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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

well i am back from texas and it is REALLY hard for me to get back in the swing of things. i am just strugglin to get motivated to do the things i did b4 i went home. i cant stay up late and sleep in like i did while i was at home...i cant just sit around and do nothing i actually have to get back to doing things. I WILL start tomorrow. i stayed up late talking to carlos :)...LoL ill talk about that later...and i woke up, went to shadow Dr. Feeland, went home took a nap...got up 1/2 way unpacked...then came into work early.

learn the steps for the stepshow
study for the MCATS (yes i pushed the date back again...i know i am really slacking...)
make reservations for the formal that is in october
go to walmart to buy food ( i am OUT!!! LoL i ate it all b4 i left and now that i have a car i have just been buyin food...i need to be smart and save the $ and just go to walmart)
send brandon his part of the deposit
pay the water bill
finish unpacking
finish my papers for my summer class
clean out my car... :) (not use to sayin that yet)
hmmmmmm i think that is all i need to do

school starts in a few weeks!!!! im both excited and not ready for school to start...we will see how it goes...but i am excited about it being my last year here at truman...hopefully...LoL...

starting to treat people how they treat me...and when i say people i am meaning raymond...i am not going to make any more attempts to try to foster anything...i have put in WAY too much effort and if he cant see that than oh well...maybe its time to let that go....

not i saw carlos when i drove thru oklahoma city...we had a blast! at first i was not sure how it was going to go, but we ended up having alot of fun...he kept me laughin and he is a gentleman and just overall really nice. so right now i guess ill see where it goes...he is already making plans to come see me in a few weeks! how about that! someone actually showing intrest and offering to come see me! i dont have to ask..and he actually calls me! and we have conversations! i know crazy huh!

oh and after oklahome i was on my way back to kirksville...well actually i was going to stay in KC for the night....bbbbut i found out iowa was gonna b in iowa which is an hour from kville..so i just drove back and went and hung out. it was alot of fun b/c we havnt hung out and played checkers (like we usually do...LoL) in a while. it was just nice to see an old friend and just conversate and visit. but then i came back to kville and had to work. i am still tryin to catch up on sleep and i feel jet lagged...LoL yea i know texas is in the same time zone but for some reason i just get tired and im not sleeping as good...or im jsut catchin up on some good sleep i didnt get while i was partyin EVERYDAY at home...LoL...i had fun

went out with ashley, hung out with shawn...got to see the phamily...talked with my pops...saw some old ppl i went to school with...and just had fun...oh yea shopped...and got my baby...my CAR! :) i promise pix will come soon. i miss all my friends already! :( but its ok ill go home again soon!!!!

well gotta get to studyin...gotta get ready for the mcats....if i can think of n e thing else to share i will!

.....until next time......

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