Sunday, January 25, 2009

well today i am at work (yup the good ole 6am to 230 pm shift)
i like working weekends...the only thing i dont like is having to be up sooooo early, but other than that i enjoy the weekend. i dont have to deal with too many people and i get alot of my own personal stuff done. the hospital is not buzzing with 1/2 as many ppl and i can just do what i need to do and use my down time how i please....even better i get to be the only phlebotamist here on sunday and i dont have to deal with anyone else. i mean the people i deal with they are ok, they just do little things or get lazy and i have to end up doin the work anyway...so i would rather just be alone and have to do all the work than have it pushed onto me because someone dosnt want to do it.
this will be the third week of classes coming up. suprisingly i enjoy all of my classes. biochem is not too bad. the take home quiz we had i was able to do all but 2 problems so i was very proud of myself. maybe it wont be as hard as i thought. ill just hope for the best!!!!
this past weekend was tiff's bday. wynter went to celebrate with her in STL and i wish so bad that i could have gone!! but i had to work and had a ton of homework/reading that i had to get done. i miss all of them (my ship), i mean we all are not that far away, its just finding the time to meet up and planning things. its just not the same without them here. it was really hard at first but i am use to it now. going to miami with ashley was soooo much fun and i am so glad that i did that. i was scared at first, but in the end it was a great time and i got to spend time with ashley which we have not gotten to spend that much time together since she was here in kirksville over 2 years ago!
jennifer got a call from brown university! they wanted to do a phone interview. that is really good. i was so happy for her but at the same time i was envious. i mean i want to get into a better school and move away from truman. ill keep working hard and we will have to see where the good Lord wants me to be next
i did NOT want to get out of bed today! my bed was so warm and you know when you find that right spot and you just dont want to move...yea i was def in it and did not feel like going out into the cold to come to work. i have only called in sick once...so you could say that i am very dependable....but im not going to lie somedays im just tired and dont want to come...but despite that i get up,get dressed and come make sum money!
heart day is coming up...guess i will alone again...LoL...its ok, shawn said he would send me something if i wanted. i might take him up on that offer. i just for once want a REAL valentine...someone to cater to me( and not me catering to someone else)...someone to wine and dine and spoil me (and not the other way around). i really hope that all this waiting will pay off! good things come to those who patiently wait right?
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