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Thursday, June 2, 2011

well today is June 2, 2011

i am working at the hospital this morning and just had quite the experience that i just had to share.

as i was about to leave my last patient for the morning...his neighbor (the hospital i work at has double rooms) summoned me to come to his bed.  He said he has to tell me something...so nicely i walk over to him and ask what he is needing with a pleasant smile on my face. as i approach this elderly man who looks to be bed ridden he says:

"God has done two things right in this world...He put the best Pus*y's (another word for Vagina) on Colored women, and he allowed me to see you this morning!"

OK as soon as i heard the words "vagina" and "colored women" my mouth instantly dropped...i was speechless...could not help but blink endlessly as i still could not believe what this random guy (who i did not know) just said to me...and as he finished his statement with "allowing me to see you" that is when i lost all control...i laughed hysterically as this old man  and he in return laughed with me. As i am walking out of the room thanking this guy for his words of wisdom he winks at me and we part ways...

needless to say i defiantly was not expecting this kind of surprise at 5AM on a rainy Thursday morning. 

but at the same time...i guess you can admire his humor....

So i guess the moral of today's story is that black women have the best vagina's? maybe i should call up or text a few of my ex's and see if they agree....LoL

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