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Sunday, December 30, 2012


Well it is after Xmas 
and if you are reading this post those Mayans LIED and the end of the world did non consume us
Oh well...the end shall come sometime...but im pretty sure no one will be able to predict when that is going to happen...LoL

Well i hope you ladies (and gents) are planning your New Years Celebrations and outfits!
I know i already have my plans all figured out and my sexy party dress ready to go!
I have made a tradition for myself...each yes i spend New Years in a different place.
This year...AUSTIN TEXAS!
The last time i was in Austin i was 15 and on a school field trip 
I was too young to appreciate 6th street and a old man almost puked on me when we went on our museum tour. Sooooo i am hoping that Austin will be more enjoyable for me this time! LoL

Please be safe no matter what you decide to do this holiday!
Here are your LoL moments for this week!

Finals week prayer

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...Friday FITspiration!...

Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday FITspiration

YOU have to get up and want it for YOU!
NO one else can do it for YOU!
YOU have to want the change and YOU have to make that change!
What are you waiting for!?


...MeRrY xMaS...

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

From deep in the Heart of Texas
I would like to say Merry Christmas to yall!
Hope that your holiday is filled with good times, good memories, and good food! (hopefully it is HEALTHY food! LoL)

Hopefully you were on the "NICE" list this year!
I hope that Santa brought you all the things you had on your list this year! 

Don't forget to find a way to give BACK to your local community (shelter, church, or food pantry...tis the season of giving and this is a great time to donate your time or even money to these organizations!)
Have a fun, safe, and HEALTHY holiday!


...LoL sUnDaY...

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Sunday!!

right now...as you are reading this...i am DRIVING HOME FOR XMAS!!!!
Yea i know...i am SOOOO excited about being able to go home and see my family!!
You do not miss home until you can not go back for a few months!
Well i hope that you all have gotten your Xmas shopping done!
I know that i had to just be lazy and get a few ppl
gift cards since my timing for driving home was so close to xmas
But oh well...all that matters is that i will get to be home for a few weeks :-)

Well have a great Sunday guys!
And here are your LoL moments for this week!
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...FriDaY FITspiration!...

Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday FITspiration

Whats on your "To Do" list for today?
It is all about doing what will make YOU a better person!
No one can make the change for you...YOU have to want to change to make the change!

Fail to plan = Plan to FAIL!
Plan out your meals...
Plan out your workouts...
Plan out how YOU want to make the change in your life!

Happy Friday!


...UgLy SwEaTeR rUn!...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Yes...it has finally happened
I have become ADDICTED to running races!
I have already signed up for FOUR races next year (hey sign up NOW because it is cheaper and you can sign up for a early heat!! That is a double bonus!)

The most recent run...

yup...and you have to wear an ugly sweater...
i chose the ugly vest...running 5k in a sweater did NOT sound like a good idea to me...LoL
and i am SO happy i didn't. Everyone in sweaters complained or took theirs off 1/2 way through the race!
We did see some pretty amazing ugly sweater! I was sad that i was not able to take pics of any (i was busy running...LoL)

This was NOT like your usual race...
At the "water stations" they had water...BUT they also had Hot Coco and Hot Apple Cider!
They had a snow machine making snow for the kids
and they had a "Mustache" contest...yup you can only image the kind of Mustaches we saw running around that place!

and it could NOT be a Xmas run without Santa!

and i would like to thank Samuel Adams for sponsoring the race
I got to try their NEW apple cider beer....it was DELICIOUS!!
I for sure will have to pick some up when i am not training for my competition!

and it would NOT be a Missouri Xmas if you didn't have Frosty with a shot gun sportin his Camo...LoL

so yes...when i am not in school...not working...not modeling...or training in the gym...i like to run
I suggest EVERYONE sign up for a race!
a 5K is only a little over 3 miles!! and you do not have to RUN the whole thing. 
Sign up for the run, start training, and you will be set!
Get a group of your friends together! Its a great way to help you start to setting health and fitness goals :-)

Have a great day guys!


...Happy Birthday!!...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Well i must admit...i just had one of the BEST birthdays a gal could ever ask for!
I got to see almost ALL of my closest friends and i was able to just have an overall good time!
I loved every second and every moment of my bday!

I got to go to STL and celebrate with friend there the weekend BEFORE my bday
(since my bday was on Wednesday)

We got to eat at one of my FAVORITE places Drunken Fish and got to have a VIP section at one of my favorite lounges for the whole night!

My friends came and we just hung out and danced. it was a GREAT time!
I also got this for my birthday...

yup...I GET TO GO SEE MY LAKERS in January!!
SO SO SO excited about that! I can not WAIT!!!
I have been wanting to do this for SOME time now so i am happy that i am finally getting the chance too. and guess who is coming with me :-)

Speaking of Mr. Awesome...Look what he got me for my birthday...

he had them delivered to my job!
I was so so so excited!
Even though he is so far away he made sure to make me feel special on my birthday!
he also got me this...

any true fitness junkie will know how important (and expensive) these things are!
SO SO SO happy i got this! Started training for another competition in March and this will be SO helpful with tracking my workouts and other stats! 
Thanks Mr. Awesome...once again you prove how truly AWESOME you are :-)

On 12.12.12 at midnight my best friend drug me to the bar...climbed on TOP of the bar..and made EVERYONE in the whole bar sing me happy bday!! That is the Perfect way to kick off your bday!
The night before my class mates took me out to dinner...the day of my bday my co-workers took me to lunch
AND one of my clients that i personal train got me a gift!!
12.12.12 was just a day filled with Love, Happiness, and i dont think i stopped smiling all day!

I got tons of phone calls and text and of course my facebook notification was ringing off the hook ALL day! LoL
But i will admit i loved getting all the Bday love and this bday was so amazing!
It will be hard to beat this bday next year!! But i am sure i can try to top it :-)

Have a great week guys

and Oh Happy Bday to anyone with a December Bday!! 


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