Monday, January 26, 2009

what is a sister...other than birth, what would qualify someone to reach a point to where they would call you sister?
i have alot of sisters....
my biological sisters (3 of them)
my ship (4 of them)
my sorority sisters (as a whole or just chapter wide...stilla big number)
bestfriends and roomies i have had (onlly a handful i would call my "sister)
a term so strong and enduring...is it a term of love without saying i love you?
would you ever just quit on those that you love?
quitting to me is not acceptable at all. letting down the people that depend on you the most. my biggest turn off as a woman when it comes to relationships with anyone is when you disapoint me or abandon me...that is the worst thing that you can do...it will take alot to redeem youself in my mind, but it is possible. i have a weakness for caring toomuch about those that i have let into my life...and there for it makes it extra hard for me to cut them out at all. i still stay in touch with alot of friends that i had in high school...thats b/c of i let them in, you are in a sense "family" i guess because growing up i had to depend on my friends to be my family support...and i still do at times. old habits die hard....and im sure that is one habit that will be hard forme to break.
.................until next time...........

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