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Saturday, July 23, 2011

After talking to my closest gal friends and going over the guys that have been in my life over the past few years...i have come to realize that some of those guys...were not the best choices for me.

Of course at the time that was not clear to me. I would meet a guy who had the courage to come up to me and as me on a date.  And that is usually what got me hooked. If he had a nice smile and could hold my attention and make me laugh...then why not go on a date and give this guy a chance?

Well the thing is that i would give them a chance...and find that one thing that i would really like about them...and hold onto that.  I think it was the fact that yes i have been single for so long, i was yearning for the chance to finally have a guy that i could call mine.

I was not letting myself fall for the person and all their flaws (good and bad)...i was simply falling for the idea of being in love.

I realize this after analyzing the past few guys (such as Mr. Big aka Mr. Rodeo cowboy or Mr. Beats or a guy that still bugs me currently)
When i think about them...i try to think of why i was craving their commitment in the first place...and to be honest for each guy i could only list a few things. (not to mention that my gals pointed out that i was "slumming" it with their looks...some of them were not the best looking and defiantly not in the best shape physically but i was still willing to give them a chance)

So then that made me think...i have no idea what to look for when i am looking for that guy for a relationship! I mean yes every girl has THE LIST...a list of things that the ideal guy would have to have in order to be in love with him. But Have i blinded myself to other things because of this list or have i just been blinded because of the way guys have treated me in the past?

With Mr. Adventure i seriously honestly just like him for him and i like being around him.
Last night i made dinner for him (an AMAZING lasagna...i will def say it was probably the best one i have made so far) and we just enjoyed each others company and of course did another forest tour (this time alcohol was involved...LoL) He is an out doors kinda guy and i am a city girl...so hanging out with him i am almost always being put out of my element and flung into his.  Being surrounded by trees...bugs...wild animals...and everything else the great outdoors has to offer....and i actually like it!

He is opposite from me. And i think that is a nice balance (i am only making an assumption seeing as i have managed to miss read past relationships).  I have learned to really enjoy seeing his smile and he is very lively (never a dull moment when you are around him) for the first time i will say i am enjoying this "taking it slow...taking things day by day" with him.  Just getting to know each other and no expectations.
I know that we still have a lot to learn about each other but so far so good.

I just was trying to look at my past "mistakes" to see what i could change or do differently with Mr. Adventure. And to be honest i cant think of one thing. All i can do is be myself.
I should not and wont change who i am or how i act to please anyone.  I know that i have a lot going for me and that i am a good catch...it will just take the right guy to see that and to want me for who i am.

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♛ FWB said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

WOW, I'm having a talk with my homegirl right now about this.

Kimberly, FWB

Sherms said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I think having a list of what your ideal guy is like can be really limiting in a relationship. You just have to open yourself up to the possiblities and like you said, be yourself. I'm glad that things are working out well between you so far and I hope the continue to go well. Maybe a pic of him soon or a description of what he looks like? xx


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