Thursday, September 27, 2012

Well...hello Thursday....we meet again!!

It seems like i have a love/hate relationships with Thursdays!
It is not quite Friday but it is still kinda in the middle of the week so you know you still have to wait a little longer....*sigh*

Well look what i just did...

yup...thats right...i just signed up to run a tough mudder!
I had been debating if i was going to do it or not over the past month or so

a group of kids at my school have a team together that is going to run.  We all go to the same circuit training class and see each other regularly.
After many weeks of the hinting that they need another "strong" / "athletic" girl on their team...i gave in...

Yea google this bad boy....
its 11 miles....with 26 obstacles.... oh did i mention the mud? Or how about the electric impulse fences?  LoL....uuuuh yea...i may be slightly insane for doing this race...but it is for a good cause.  They donate a lot of the entry money to charities. and only the BEST OF THE BEST can compete and COMPLETE a tough mudder...it is suppose to take about 3 hours...or more...

oh did i mention our team name?  The Rainbow Warriors.....go ahead....you can laugh..
i did not come up with the name....
The guy who did had an idea of everyone dressing up in different colors.  I am just gonna get some tie die stuff to wear to show my true team spirit!

So wish me luck as i only have a few more weeks to train...

So much to do....so little time!!!
Yea...that seems to be how EVERY week is for me!
Have a great week guys! :-)

P.S. A few ppl sent me emails about the recipe for the stuffed bell pepper...i posted it on my health and fitness site:

For those who try it...i hope you enjoy it!

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...LoL sUnDaY...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Well...i am not sure about you...but i woke up and it was 43 degrees outside!!!
I was SO SO SO sad to see it so cold (and it was very chilly in the house)
I will miss the summer...the warm nights and sweating hot days...
well its not like i didnt know that October brought cold weather...but i was hoping to push it off as long as possible!

I hope that you guys have had a good week!!
After the past month of total CHAOS i am FINALLY caught up with everything!!
Caught up with studying....with writing my papers that are do at the end of this week (YES!! i got them done early!! ) and i am also getting caught up with my blog stuff!

School has for sure taken a HUGE impact on my life...throw in training and the other things (like work) modeling may have to take a back seat for the next few months...just until after classes are so hectic (well not a total break...but i have cut WAY back compared to what i was doing.  i was traveling every weekend for something modeling related!!) 

But enough of me rambling about my busy life...i am sure you guys are just as busy as i am :-)
Well without further delay...
Here are your LoL moments for this week!!
I hope they make you smile if not giggle :-)

No joke! haha!


HAHAHA this is so great.


Pinned Image

bahah skill

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...WoRdLeSs WeDnEsDaY...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Wednesday!!
is it just me..or has this been a loooooooooooooooog week!?!
all i keep asking...."Is It Friday YET!?!?!"

my week in a nutshell...

food prep day was yesterday!!
Cooked food to get me until next Wednesday.
I am 5 weeks away from my competition so my diet will get stricter and stricter!
my roomies probably HATE me on food prep day...i hog up MOST of the space in the fridge!

Ok...i have learned to LOVE this place
get all my produce that is FRESH, and so much cheaper than the store! not to mention you get free samples and you just get to mingle and enjoy the farmers 

too a little study break and went bowling!!
the bowling alley in our town has $1 bowling on tuesday nights...talk about AWESOME!
(oh and yes...i won!)


one of my NEW favorite things to eat...stuffed bell pepper!
omg...so mouth watering good...and it still sticks to my strict healthy diet :-)

Is it hunting season yet!?!
I would like you guys to meet Lucy, Josephine, Rudy, & Deborah
these 4 gals love to just graze and linger around my house...all is fine until...they run into the street :-/ and if you shine your bright or honk your horn...SOMETIMES they will decide to get out of your way
Stupid deer...you can chill here all you want just STAY AWAY FROM MY CAR!!

And that is what i have been going through the past few days...
How has your week been going?
I am sure it has been WAY more exciting than mine!!


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Friday, September 14, 2012

Here it is...
the day i have been waiting for....
i FINALLY ordered my bikini for the fitness competition in October!!

i found an amazing company at http://www.suitsyouswimwear.com
they have ALL KINDS of swim wear plus competition swim suits. 

Here is what i got:
***NOTE: ALL of the following images come from the compares site!***
Custom Bikini Sequin

but i got it in this color:
Orange Sequence

here are some examples form the company website:

Custom Bikinis Examples

yea the pics right here ^^^^^^^^ are kinda scary!
I am still so confident yet so nervous to compete!
This has been such an amazing journey and the changes that i see in my body i am loving!
I even went and bought some new workout clothes/shoes (since my others were slightly 2 big!!)

So far here is my update:
Over the last month i have lost 5 lbs
i have lost a little over 2 inches in my waist
and i have lost about 2% percent body fat
yea talk about awesome! My hard work in the gym is finally showing and paying off!

They say you are suppose to get a color that pops! 
Since i have a nice chocolate color i usually look pretty good in oranges, yellows, or light green.
I did not like the color selection for the yellows and greens...so i chose orange.
I did spend a little extra to get some sparkly attachments

i could have gotten a "ready to order" suit...which is cheaper...but i had one huge dilemma (which is not really a bad dilemma but it does not help...) all the ready order suits has small bikini tops! And i am a little blessed in my chest area.  i wanted to get a suit that would fit comfortably and i did not want to look like my girls were going to jump out while i am on stage!! LoL

So i just dished out the extra bucks for a custom suit.  i hope to be able to wear it for a few different competitions i have signed up for...so i will for sure get my money worth!

What do you guys think!?!
opinions appreciated (positive or negative!)

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...WoRdLeSs WeDnEsDaY...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

...today is Wednesday....
i woke up wishing it was Friday! LoL

I hope that you all are having a great week so far.
I know i am anxiously awaiting this nice relaxing weekend at home!
I have been traveling so much over the past month i have not spent one weekend at home!
It will be so nice to wake up in my own bed...go do my usual workout at my gym...get some chores around the house done...and just relax for once!

Well here are some small snap shots in "A Day In My Life" kind if images:

Kansas City Fashion Week!!
I had an amazing time. I got my hair and makeup done and i looked amazing!
The designers had some amazing collections and it was just an overall amazing time! i hope i am allowed the opportunity to be apart of it next year!

designers clothes!

OK...have you guys ever been to a restaurant called Houlihans!?!?!?
It is one of my favorites and even though i am on a strict diet i am still able to find some great items on their happy hour menu! Oh...yea have i ever mentioned how much i LOVE happy hour! 1/2 price appetizers !!

Over the past few months i have been hearing so many healthy nuts rave about Trader Joes.
I do not have one in the town i live in...BBBUTTT there was one in Kansas City...and as i drove  i made a quick U-Turn (yes a LEGAL U-Turn...LoL) to check it out...needless to say...it was love at first sight! I LOVE that store....and i will for sure be back anytime i am in KC!!

If there was ONE store i could live in...it would be this store....House of Hoops is any basketball players DREAM! Fresh bball kicks...the most recent bball gear (shirts...shorts...socks...and any other accessories)....oh did i mention wall after wall of some of the best bball shoes! I could spend HOURS in this store...sadly i was unable to find a pair of shoes that i wanted to buy. Maybe next time!!

This is my life!!! Modeling...school....working out...oh yea and healthy eating! LoL
You have to get creative with your meals so you are not eating the same things every single day! Here we have a home made HEALTHY LOW CALORIE HIGH PROTEIN meal.  Shrimp pizza (with my other veggies with my salad :-) ) 
As you can see i made dinner and just studied! I have test very frequently so i have to stay on top of what is going on in class! 

And there you have it!
That is my life the past few weeks in a nut shell!
I hope you guys are just as busy as i am! I love being busy and i would not want to change that. It makes me feel like i get so much more out of my day!

I hope that you guys are having an amazing week so far!
Who is excited that it is almost time for Halloween!?!?
I know i am!

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...LoL sUnDaYs...

Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Monday!
Yes i know i know...it is MONDAY...and this post is titled "LoL Sunday"...
.....BBBBBBUUUUTTTT i was soooo busy walking in Kansas City Fashion Week that i was unable to update my post this past week!!!
Yup...thats right...i was in KC Fashion week again and i had an AMAZING time! 
I met some amazing ppl...got to wear some AMAZING clothes...not to mention i had some great photo shoots with some AMAZING photographers....look at these yall! I would have to say that i am officially a model!! :-)

what do you guys think?

yup...that is what i have been doing the past week! Modeling...Modeling...and MORE modeling...oh yea and a little bit of school and a WHOLE lot of studying! LoL

I hope that you guys had an amazing week!
Without any further delays here are your LoL moments for this week!
I hope they bring a smile to your face :-)

giggle, giggle!

Ex Boyfriend

gym rules


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