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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

well today is my Monday (as far as working goes).
i had Monday and Tuesday off...so this morning i was up at 4 AM to be at work at 4:30...
needless to say i am not excited about today being Wednesday...

Something that needs to be talked about...car care!
i was/am completely oblivious to things when it comes to my car.
i mean yes i know to put gas in it...get an oil change when the sticker on my windshield tells me...check my tires for the right amount of air...and if the check engine light comes on take it in to get fixed.
the things you don't even think about...getting new windshield wiper blades...how to change your head/tail lights...buying new tires....getting those tires rotated...getting your fluids and filters changed...not to mention a whole list of other things i know i am forgetting.

granted i got my car brand new...but still there is ALOT that goes into taking care of a car.

this is such an issue because yesterday i had to buy new tires. this decision to buy new tires came a few weeks back when my car was not driving the way it should. when i would go a certain speed the car was shaking really bad. so i take it in to get looked at (and to get the oil changed). they inform me i need new tires. now my car only had 22K miles on it...and i bought it in '08...why would i need new tires!?!? well that is what both me and my dad thought...but since he is not in Missouri to look at these kinda of things and take care of them i was left with the job of doing it. researching...calling around for quotes...looking for the best deals. and finally (4 weeks later and after working several big $ nights at the bar) i was able to actually purchase my new tires. To my surprise Wal-Mart has the best deal on tires! you get a warranty that helps if our tire blows out. you get the tire fixed...and it gets free rotations/balances for the life of that tire. and this is honored at ANY Wal-Mart (yea there are Wal-Marts EVERYWHERE). so i had to go with them. i am all about giving my $ to the small businesses around this town, but NONE of them were as helpful as the guys at Wal-Mart. They even printed off a sheet with all the information and other tire options for me. and the guy that helped me broke down every detail and walked me through everything before i made my choice. that was by far the best customer service i have ever gotten at Wal-Mart.

But on a lighter note...that is why i need to find a boyfriend so that i can just hand him my keys and credit card and have him go fix it...LoL...but i will say it was fun trying to figure everything out. i did get some small sense of gratification knowing that i did this task alone. i def feel good about my decision.

not to mention i got a new policy for renters insurance! yup. yesterday was a big spending day for me. the past few years we have had some BAD storms in the area. i have had renters insurance in the past i just let my policy expire and with all the recent havoc mother nature is causing i thought it was a good time to go ahead and get the new policy before it was too late...LoL

but today is Wednesday...a new day...a new work week...
God only knows what will be thrown at me this week...but i am ready!

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