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Thursday, July 21, 2011

well for some reason, i conjured up this weird superstition that if i ever talked/wrote/blogged about a guy that i was currently seeing that i would somehow jinx myself and for whatever reason he would stop liking me...and things between us would slowly dwindle away...

But what i have grown to learn is...no matter if i talk/write/or blogged about the current flavor of the month he will either come or go not because i decided to spew details about him and the things that we do...he would stay of go because it was just how things would work out...

So i would like to officially introduce to you...Mr. Adventure!

(i assure you he is nothing like the guy in the above picture...LoL...just a  pic i found that was fitting to my topic...)
It took me some time to come up with a name for him.  to be honest it was just hard to find a word that was so fitting that would fit him and the relationship we are starting to have (and when i say relationship i am not saying that i am off the market...i am saying that we are hanging out and talking to each other...taking things day by day to see what comes of it :-)  )

I call him Mr. Adventure for the pure fact that every time i see him or every time i talk to him...it is an adventure...you can never know what fun you will have when you are with him.

The first time i encountered Mr. Adventure was posted in THIS blog post.
The first date alone was an adventure!! needless to say the fun just keeps coming every time we encounter each other.

He has unconventional ways...and i would like to say that i like it.
He is not the "good morning/goodnight" kinda guy. We don't spend endless hours texting or talking everyday.
What i find refreshing is that when we do chat randomly throughout the day i always walk away from the conversation with a smile on my face.

He is very active...and i find it very refreshing to find someone who is just as busy as me during the day.  He is very social and has a lot of friends (which is a huge plus because i am the same way) and he is very out spoken and leaves nothing unsaid (if he has something on his mind he is sure to say it!)

i look forward to our random "short and sweet" conversations during the day (he calls them short and sweet because he is usually in between doing things at work) and we usually have a nice little chat sometime in the evening before we both try to get stuff done before we go to bed. oh!! and He usually goes to bed early so we don't have to stay up late talking to each other (we have done it before but usually ...i have to be in bed pretty early so its nice we both have to be up super early during the week)

I am so use to guys texting during the day (like all day) which is concluded with a goodnight conversation...and followed by a good morning conversation/text...and the whole cycle starting over again. To be honest it took me a few days to get use to it...but then i grew to enjoy it. It gave me more freedom during the day...oh and did i mention he would much rather call and talk to me rather than text?!? yea that is something different and i enjoy that as well.

But so far it has only been about a month...so there is not much to tell about Mr. Adventure. We may get to meet up this weekend (if we do he is gonna let me cook for him! :-)  )  but as things go on I'm sure i wont be able to keep myself from blogging about it! LoL

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Sherms said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

When you're happy or excited about something it is hard not to blog about it. That said, I'm always worried that I'm gonna jynx myself but I think that's just how you feel when you really want something.

It's nice that you guys are taking things slowly, day by day. You can really get to know him over time and hopefully he'll be much more than just the flavour of the month.

Let us know what you cook if you do get together this weekend. I am actually excited for you because the butterflies and getting to know each other is awesome. Ah and the first kiss! Dating is fun when you're dating nice guys...not so much fun when you're dating dirtbags.

I hope eveything keeps going well. BTW, I love the guy in the pic. Napoleon Dynamite hot...mind we get a pic of Mr Adventure himself any time soon? xx

Meri said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh, damn! I thought I was going to get to hear about the guy in the picture hahaha! Good luck with Mr. Adventure, a girl can always use a little excitement, right?

ms.composure said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

if i can get him to take a picture with me i will def post it!!!
thanks gals! i hope things go well...i am starting to really like him!

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