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Sunday, September 19, 2010

well lately i have been listening to ALOT of music....old and new
the first thing i have to say is THANK GOD the whole
soulja boy and "lets make a song with a dance" craze is over
i think it was killing the music and killing just pushing music in the wrong direction
but i am happy that artist have realized it and stepped up and came out with alot of good music

now i want to list some hiphop artist that are my personal fav. and i inspire you to listen to a few of their songs...
if not all of them... LoL

in no particular order....

Erykah Badu....
she is an amazing artist.
no i do not like all of her songs but she has come out with some amazing songs
making some incredible statements
and is a def force when looking at hip hop

Musiq soulchild....
being one of nine children, and a high school drop out,
he got his luck break and boy i am glad he did
awjuslisten is one of my fav albums.
his last album was not as good as i only found a few songs on it that i truly enjoyed
but overall as an artist his voice is amazing and he has done some great work over the years

his last album...was a hit with me...
i can listen to it from start to finish and then start it over again
his voice, his flow...everything about that album just was perfect
yes there were only 9 songs on the album but it was still amazing
and not to mention his past work...
he is just an amazing artist and he will always be on rotation in my ipod

although she is gone her last album was def my favorite.
alot of her old songs were good...not all of them...but her last album i loved and enjoyed all of her songs
i feel that if she was still here people live ciara and keri hilson would have a run for their money
another food for thought...if she was still here would beyonce be as big as she is?...hmmmmm
something to really think about...

chris brown....
ok despite his own personal problems he has an amazing voice!
i am such a chris brown advocate right now b/c he just made a mix cd with tyga (one of my fav rappers)
i have not found one song they have done together that i do not like
he sings and does a little rapping on the songs. it is a perfect mix/flow to throw with someone like tyga

boys II men....
ok an oldie but a goodie
these guys paved the way for boy bands
and created good music
all of the different voice just worked very well with each other
yes a "young" person like myself has grown up listening to these guys and they are def a fav.

"i met this girl when i was 10 years old..."...the best common song...
he has been in the game a LOOOOOONG time
he has created so many great albums.
as an artist i think he is def. under rated. he does not get the respect and attention that he should
i love almost all of his songs. i have all of his albums
i love his voice and his flow...
no one can touch common and def. is a pioneer of hiphop

his last album was def really good.
i am super excited to see what he comes out with next!
he has an amazing voice and it is easy to "groove" to alot of his songs
overall he is the whole package. he can dance, sing, and act. well acting...not sure how good that is...LoL

poems literally put to a beat.
their music is inspirational
they are def a different type of group and are in a league of their own

foreign exchange....
i discoverd this group through a friend and i will be forever greatful
this group is just amazing
i can listen to their CD over and over again.
it has a jazz feel but has amazing vocals and lyrics that go with it.

now i know there are alot more hip hop/R&B artist/groups out there....
these are just a few i wanted to touch on...i hope this inspired you to at least listen to a few songs if you have never heard of any songs from one of these artist.

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