Friday, January 30, 2009

well i have yet to say anything about this and i feel that today is a good day to express what little political views i do have. on jan 20 2009 the FIRST african american moved into the white house, and so did his family...the first lady of which being an AKA :) skee wee soror! LoL
but yes i am happy...blessed...excited...that it has happened and that i got to see it. i honestly remember one day thinking to myself...will i ever see the day that a black man or woman would be in that position...and i did.
im am not very political at all. alot of the issues that they talk about really do not pertain to me...first i dont make enought money...dont have a house....dont have a full time job...and i dont have to pay for my health care or other stuff like that. so im not going to say that i dont care, but its def not on my priority list. i just do not care much about that kinda stuff...maybe one day down the road i wil...but as for now....nope...but i am happy that i got to see the events that went on a few weeks ago :)
next weekend is the start to our season with a bbal tourney in rock island, il. i am super excited. i wish that we could have more girls with us, but we hav alot of talent thisyear and i hope to do better and just overall do alot with the program thisyear. i am happy that i get to play and i want to focus on getting better this year...i want to do more than i usually do...but most importantly i want to make all conf team at least once this year! that is my goal :) so pray for me! and ill keep trying to work hard to get better.
basketball season is in full affect....no more football on ESPN (well after the superbowl this weekend) and then MARCH MADNESS!!! so i am very excited about that. i am hooked to ESPN even more that college ball is on. there are alot of good teams this year. so i am excited to see who makes it to march :)
its friday night...i get off of work soon....what should i do!?!?!? LoL
......................until next time...............

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