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Friday, August 15, 2008

so i decided today i will tell you about my new car :)

it is an NEW 2008 nissan altima...stick shift...had 16 miles on it when i drove it off the lot...it is "winter frost white"...with coal interior....it has 4 doors and yes it still has its used car smell :)

since i had to drive back to missouri from texas i alreay put 1000 miles on it...yea i know thats alot! but since the town i live in is so small i wont get too many mile on it. i think since i have been back on monday i have put 15 miles on it and that included going to work everyday and to the doctor i shadows office oh yea and my walmart run...LoL...but i LOVE it and i am both happy and blessed to have gotten to get the car that i wanted. hard work pays off as i had NO life this summer b/c all i did was work so that i could get it. but im happy with the outcome now i gotta get ready for school to start

soon to come...pix of yours truly in the new ride...a sexy car for a sexy driver! LoL

my roomey danielle comes back tomorrow! im super excited about that...ive been in the house alone for the past few nights b/c erica out other roomey is gone with the football team to football camp and toya my other roomey is in iowa doing research...so ive been alll alone in our big house but it has been nice to be alone and b able to blast my music and walk around with no clothes on...LoL dont act like u wont do it if you were home alone and had no one to look out for.

well since i have gotten the car i want...for now...LoL...i have been starting to think about the house i want to build next...yes i said build! im gettin there...give me a few more years to get out of med school and i will have it all! its never too early to start thinking about sumthin like this...i mean if i want something i work hard to get it. i can say that everything that i have (inculding my college education) i have worked hard and paid for on my own! even my new car! so i can say that i have alot of things to show for my hard work and hopefully it will pay off

what home dosnt need the huge stair case as you walk in the front door...it is a def must have! i dont like the design of the metal on the stair rails but i love the desin of the actual stari case

DETAIL! one of the most important things...i want lots of details in the ceiling, in the walls, everywhere,...you would be amazed at how much it can improve the look of a simple space

LOVE the tub and the see thru shower...i want one of those fancy showers that comes from all angles. i got to test one out in a hotel we stayed at recently and it was WONDERFUL...so that is a must have...love the his/hers sinks...

I really like the hidden refridge. i love the island in the middle of the kitchen, it adds space and a uniquness to the kitchen...i would probably choose a different color for this are but overall i like it

living area...one word...SPACE..i like the wide open space and all the sitting areas...its a great place to bring company and just chat...this is a def good idea.

well thats all i got for now...stay posted

.....until next time.....

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