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Friday, July 22, 2011

Well i realized that i had not done a post on this in a few weeks!!! i need to catch up and keep it going as i have had a few people request this post...

But welcome to this weeks...

After engaging in a boy bashing session a few weeks ago with a group of gal friends, we had some of our guy friends randomly drop by while we were in the middle of our "boy hating" discussion (yea i know...how convenient!!)

The main purpose of discussion...why do guys just not be honest!?!

I know that i personally have asked guys in the past to keep it 100% honest with me. 
I have flat out asked them if they are dating someone...or if they were just not interested in me anymore...and i always get the run around. I always state that no matter what i will respect them so much more if they are honest and just say what they have on their mind...and i never get that (and neither had any of the gals that i was in the discussion with...)

So why is that?

The guys that dropped by in mid conversation said it was to spare the girls feelings...
But that is just it...do you not realize the damage you are actually causing by "trying to spare our feelings"...you drag on this meaningless relationship (or situation) just because you know she is holding on...and you are just in it for whatever perks...

It was also brought to my attention that some of the guys would slowly become jerks or a**holes to slowly push the gal away from the relationship. They said the meaner they got...the more the girl would start to dislike him and slowly start to let go....and as mean as this sounds i have also had that happen to me!
But why do that!?!?

I know that i try to say what is on my mind (and sometimes that has not turned out so well for me) and just be up front so that we both were on the same page.  I always want to know what i am getting myself into...and what i have to look forward too. Is that too much to ask for? I mean when i first meet a guy and i start to like him...i personally do not chase after another guy. I want to focus my time and attention on him (But we all know that most guys are not the same way). So when you are "chasing" this guy for 3...4...or even 5 months is it too much to ask where the friendship is headed? Because if you don't know then is it a waste of time? that is how i see it. If i am wasting 1/2 a year on a "friendship" that will be nothing more than a friendship...then that is time that i wasted.  i could have been chasing after someone else. Don't get me wrong i have learned from each guy i have tried to keep around for longer than a few months and i have even made some good friendships from those situations...but in the end why do we date? I date to try to find someone who will be around a few years from now...not just a few months...

So the moral to this Love Chronicles story....men...STOP WASTING TIME!
If all you want is booty...then say that (but it is also known that some girls end up wanting more..but that is a different topic for discussion).  If you just want fun...then say you just want fun. And if you like her and just want to take things day by day to see what happens...then just say that! Just be up front and honest...and if she asks...then answer her question.  Girls are full of questions and concerns when it comes to finding a guy that she likes...because the previous guy played so many games and hurt her! So if you are up front and put it all out on the table i promise this may earn you a few extra brownie points. Don't be mean to get rid of a girl. Just tell her it is not working out. Yes she will cry...but believe me...it will be a lot better being honest then being labeled a jerk (hence why some girls end up going ape crazy after you break up...you are mean to them for months and wonder why she flips out and is mean to you after the relationship is over...)

I promise you from the gals i had the conversation with...you will respected a lot more if you just tell the truth up front! Don't hide it and don't drag it on for no reason. most importantly...DON'T LIE...i hate liars...and so do most people. And don't ever forget....Karma is a Bi**h...and she will be lurking and will eventually come back around to get ya one day.

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Sherms said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I wish more men could just be honest and up front. It would make life so much easier. Before I met the husband, I went on two dates with guys who both lied. I think though that a woman can usually tell when something isn't right and when a guy lies and says nothing is wrong, it just makes her feel crazy.

But eventually (for most people) someone will come along who doesn't mess you around...its just a shame that so much time is wasted on guys playing games! xx

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