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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lesson for today: After the First Date

Ok so you make it through the first date...
whether it was dinner and a movie...bowling...a park...coffee...mini golf...or whatever....
Hopefully at this point you are on your way to take the nice gal you were on a date with home (if you were paying any attention to my first post you would know that you should have picked your date up!)

So you guys are hopefully flirting and cooing over how much fun the date was...

Now what do you do?
Well you approach the gals house.
As a GENTLEMAN you should indeed either
A) jump out fast enough to go and open her car door or
 B) if she was too fast for you and is already hoping out, at least walk her to her front door.

So do you kiss her...or do you not...
this is a very tough question. i know some gals have a rule about not kissing on the first date...and some girls are more into it if it was a great date and the mood/feeling is right.  to be perfectly honest just ask!
As you are walking her to her door and saying your good bye's...if you feel the date was going that well it is perfectly OK to ask her if it OK for you to kiss her (after taking a poll this is the much preferred thing other than just coming at her with your lips or tongue...yes I have had a guy charge at my face with no lips just his tongue...LoL)

The worst thing she can say is NO...or "Sorry i don't kiss on the first date".  If the date was going that well and you guys have great chemistry she may say yes!

The Kiss

The kiss...to be honest the kiss says a lot!
a bad kisser is a HUGE turn off and could potentially ruin your chances for another date (and i know it was suggested that you can teach the guy how to kiss...but after taking a poll several people tried but were unsuccessful at teaching their mate the way they liked to be kissed)

so i assume it is all about preference...but here are some tips that i got from polling my friends

1) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not go into a kiss with all tongue and slobber...NOT ATTRACTIVE
the tongue is suppose to be an accessory. It is there and if you use it, it is suppose to be an added pleasure...not the pure means for a kiss.
And do not go in trying to touch her tonsils with your tongue....
Oh you may think i am being funny/bazaar about bringing this up but you don't know how many times myself or other friends complained about how the person was just jamming their tongue into their mouth and not really doing much of anything else (other than trying to choke them with their tongue)
The best way to practice...look at a love story or chick flick (and i know how much guys dislike them) but there is a good sense of a perfect first kiss...if you make it past the first kiss then you guys can work on what works best for you or what either of you like to do while kissing.

2) Do not have wondering hands!
I don't know how many times a guy can ruin a FIRST KISS by trying to grab butt or boobs...this may be a no-brainer but guys i guess don't realize it...keep your hands in the safe zones (like her waist or holding her hands) Don't want to get too touch feely unless she is guiding you to touch certain areas and then that is a whole different story...

3) check out this article...it is pretty good with some tips (from a guys perspective) on kissing

So after the kiss (or non kiss) wait until she closes the door to her home...and then hop in the car and drive off (Key thing...always wait until she is inside and the door is closed before you drive off! This is just not date etiquette but i do this to my friends as well.)

When do i call/text her?
This rule is a very tricky rule. I have had guys say they set day or time limits until they contact a girl after a date...and some girls are afraid to contact the guy after the date...to be honest...if you feel like calling/texting then just do it!! DO NOT put a time frame on it.  Because if you do, you may be sending the wrong message (like you are not interested...or that the date did not go as well as you had hoped)

Its all about playing it cool...but still expressing that you are interested in the person...and you have to do that without going overboard and scaring the person away. 

Well these are all the tips i have for you for this weeks lesson of the Love Chronicles...stay tuned for more!

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I have never had a guy grab my boobs or butt during the first kiss. I would be horrified!! Great post girl!

Also, I posted the topic on 20sb about the promotion and publicity..it's updated. Let me know if interested!!

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