Friday, July 29, 2011

well i have been waiting a few weeks to write this blog...mainly because i was still pretty angry about it.

So a few months ago i wrote this post....

While visiting the bar in town that i WORKED at  (yes i will put them on blast because i feel like the whole world should know what really went on!) a "manager" made a comment regarding my race...

(yes a picture of the actual bar i use to work at...)

the moral of this story...i was fired!
Not because of the incident...but because the general manager said i was asking hostile towards the "manager" who said the racist comment.

The reason she said i was acting hostile...one night i came in after my AWFUL  bad first date (read the post and you will see why i needed a drink!)
The GM and i were joking around while i was playing pool with my friends. After the "manager" made the comment a few months ago i told her that we were not friends and she should just not talk to me if we are not working together...well the GM decided  to call over the "manager" the night i came in after the date and try to include her in on the fact that i had a bad date. As this "manager" comes over and tries to be friendly and act like nothing was wrong at all...i quietly got up and walked away...i did not make a scene...i did not curse her out (even though i wanted to)...i just got up and walked to a different area where i had other friends.

Well after this...the very next day i got called into work.  I was again scolded because i was suppose to be friends with this person who made this demeaning comment (not to mention she did not even apologize for it! to be honest i did not want an apology because i knew it would be fake but i just wanted her to realize the comment she made was not OK!)

My boss said she was letting me go because i gave a  fellow bartender a discount ( i charged them $1.50 for a beer instead of $2.00) and because i was "being hostile" towards the "manager".... to be honest WE ALL give discounts to fellow bartenders (yes even the GM and the "manager" give away a lot more drinks and deals than i do!)

Needless to say...i don't care anymore.  I mean i LOVED being a bar tender...and I'm not gonna lie the $ was pretty nice to have. But why would i want to work for a place that supports that? why would i want to work for a place that will stand up for someone who made a racist comment instead of standing up for me?  My dad and other friends said i defiantly could get a lawyer and get something out of it...but why? what good will that do? i don't want my job back anymore.

It just goes to show how much things have not really changed all that much in 2011.
Yes it may have been a small comment made out of anger about the color of my skin...but the comment was still made and that should not have been tolerated! i was taken off of the schedule until MY GM MADE ME APOLOGIZE to the "manager" about the confrontation...to my knowledge no punishment was given to this "manager" that made the comment! *sigh*....talking about this is just getting me angry all over again...LoL

I pray that if/when i have kids that they will not have to deal with this kind of crap! It is so stupid...if i was fired so should the "manager"...that would have been the only fair thing...but what do i know...i am just a college student trying to make my way through life...

i cant wait until I'm some big time doctor and can come back to this town and show them what i have become.  That i have become something better than some small Midwest town...donate a lot of $ to some charity & business in town and show them they should have treated me so much better

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you did the right thing, because I would have reached in my purse, gotten out a check book, wrote a check for 50 cents. calmly placed sed check on the table. slowly back my chair away from the table, calmly stood up,picked up my purse,walked away,turned back,flip the table and then leave.

Sherms said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Lol! The previous post was funny!

I hope that your children don't have to deal with situations like that. Unfortuntely there are too many people who think that they're not racist but that little comments like that are okay. Really, you're better off out of a place like that. And anybody who knows you, knows what really happened.

It is still a very long journey to changing the mindset of a varitey of people. And some people have enough brain cells to change and some people do not xx

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