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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Yes...it has finally happened
I have become ADDICTED to running races!
I have already signed up for FOUR races next year (hey sign up NOW because it is cheaper and you can sign up for a early heat!! That is a double bonus!)

The most recent run...

yup...and you have to wear an ugly sweater...
i chose the ugly vest...running 5k in a sweater did NOT sound like a good idea to me...LoL
and i am SO happy i didn't. Everyone in sweaters complained or took theirs off 1/2 way through the race!
We did see some pretty amazing ugly sweater! I was sad that i was not able to take pics of any (i was busy running...LoL)

This was NOT like your usual race...
At the "water stations" they had water...BUT they also had Hot Coco and Hot Apple Cider!
They had a snow machine making snow for the kids
and they had a "Mustache" contest...yup you can only image the kind of Mustaches we saw running around that place!

and it could NOT be a Xmas run without Santa!

and i would like to thank Samuel Adams for sponsoring the race
I got to try their NEW apple cider beer....it was DELICIOUS!!
I for sure will have to pick some up when i am not training for my competition!

and it would NOT be a Missouri Xmas if you didn't have Frosty with a shot gun sportin his Camo...LoL

so yes...when i am not in school...not working...not modeling...or training in the gym...i like to run
I suggest EVERYONE sign up for a race!
a 5K is only a little over 3 miles!! and you do not have to RUN the whole thing. 
Sign up for the run, start training, and you will be set!
Get a group of your friends together! Its a great way to help you start to setting health and fitness goals :-)

Have a great day guys!


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Vi said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

This looks like fun! Love your outfit :)

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

How fun! Our goal is to run a race every month of 2013. Virtual or real; it'll keep us going. The only race I've run so far was a half marathon so now it's time for SPEED on the shorter distances.

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