Thursday, May 27, 2010

"I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given to me -- the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace."

Acts 20:24

Well these past few days/weeks have def been one for the books... i went to STL this past weekend and i had alot of fun! got to see alot of old friends and i got to see my ship!!! that was the best part. when i see them again it makes me miss them more and more because i know that i will have to leave soon.

got to go out to eat...went to my first baseball game!!! went to the zoo...went to six flags. went to the science center. and went to a pretty kool club. got to see 2 past ppl...it was ok i guess...LoL...but like i said i got to see my girls...oh and i got to shop! i found some awsome things...but now i am mad that i spent the $...LoL its ok. i have been saving up so it wasnt bad. i didnt spend that much.

I am going to activly become more spiritual. i have decreased cursing by 80% (and i am so proud of myself!!!) and now i am going to read a new bible verse...one each day....oh and my morning/nightly prayers.
its going to be hard but i know it is something that i want to do and something that i need to do. i need to feel better spiritually and i think it will put me where i need to be when i start a new chapter in my life.
work on my spiritual and physical health and i know that i will wake up each day feeling better and enjoying the day so much more. i know that i need to work on me and that is what i plan on doing :)

i love the summer....but not the humidity that comes with it.,..LoL
it will be fun. not classes. so i will have less to worry about. and i will just focus on studying for the MCAT. i HAVE to do good. i dont have a choice. and if i dont then i know that i need to find another life plan. and i dont want to do that so i will take this time to work hard and plan my life out. and save up. and knock some things off my need/want/and to pay for list.

i do feel very blessed. i look at all the things and people the good Lord has put in my life and i know that i would not have made it this far without his help. i put my trust and my faith in him and i know he will lead me in the right direction. i am a servant unto him and live each day to carry out his work.

this is a creed/saying i came up with on my own. i am sure i will be altering/adding to it. but this is what i have so far...

...First let us give glory to the lord father almighty. Father of heaven and earth, creator of all things. He hath made this soul and this body, and may his grace, wisdom, and patients be bestowed upon me. We ask that he bless all of his children, for he is worthy of praise. Amen...

....until next time....

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