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Sunday, January 11, 2009

well after a long vacation...i am back in kirksville :-/

i went home for xmas break and it was amazing, not to mention i was able to go to miami for new years with my sorority sister ashley. we seriously had the BEST time. we got to just hang out at the beach, we ate at alot of great places, went to the beach, hit up a few clubs, played with alligators, swam with the fish, took a boat ride into the sunset...it was alot of fun! i cant wait to see her again. im just sad she and i are the only ones with funds to do things like that. but you know maybe in a few years we all will be able to do something like that. we always try to plan something with everyone but it dosnt always work out that way.

well over the break guess who i met back up with....well who i ran into and hung out with for a few dayz....mr. jack king...boyfriend #2. yea, it was cool, and when i saw him i asked my self what did i see in him....LoL i guess im not attracted to him in anytype of way now...i mean despite the fact that he cheated on me numerious times, we still have managed to stay friends over the years which is cool i guess. yea...def friend status. the times we did hang out it was fun except when he would hit on me...LOL...yes it did happen but most of the time i laughed it off.

i got to spend alot of time with my best friend shawn. i already miss him so much! he is like family to me. i def cried when i left him. i just miss him and just hope that he does good. i am literally the only true friend he has and the closest thing to family he has since he is n texas. but i know i will get to see him again. but i already miss him :(

hmmm hung out with ashley...always fun as usual. we had a blast the last night i was there. me her and amanda hit up a bar and the D.Lounge and had a blast! ran into the alphas from tech, it was kool to see them! they were so cute...LoL...well not in the "im attracted" to them kinda way...in the way of "little brother wearing a new sweater" kinda cute...yea...i cant F**k with alphas...LoL 3 reasons....Antaeus, Raymond, and Ben...LMAO

speaking of Ben i got to see him and hang out. he just got a really good job and is doing really good forhimself. ben would be a great guy, he just...is an "ALPHA"....LoL yes to me that means something b/c i can put him in that catigory which labels him in alot of ways, but i cant help it...all 3 that i havemet have all been the same way...same traits, same flaws, same ideas....so why not label them the same right...i mean afterall in a weird sort of way they are all brothers...

got to hang out with the family. my dad...jennifer...i tim...my other brothers and sisters...it was kool i guess...i def had more fun with shawn and ashley...oh and goin to the mall everyday and gettin to go to miami.

oh i got to see ryan as well....*sigh*...*shaking head "no"*....thats all i can say...LoL...

well i got back to kville yesterday about 5:20pm. i unpacked the millions of bags and other things thatwere in my car, and just relaxed...took a shower, got all dressed up and cute, and then went to brandons and brians game. they did so good, but they lost again. They both got to play a lot (brian even started!) but that did not matter. brandon was so down about it. it was even so bad he really was just kinda in a slump all night when he came over. i can totally understand y he is upset...but he did eventully show that he missed me...i just hope and pray that they win their game on WED. the whole team is down b/c they have lost 7 games in a row...and its starting to take an affect on brandon and i dont like it at all...i dont even know what to say to him when he gets like that. all i try to do is let him talk, and i listen...oh and answer a question if he asks...but i really dont know what else to do other than that. i dont want to say the wrong things or make the situation any worse. well i hope he is n a better mood today, i really want to show him all the things i got him...i am super excited to give him his things. im not sure if he will be as excited but i know for sure that i am...LoL...

other than that...school sux...oh yea im still single...which isnt a problem im just wanting a little more than what i am being given right now...but i dunno, all i can do is pray about it and just wait to see what the good lord has planned for me in the future.

the future....hmm that is a good question...im not even sure what i want to do. i mean i applied to schools but im not sure if i have what it takes yet, i def dont have the money, and i dunno just the anxiety of it all does the same for me.

well im at work right now...which is much needed...being at home and going to miami broke me...LoL i was tryin to live like a VIP...having the best of the best...i even flew first class :) but im gonna go...i gotta try to do some type of work so that i can stay awake while im at work...LoL

..........................until next time...........................

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