but i WILL DO IT TOMMORROW!!) and i will keep working hard to take care of the things that need to be taken care of...and i will just wait patiently....

the lord is def teaching me how to be patient...

yea i can say that i feel like these two kids right now....i dont drink coffee so i am going off of pure luck right now..LoL

well gotta wrap things up at the hospital...go home....shower and eat some turkey day leftovers....quick cat nap...then i close at the bar....oh did i mention i have to be up at the hospital again tomorrow at 5am!?!? ahhhh yea...it is gonna be a looooong weekend...


Saturday, November 20, 2010

*stands up*

hello, my name is Stephanie....*hi Stephanie*
and i am an addict...

i am an addict of music
i am an addict to working out/eating right
i am addicted to food...
i am addicted to my friends...
i am addicted to those crappy wedding shows on TLC
if i had someone to love i would be addicted to that too
i am addicted to looking forward to each day
i am simply just addicted to life

you see i am just an average girl
trying to make my way in this world
each day hands you a new problem to fix
and even though my goals have not been met yet...
give me a few years and ALL OF THEM will be reached

i may be a little demanding
and yes i am quite stubborn
but the guy that has my heart...all he has to do is smile and i promise he will get his way...sometimes
you see i am not high maintenanced
and it doesn't take alot to make me happy
i am a simple girl who loves the simple things in life..
and did i mention i LOVE surprises?

but i also love to smile and laugh at a good joke

i am addicted to Gatorade and green tea
and i have not touched fast food or french fries in over year
and i work hard to look good and most importantly feel good about ME

so i would like to say this again...
hello...my name is Stephanie...
and i am addicted to life

...DoNt DrInK aNd DrIvE...


Sunday, November 14, 2010

as i take a look at the people that are in my life and the people that i have known...and currently know i like to just evaluate their influence on my life in general. it is clear that the people that are here now are the most important. and i am thankful that i have been able to keep in touch with the select people from back home. it is always nice to go home and have some people to hang out with and just go out with.

when you think back to the times when you were in high school and each person had "dreams" of things they wanted to do. it is clear today that most people that i know from home are NOT doing anything that they wanted to do. i am really curious as to why alot of people changed their career paths. i know alot of people that i know who wanted to be doctors are now nurses or work lower on the food chain in health care.

i am so determined to become a doctor. i have serously evaluated my life and tried to consider possible doing something else with my life...but i realize there is absolutly nothing more i want to do in this world than to be a doctor and change peoples lives in a way that most people cant. i just think i was meant to do that. i mean with all of the oppertunities that i have been given and the influences i have had from the medical doctors i have met i just cant help but want to try harder and harder to obtain that goal. i have time i just have to do it!

but it is sad to look at the people that once had so many goals and see them settle. i mean i am sure they are not just settling to settle. they are doing it for thier family...to create a life for their kids/husbamd. yea another crazy not...taking not of all the people that are marrried/have kids/or about to get married. i have one friend that is divorced...LoL so i guess its not too bad to just know one person that it did not work out for. but still...it is just crazy to see how over the past 7 years how drastically peoples lives have molded and changed. i look forwerd to the next 7 and cant wait to see where i am 7 years from now :) hopefully i will be almost done with medical school...LoL

...LuV tHaT pInK aNd GrEeN...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

well the AKA play boy pageant was last night
this year we only had 3 boys (compaired to last year when we had 8!!)
but it was nice to only have a few boys to keep up with.

i have to admit...this years tribute was THE BEST we have evern had..
not to mention the gift i got are prob the best as well...LoL
well i take that back. i have gotten some really good gifts so i cant say my gift was the best but the tribute def was the best

the boys made a song/music video called "luv that pink and green"
it was pretty much about us, our chapter, and AKA's
it was sooooo cute!
it seriously brought tears to my eyes
every girl deep down insides wishes a guy would write a song about her
well even tho it was not just for me, but the fact that it was for me and my sisters just made me so happy!
and it is actually a REALLY good song and the cutest video.

i will try to figure out how to upload it online i will def put it on the page to share with the world :)

research is good
evan is good....still on the fence about it...
hmmm jennifer will be here in a month!
and i get to go home in 40 days!! (yes i started a countdown!! LoL)
kirksville is not very exciting...i am def waiting for the day that i move away from this place!!

well...im in a PINK and GREEN mood after last night :) LoL...so i found some great things that are pink and green!! :)



sorry about the last few...i guess alot of the pink and green stuff have to do with weddings...but they are sooo pretty!! LoL...yea i am not where close or even want to look at wedding stuff...that wont be happening for a loooooooong time...


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

…Humility with dignity….humbleness with pride…

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