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Thursday, June 23, 2011

(and attention all Boys...lets face it you all have not graduated to the "men" status yet...LoL)

I have decided to be very gracious and share my insight (as well as a collection of thoughts from a wide range of girls that i know) to the Do's and Don't s to dating (esp. the first date)
There have been so many WRONG things that have been going on recently that i keep thinking to myself..."why the hell do these guys think that what they are (or are not doing) is OK!?!?!"

So to help those who are in need of help (which is more men/boys than i can probably even imagine) i am going to give you the "how to" on what to do (from my perspective because lesson number 1 is that every woman is not the same!! the thing that you did with Amanda a few moths ago may not be the same things that your new flavor of the week will enjoy....)

Lesson for today: First Date Etiquette

Guys here are some things you MUST do to score points on the first date...

First of all asking a girl on the date...just do it! If you are afraid to or you are not sure if she is feeling you...the only way you will find out is asking her out! the worst she can do is say no...and i promise most ladies are not that heartless and wont point and laugh in your face if they reject your offer. some guys like to try to be fancy but sometimes simple and sweet are the best way to go.

So what do you do when you finally ask her on the date and she says yes....

1)Where to go...what to do!?
Try to talk to the lady and see what she would like to do on the first date. i personally tell guys that i love the surprise of not knowing. i will tell them some things that i like to do/eat and just let them decided from there. there are some guys who want to make sure i will have a good time so they will tell me to pick a few places and then they will surprise me with one of those places that i mentioned.

2)How do we meet at the date?
If possible pick the girl up. i know that i am old fashioned (thanks to my dad) and was told the guy is suppose to pick you up. he is suppose to COME TO THE DOOR and get you (not just sit in the driveway and honk) and OPEN THE CAR DOOR FOR YOU. This simple thing has been overlooked several times personally for me...and is def not the best way to start off the date.

3)To get flower or not to get flowers...that is the true question!
To be honest i don't know how many times i have dropped the hint to guys that i would like some flowers on the first date. Like i said i am old fashioned. If you are unsure...then hint around at it or just flat out ask. Some ladies do not like flowers...and i am not saying go get roses or the most expensive flowers at the store. get something simple and sweet.  With most gals the smaller things are what matter the most (at least i know that's how it is with me and my gals...) and this will score big points with your date and with her friends (because lets face it...that is one of the first things she will brag about when they ask her how the date went!)

4)What to do on the date?
Well this is the tricky part...if you guys have great chemistry the conversation should be pretty good and should flow. nothing will have to be forced. But that is not the case if both of you are super nervous and freaking out about the date. I know a gal friend of mine told me that on a date a guy made a list of topics that they could talk about (which was good because they ended up not even going through all of them), Also don't forget to open the door for the lady...and pulling out the chair is nice (but impossible if you sit someplace with a booth). Just be mindful that she is watching your every move!

5) Who pays for the meal?
well to be honest if you are old fashioned like i am it would be nice for the guy to do it! To be honest i never expect any guy to pay for my meal. I always bring cash or my card and i always offer to pay for the meal (or even the tip).  But usually the guy will pick up the tab and pay for it all.  Now some ladies may not feel the same way that i do and that is when the flirting can be fun. You can flirt and fight about the tab or if she just insists on helping with the tab tell her to leave the tip. But i would say to be safe be ready to pay for the meal...at least on the first date.

Well the things i stated above are just scratching the surface as to what to do or what not to do.  Please stay tuned for more tips and clues! (and to be honest if you have a question feel free to ask me! i have tons of single gal friends and i will give you the most common answer that we all can come up with. this is so that its not just coming from me but from many different gals with many different views on the topic)

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Carrymel said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

haha, this is cute! Advice for the first date. I think a lot of guys could stand reading this - esp the part abt picking up the girl!

check me out too :)
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Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Excellent post. Guys these days are beginning to be a total embarassment!

Miss Sassy Pants said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Good rules! I agree.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I don't think you are old fashioned. Guys just need to step up. These are things a guy is SUPPOSED to do. That's the way I feel. But this is all experience from dating one too many of the guys who don't really know that.

Miss Lego said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

That's a very respectfull post, I agree with you.

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