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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

hello...my name is Stephanie...and i have this ornate ability to have bad luck with men...

well it has happened...

I have had my first bad date!

OK so i decided to go on a date with a guy i met on the online dating site. we decided to meet in a mutual middle ground spot for dinner (which was perfect for me!) besides the fact that i had to drive a little ways to meet him, i much rather preferred that than having him come to where i live.

So we meet up. He was very nice and joking around (just as we would do when we chat on the phone)
and we go to dinner....
dinner was very nice and very good.
He started the night off by opening the door to the restaurant (but not the car door...strike 1! hey i gotta set some standards!!)
he paid for dinner (and yes i offered...just something my mom always told me to do)

well after dinner...he took me to my car so that i could go home...here is when the date went sour...
He started to get a little too touchy for a first date (trying to touch my boobs...grabbing my ass...touching my legs and just being too touchy in general...)
so after me telling him to stop several times (he still did not really pay attention not to mention we have had several conversations about taking things slow and how i find guys that are pushy and too touchy too soon to be a HUGE turn off)
He then proceeds to try to ask me to stay for a while...at this point i was getting very uncomfortable and just wanted to get in my car and drive away as fast as i could!!
he at this point had given me a hug and was thanking me for the date...but was giving me a extra long hug and was yet again being too touchy...and having wondering hands...

in the middle of this way-to-long hug...he then tells me i should spend the night.
i laugh and say "uh yea right"
not to mention i had said several times that i needed to get home because i had to be at work super early the next morning...well then he had the idea that should just hang out and call into work sick!!
LOL....um yea...at this point my friends def came to the rescue!

By pure luck a group of friends i usually meet up at the bar and play pool with on Mondays texted me. so my phone is going off and i insist he let me go so i can answer it...so looking at my phone and realizing who it was it gave me an escape!! i said i forgot about a prior engagement and had to hurry back to town to meet up with the friend that just texted me....

needless to say i slightly ran to my car and sped away...calling my friends (almost in a panic) to explain how awful the end of the date was...

Dinner was fine...and the conversation was good...but after that...was way too much!

I have had problems with guys in the past being way to forceful and having to fight them (literally) to stop touching me and get off of me.  i was not wearing anything too sexy. i had on a sundress (that went down to my knees) i had on sandals (no heels) and my hair was pinned back. i was very conservative and not giving off all the wrong signals (like i usually do on a first...2nd...3rd...or 4th date)

it just frustrates me because i just want ONE good guy. i know i am trying hard to find someone but i am just looking for my break. i just want to find one good guy...who has all the qualities i am looking for...and will treat me the way i should be treated....RESPECT ME and my boundaries...and just make me fell the way i want to feel...loved....

*sigh* so i think for now i give up. i have just had a continuous string of bad guys...and bad situations...and just don't want to deal with it anymore. i guess i will just have to be happy with being lonely and being happy....it just sucks that i am on such a string of bad luck...off to delete my online dating profile!

....until next time...

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Twad'dler said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hey just stumbled across you on 20SB.

This guy sounds like a bit of an arse, the stupid part of the whole thing is he didn't even pick up how uncomfortable you were. And asking you to stay over is just too funny, did he actually think you'd turn around & say 'yeah sure!' haha.
Carry on looking, you'll find a Mr Right one day!

Miss Sassy Pants said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Men and women can be on such different levels and hear complete opposite things.

This guy sounds like such an idiot, boys can be so stupid sometimes. I would've smacked him, brownie points for you for your lady-like self restraint. You sound lovely, don't worry, the right guy will come along.


Sherms said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hi, I found you on 20SB.
This guy sounds horrible. He ruined something that might have been nice by being way too forward.
But you have to keep putting yourself out there because there are good guys. Maybe go for someone different to who you usually date?


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