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Sunday, April 17, 2011

After a long week filled with work last night some Alphas from Mizzou were having their 45th chapter bday celebration.  all week i have been getting text messages and invites to the event on Saturday. well it wasn't until i woke up sat. morning that i decided to go ahead and make the 90 mile trip to Columbia after i got off of work to hang out with the chapter and show some support.  I knew that i was going to get to see some guys that i hadn't seen since i became an AKA back in Fall '05. so that was the real motivation that made me want to make the trip.

well what i also put into consideration was that i was going to see this guy (i will refer to him as "Mr. Beats"...he raps/produces music...*sigh* yea i know...and he is the reason i will never try rappers/producers ever again....LoL)

Mr. Beats and i "dated" for several months...
...we would equally make the commute back and forth to see each other....
...as usual i thought things were going good. i really liked him and it seemed as if he liked me...
but i was wrong...
after trying to attempt to make sense of "our relationship" (putting a title on it or trying to just let go) he decided i was not what he wanted. but he wanted to choose another girl i guess he had been "dating" at the same time?

now i was slightly upset by this...and like with most girls who get dumped for another girl i tried to find reasons that he would pick this other girl over me. was it that she was taller? better looking? smarter? funnier? these kind of questions ran through my mind for weeks until he finally ran his course in my mind and i simply moved on and tried to forget what we had.

well needless to say i knew that they had broken up, and some how we still managed to keep in touch over the past few years.
well of course i knew that the possibility of me seeing him was high so naturally (as the women that was dumped) i wanted to look GOOD. Kind of like a "you can look but def not touch" kind of situation.

so after getting off of work semi-early i hit the road and make it to the party around 11pm. after battling the crowd of undergraduate students, i managed to find the Alpha's and they rushed me to the front of the line and into the section where all the alphas were hanging out. As soon as i hit the door i was welcomed with hugs, smiles and laughs. i got to see some guys that i hadn't seen in years and to get that kind of greeting made me feel like a celebrity! LoL the whole night at the party i couldn't walk more than 10 feet without getting yelled at and embraced by someone that i knew. all in all it was a good party (despite the awful music, 1/2 dressed drunk undergrad girls, and young boys oogling my goodies...and yes i was looking smokin hott in my new dress and heels!)

after security pushed everyone out the door...Mr. Beats i guess decided he wanted to "walk me to my car"...um yea...oh not to mention open my door and shout out the directions to the after party several times. so it was clear that i had made the impression i had wanted to. Finding My sorority sister we made our way to the after party and there i spent the night chatting and thinking of the "old times" with a lot of the guys i hadn't seen in a while. all in all it was an amazing night. around 3am people were starting to leave and i was left with the decision to stay in Columbia and hustle up a place to stay or just head back home. after battling it in my mind...i decided to just make the hour drive back home. better to make is home and sleep in in my own bed. didn't want to put myself in a bad situation...didn't want to mess up anything that i already had going on.

but the moral of this story is that i got to see so many people i haven't seen in forever. its crazy how time flies. i loved college. the only bad part is that people grow up and move far far away. but times like these make it worth the trip to see some old friends.  It def makes me feel old and all grown up but i can look back on my life right now and be happy at what i have done and achieved thus far...i look forward to the next 5...10...15 years of my life and welcome every challenge the Lord throws at me with open arms.

so needless to say, that was prob. my last Phrat party for a looooong time...and it was def the best i have been to in a looooong time. And you know that i will never pass up the momen to get all "gussied" up for a night on the town. Because i will def be honest...i KNOW that i was one of the best dressed women at that party and the after party! no one could touch the fierce dress/jacket combo and my black heels not to mention my BCBG cluch bag. i would like to consider myself the "african american" version of Carrie Bradshaw (from Sex in the City)...just a simple girl...living a simple life...trying to find one man to love while trying to look good while doing all of that...not to mention keep a nice collection of sylish shoes...LoL

So for one night i felt like a celebrity! ppl crowding around to chat and laugh and have a good time. having someone yell out my name every few minutes. remembering the good ole times of when "we were young" (not that any of us are very old at all). it was a great feeling and i am so happy i was able to enjoy the moment.

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