Thursday, July 14, 2011

well i have been introduced to the new craze Google+

I will have to say that it is pretty kool.
will it blow facebook out of the water....maybe in a few years. but as of now it is just "kool".
I am very impressed by a lot of the features that it offers and the added tools that is has that facebook does not offer.

My favorite thing about it....
well there are a few things that make me really like this new social network.

1...the "hangout" option.
OK i know i am living in a tech savvy world but i have not been big into video chatting. My sister and i just recently started to video chat via our phones (the Android phones with the camera on the front). It is also attributed to the fact that i don't have a computer at home with a web cam (my sorority sister does and so do other friends so i use it when i can.)
This "hangout" option is like a video chat that you and your friends can log into...and who ever is talking automatically pops up on the screen! last night i was talking with 3 of my gal friends (all in different cities in the Midwest) and it was so much fun and a overall good time to see them and just chat with them!

2...the "My circles" option.
This option allows you to group and categorize the friends that you have.  It is nice because you can target statuses to certain "circles" or make it public to anyone you are friends with on Google+.  You can pretty much upload or do anything and target it to just one person or a group of people and not worry about having other people see it. i think its a great idea and wish i had it a few years ago while i was still in undergrad.  Would have been a great communication tool to help my sorority sisters who are here and who have graduated and moved away.

3...I like how it is "Google"
I like having my Gmail...and everything else Google all on one page and in one location. that is probably my favorite tool right now. I love not having to go to different sites to find something that i am needing. It even allows me to connect with my blog!!

you cant "comment" on someone profile page (a feature you can do on facebook) and uploading/sharing pictures and videos is a lot easier on Google+.  There is no "like" button like facebook but there is a "+1" which is pretty much the same.  There is no "poke" button with Google (but honestly what is the poke anyway...LoL) and so far i have not seen anything that shows birthdays of your friends or seen the "events" section (where those annoying party promoters send you tons of party events each week or if your friend makes a facebook invite for a bbq or other event...don't know if Google is gonna have that option). But like i said i am sure a lot more features will come out when the full blown Google+ will be released.

I like it and it is new and it is different. It is simple and simplicity is what i like (compered to all the crazy things that facebook now offers from games to apps to spam :-/  ) but i will defiantly use both quite a bit (great just something else to help me procrastinate doing other more important things...LoL). But it is kool to be one of the few who are currently on it and i am excited to see what happens when more people are hip to it.  If you want a invite let me know!!! i think i can still invite a few more people to join the elite club of Google+  :-)

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Sherms said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I would love an invite! It took me forever to get on FB. When it first took over I was hesistant, thinking it would just be a fad! What do I know!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Google social sounds interesting...don't know if i'd ever sign up. Btw, this is my first time reading your blog, I tried to follow but I didn't see the option, anyway...I'll be sure to check back!

Katherine said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Interesting blog I do not know much about the new google social scene but I will check it out sounds interesting

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