Sunday, September 5, 2010

i am a simple girl...
looking for the simple things in life to make me happy...
the simple things in life to live for...
just a simple kinda life...

i realize how simple my life is.
i do not have much depth to my life right now at all
and i cut out all of the complicated people and things that were in my life to some extent...

today did not start off well at all.
i get to work...at 5:30 am..yea i know im still not awake yet...
the person that was suppose to come in and help didnt show up...
wouldnt answer their phone when we called...
and what is going to happen to this person...
our boss is really big on doing nothing at all when people screw up around here.
but lucky for me i am surrounded by alot of other people who are going to make the day go alot better
and working with the patients def puts a smile on my face.
so i guess all in all the day is slowly starting to turn around.

yesterday was ok...
evan had suggested that he come to visit me this weekend
his parents got in a huge fight and he felt that he needed to stay home to be with his family
i mean that is amazing that he wanted to do that
but at the same time, im not gonna lie, i was super sad that i wasnt going to get to see him or spend time with him
i was really lookin forwerd to seeing him and actually getting to be with him
i had all kinds of things planned. it just knocked the wind from under me when i found out he wasnt coming
but it is ok
i mean it was honestly so hard for me to try to see how he felt.
i grew up with my parents and family always fighting
i grew up with a torn family
so in a way i am just immune to it i guess.
but i tried to see it from his view.
if you are a close family...hardley any problems ever...and then all of a sudden there is a problem
i guess that would be a big deal.
but yea like i said im glad he was able to be there for his family
i was just trying not to be selfish in wanting him to leave them and to come and see me
but hopefully we can plan a time (SOON) that we can hang out and see eachother

this is the crappy thing about distance
i mean altho it honeslty is prob the shortest distance out of any of my long distance relationships
i forget how hard it is to plan and try to make time for eachother
esp. when you have two ppl on two completly different schedules.
but if the people envolved want it bad enough they will make it work
so we will have to see..
until then i will remain hopeful....and pray for his family....and pray for mine...LoL
and pray that this day will go alot better than it has already started

like i said...im a simple girl....looking for a simple life....*sigh*..yea that prob will never happen...LoL

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