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Thursday, June 9, 2011

while doing a little spring cleaning i came across something so small but yet it was such a big part of my years in high school...

This ladies and gents is my all access pass (no longer valid of course) to Body Works. the BEST (and yes i said it) the BEST work out facility that i have used (other than the MIZZOU Rec center...LoL)

This membership only cost me about $20.00 a month (or maybe $15.00...it was so long ago that i don't remember the exact price).  My home girl Ashley and i made this executive decision one summer afternoon while we were lounging at her house. we were not able to work out at school so we both set goals to work out over the summer to get "hot bodies"...LoL

To say the least we got our full moneys worth from our monthly membership. we were there almost everyday. and usually after we got off of work (we both worked at the same place so she had a car...i didn't...so naturally i would tag along). we would stay there for hours! and when i say hours i mean hours! we would get there at 9 or 10 pm sometimes and stay until 1 or 2 am. just working out...joking around with the ppl that worked there or the ppl that worked out there. it was somewhat like our spot to go and relax. don't get me wrong we def got a good workout in, but it was also a great place to socialize and meet new ppl. i met one of my best friends (Big Shawn) at Body Works and i also met my 2nd boyfriend (now ex boyfriend but we are still pretty good friends) there.

We would sit and make fun of ppl...poking at their outfits...or how they would walk around the gym not really working out but flaunting the "goodies" that they did have to all the old men there.  With the membership there was free tanning. naturally i did not use that feature, but my girl Ashley did.

Even to this day when i go home to visit we will make plans to meet up at the gym and workout. i would shower there after my workouts...they even had a little smoothie/snack bar that i have purchased many different items from.  The staff was always very friendly and welcoming, and it was also fun to play pick up games in the open gym. Granted Ashley and i were usually the only girls that would play...we were also the only girls that would usually get asked to play because we could actually bring a little competition to the floor. not only to each other but to the guys as well. there have been plenty of times either of us would cross over or shoot over a guy who was under estimating my skills on the bball court. and the court is where we would spend most of the time at the gym before or after our workout.

My high school years were not the greatest. especially towards the end. granted i was in the top 10% in my class with my grades...i was accepted and received dozens of scholarships from school...but my home life was not as lucrative as my academic life. I guess that is why i pushed myself so hard in school. i joined dozens of clubs and organizations just so that i would have something to do other than go home.  I was student body president and president of several other organizations. i competed on the UIL academic team and i was in all sports.  This ensured that i would have a chance to be gone almost every weekend, and the nights i was not staying late at school for an organization...i was working and saving up money for my future trip to college.

Like i said finding this old key ring pass was so small...but indeed had a huge impact on my life. i think Ashley knew somewhat the trouble i had at home so she defiantly helped me make the most of getting out and away with her. All those days and hours spent at the gym were much appreciated. and to this day we are still good friends.

*sigh* the old days...when i worked just to save up money and i dreamed about being in college and starting my own new life....well now that that portion of my life is accomplished...i guess i will work towards the next chapters in my life....it is just crazy how fast time has flown!

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katie said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

It's weird how we'll find something so small and what you think might be insignificant, in reality really brings back a lot of memories. :)

I recently found my tasslel from my graduation cap. My high school life wasn't really that awesome, but college was an amazing time.

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