Wednesday, September 8, 2010

well after my last post...
i have to write this one to make a correction...
he DID come to see me :)
saturday....wait sunday afternoon i suggested that he come to see me
that i would cook dinner for him
and then he could go back home to be with his family..
well 2 my suprise he said he would just come and hang out and then head home on monday!
you have NO idea how excited i was.

well i got off of work. i cooked salmon pin wheels, potatoes, wild rice, and stir fried asaragus with cresent rolls
it was soooo good! and he loved it! LoL (of course he did...i can cook!!)

it was alot of fun to just see him and hang out and talk.
it def made me happy and made my week :)
i was sad to see him leave on monday afternoon.
i def look forwerd to being able to go and see him again sometime soon i hope!
i am so greatful that he is so understanding about me and my life and my decisions
most guys are not...and that is the crappy thing. but to find someone who truly understands
and truly respects me is a true blessing.

but that just means there is hope after all.
at first i was sad...but things turned around after all. and i am so happy that they did

granted erica was a little short and mean with him...but i know why she does it
i just have had a handful of crappy guys the past few months...years...LoL
she is just looking out for me. i am glad someone is!! :)

well just had to write a post as an update....

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