Friday, April 1, 2011

well this author has done it again...

i mean i have honestly never lived to read something that someone has ..or is suppose to right.
this lady speaks exactly whatmy thoughts and feelings are but words them way better than i ever could.
i guess its because im at a  werid point in my life...a huge trial and error...and the entries she post speak to me.

apart of todays post....

"Rather – it is something we do constantly, time after time, man after man. We convince ourselves he will be different. That it will be easy and just as we imagined. He will do those things we always wanted him to do. He will surprise us. He will love us unconditionally, if such a love is reasonable. We fool ourselves into falling in love again. And again. We accept the burden it carries when it doesn’t work out as anticipated and we bow to our audience, to the fates who tricked us again, and we go backstage to prepare for the next show.

For the next brave attempt at the foolish ways of love. "

the website it...

todays post is about falling in love...or being a fool to love.
and arnt we all. i mean we each seach and yearn for "the one" or that "mr. perfect" only to strike out time after time...after time...and to only fall burden to wasting out time with men who dont deserve it or appreciate what we do have to offer. ok i stand corrected...its not a waste of time as i have learbed valuable things from each guy i have met and "gotten to know" to different extents. but ultimalty i find myself trying to look for the best in that person which blinds me to reality.

i know that i have been so caught up in trying to please a guy or impress him to get him to stay...but not anymore. i guess deep down i wasnt happy with some aspects of my life...but i think i am finally starting to learn the balance. hopefully...LoL

on a side note....

not a big weekend planned...
think pink week is upon us and the usual festivaties or going on.
i am sooo happy to be alumni. no more planning...i just show up and support! LoL

well off to be more productive than i have been the past few days...LoL

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