...Happy Birthday!!...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Well i must admit...i just had one of the BEST birthdays a gal could ever ask for!
I got to see almost ALL of my closest friends and i was able to just have an overall good time!
I loved every second and every moment of my bday!

I got to go to STL and celebrate with friend there the weekend BEFORE my bday
(since my bday was on Wednesday)

We got to eat at one of my FAVORITE places Drunken Fish and got to have a VIP section at one of my favorite lounges for the whole night!

My friends came and we just hung out and danced. it was a GREAT time!
I also got this for my birthday...

yup...I GET TO GO SEE MY LAKERS in January!!
SO SO SO excited about that! I can not WAIT!!!
I have been wanting to do this for SOME time now so i am happy that i am finally getting the chance too. and guess who is coming with me :-)

Speaking of Mr. Awesome...Look what he got me for my birthday...

he had them delivered to my job!
I was so so so excited!
Even though he is so far away he made sure to make me feel special on my birthday!
he also got me this...

any true fitness junkie will know how important (and expensive) these things are!
SO SO SO happy i got this! Started training for another competition in March and this will be SO helpful with tracking my workouts and other stats! 
Thanks Mr. Awesome...once again you prove how truly AWESOME you are :-)

On 12.12.12 at midnight my best friend drug me to the bar...climbed on TOP of the bar..and made EVERYONE in the whole bar sing me happy bday!! That is the Perfect way to kick off your bday!
The night before my class mates took me out to dinner...the day of my bday my co-workers took me to lunch
AND one of my clients that i personal train got me a gift!!
12.12.12 was just a day filled with Love, Happiness, and i dont think i stopped smiling all day!

I got tons of phone calls and text and of course my facebook notification was ringing off the hook ALL day! LoL
But i will admit i loved getting all the Bday love and this bday was so amazing!
It will be hard to beat this bday next year!! But i am sure i can try to top it :-)

Have a great week guys

and Oh Happy Bday to anyone with a December Bday!! 


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