Saturday, July 2, 2011

Well i would have to admit...waking up on Friday i had no idea how much i would end up enjoying this Friday July  1, 2011 so much

First i went to work...still not feeling well from my wisdom teeth (and still swollen and strong pains in my mouth) i had to tough the day at the hospital and had to deal with a Not-so-exciting boss (and an on going un bearable situation that i am dealing with at work :-/  )
After work i rush home to put myself together and get ready for my date...yes yet another first date!

After having a string of bad dates, all day i was praying that this date would at least be somewhat enjoyable and that i would not anxiously await my roomie to do the "hey i got in a car accident" phone call so i would have an escape from the date...LoL (hey after the last date i did not want to risk being stuck in the same situation).

Well to my surprise when i got to the restaurant i was met by a smiling... tall...very good looking...and very tan and charming guy (yes we met there. it was a better idea since i was coming straight from work and he was coming from out of town).  We exchanged hugs and we walking into the restaurant (yes ladies he made sure to beat me to the door of the restaurant and open them for me...so far so good!)

Since i still could not eat anything hard (because my mouth is still very swollen and i am still on my soft food diet) i was excited when i found out they had a good selection of soups. So i ordered that after suggesting a few things from him to order for his dinner.  Over our mid afternoon meal we shared a very enlightening conversation.  Joking...laughing...exchanging stories...and just enjoying each others company.  As the meal came to an end it was clear that we both were not ready for the date to be over so he suggested that i go home and throw on some shorts and take a ride to the cabin with him(because i was in a nice summer skirt outfit).  So I run home and grab some clothes and he then takes me to "The Cabin"  (i now call it the man cave...because it is the ultimate bachelor pad but in the woods...LoL)

It is a very quaint and mountain man type place. A small home settled and hidden in the middle of a bunch of conservation land.  After he shows me around he suggests we get on the gator (a golf cart but with better wheels and way faster!) and he shows me around the property. Well i am thinking "oh we are gonna drive around and see the country side and the property"....well me being a "city girl" i was not expecting the journey we soon took in the woods!

Diving tree branches and bugs we saw plenty of wild life and bounced all over the hidden paths through the trees and brush that was on the property.  Needless to say i had an amazing time! it was not too hot...not too many bugs...and if there was a bug he was gentleman enough to fling it away or kill it...LoL

After the gator ride he suggest we jump on the motorcycle and take a ride on the road. I was very excited about this because i have NEVER been on a motorcycles before. So after trying to fit the helmet over my curly hair-do...he helped me hop onto the bike and we took a ride. It was AMAZING! we saw more wild life and we were able to see the hills unfold under from under the dancing sunlight and all the trees. It was so breath taking. It was at that moment i realized all the things i have been missing out on since i have been a "city girl". He defiantly picked perfect routes to show me the scenic country side and i was very appreciative for him sharing that with me.

Well this part of the date had to end because i had to return to work for a few hours as i was suppose to be covering a split shift. so he brought me back just in time to change and rush to work.

Well when i got off a few hours later, he was texting me and suggesting that i come back to pop fire crackers and to just hang out again. I was not very tired and still very pleased with how the first part of the date unfolded so i decided to make the small journey to go see him. After Navigating myself back into the woods i was greeted by him and his dog and fireworks.  He cleaned off a seat for me and proceeded to give me a back massage as we were standing (well he was standing behind me and i was sitting) and his friends were popping off the big loud fireworks. It was amazing. He was so nice and gentle and yet again we had great conversation.  As his friends got more intoxicated and the big fire works were slowly disappearing he decided to tell me to jump in his truck.  sceptical at first i followed only to learn that he was taking me yet to another secret spot (this time not really in the woods but in a clearing that was in the middle of the woods).  we get out of the truck, he lays a blanket in the bed of the truck and tells me to hop in. So for the next few hours there we lay in the back of the truck...with the bugs chirping...fire flies buzzing...coyotes howling...and the stars as our blanket...staring into the night sky...enjoying the cool breeze and small conversation.

I stayed there pretty late but insisted on leaving around 2am because i was pretty tired and i needed some pain meds for the pain that had again developed in my jaw. 

Needless to say that was by far the most interesting...and fun first date i have been on!
He was nothing but a gentleman and made me laugh the whole time.  I am sure my gums were screaming with pain because i had been laughing and smiling so much that evening. 

So far so good...cant wait until the next time we hang out! Def liking what i am seeing so far!

I am just happy that after the long string of bad dates i was actually able to go on a good date....i guess good things do come to those who wait...and did i mention the kiss...LoL...all i have to say about that is that it was just right...

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Sherms said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Aw, it sounds like you had a wonderful first date. How did you meet?
As a city girl, I do have to say that "country boys" have a special kind of charm. Certainly love my country boy and all the things he's opened me up to. I hope your next date is just as wonderful! xx


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