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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Today's post i would like to dedicate to one of the most important men in my life....
my father :-)

most people say that we look a lot alike (and yes i would agree!)
growing up from a little girl until about Jr. high i was always a BIG daddy's girl (and i still am)
he would spoil me...
when i would get in trouble by mom he would always make it better...
we went through a little rough patch when i was in my teen years
but i can say that over the past 5 years or so we have gotten a lot closer
i can always call him and get good advice (even sometime about guys...not the deep details but just small problems that come up)
and he is always encouraging me about my career goals and things i want to do in my life
even though he did not want me to move to Missouri back in 2004 (he even tried to bribe me to get me to stay!)
he has still encouraged me to do what i want (because he knows that i will end up doing what i want anyway so he might as well go along with it instead of against it...LoL)

I love my dad so much and i Cherish the times we spend together when i go back home
i am still a daddy's girl (we seriously talk about once a day if not every other day)
he has made some mistakes in the past...but then again who hasn't?

i am glad for the things he has (and most of the things he did not) do for me
i know i would not have worked as hard to achieve the things that i have gotten today

So i love you dad and happy fathers day!!

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