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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

yup...its true...I'm officially a cowgirl!

nope...i did not make this conclusion just because i was born and raised in the great state of Texas...i made this conclusion after i rode the bull at PBR in the Power and Light in KC last weekend.

well it all started when my girl in KC decided to win a free happy hour for her and her friends. so naturally i have some Friday nights off (from the bar and don't have to be up early on the weekends!) so i got off from the hospital at 1...went and worked out. took a shower...got dressed and packed an overnight bag...and sped to Kansas city!

got there around 6pm. met up with my girl and we headed to happy hour. at first I'm not gonna lie, i was slight worried how the night would turn out. but once all her friends showed up...plus a few of mine...it turned out to be an AMAZING night. it was well worth the trip! not to mention out of all the girls that rode the bull that night...i stayed on the longest! i learned a quick tip while waiting in line...its all in the hip/thighs...so naturally since i have been working out pretty hard the past few month, i knew that i was in the best shape to ride the bull ( minus the fact that i had already had a few drinks).

the crowd cheered for me...and so did my friends...and needless to say...now i can claim that i am a cowgirl! i only wish i had on my true cowgirl outfit...but i def fit in with my nice new sundress :-)

So needless to say the summer was off to a good start and so far has still been a good time. i just booked my ticket to go to NYC with another Friend in July...and making plans for Vegas in August. so far so good...i am upholding my plan to go somewhere fun at least once a month. cant wait to see what the other trips bring!

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