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Saturday, April 9, 2011

well recently i have been looking at alot of different blogs and it hit me...
there are ALOT of single gals in america! LoL

alot of the blogs i have come across are of women (who seem to have their lives together) and are all on the journey to finding "the One".
and it is a sigh of relief to read their tales and stories of disaters with encounters with men. awful dates and just bad situations all together...im glad im not the only one who has been having trouble!

but then it made me think...
latly i have been speaking more of the guy...who he is...what he is..instead of the story...the journey behind it.

the fact that things guys SHOULD do but they dont...or what happens when you find that guy who does happen to do those things and how awesome if feels but scary at the same time!

after being around guys who you wish you could just punch in the face (just trying to be blunt...LoL)
and when you meet someone who actually makes you smile...it makes you look around to see when/if ashton is gonna jump out of that "punked" van.

Things that someone would do that are sure signs that they are totally into you...
...but your still afraid because this has happend in the past but you got played big time...

its just so hard to tell...and i know that im a worry wart...and i def overthing every situation...but i cant help it.

things guys should do....
...1...call/text....pref. at random. def a good way to put a smile on someones face

...2..."goodmornings"...yes i am a huge sucker for the goodmorning/goodnight text...

...3...thank a girl for hanging out with you...def have not had that happen by too many guys...def bonus points

...4...dont act shady in public...big deal to me!!! there have been so many guys i have "dated" and yea its all kool when we are at home cuddling but if we are in public its like they keep a 3ft distance rule...yea def not ok.

...5...ask her on a REAL date before you try to get in her pants. like dinner...and its also a good idea to go on several dates actually....this rule should be a given...LoL

dating...is a game that is ard to play...the rules are def different for everyone...and you almost always have to keep starting over with "new players"...sometimes the game is fun and sometimes the game is not...the key to to the game is figuring out how to win...and that is most def. the hardest part...

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Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

There's PLENTY of single girls in Australia too! I agree with the list. Though I'm beginning to think I'll settle for a guy who only meets one criteria - must have a heartbeat. It's slim pickings out there! ;-)

Brittany said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Great post! There are tons of single ladies around. Boy... what's the deal!? I know there are single men out there! Even though I feel like there's something wrong with me... and the pickin's are slim... I won't settle!
Love your blog, thanks!
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