Thursday, May 13, 2010

well i am finally caught up on the "new" times. i used skype for the first time yesterday!!
the first person i talked to was jennifer. it was so cool. it was like she was just there. it was way better than talking on the phone!. it is nice to actually b able to see the person you are talking too. i also talk kenten (he is in iraq!!) we talked last night and for over 4 hours today! (well that incudes all the connection prob we had...LoL) i def saw a new side of him today. usually when i talk to him he is kinda quiet and reserve. today he was joking around and it was like a real convo. it was nice. he is very funny and his thick country accent cracks me up! LoL i kept makin fun of him about some of the words he was saying. but it really was a good convo! it really makes me excited to talk to him again. who knows when that will be. he is over seas doing God knows what to protect us. It just worries me! makes me think back to when shawn was over there. i worried everday. i just pray and put my heart out to all of the troops. pray that they are safe and are able to make it back safe to their families.
school is out! i am BORED! LoL
i sleep in until around 8 or 9, wake up, and lay there...n bed...watch TV....get up....eat....shower....watch more TV....
today i was def gettin tired of that. so i am def making a change starting tomorrow (even tho it is friday). i am gonna dedicate more time to the gym...and set dates/times to studying for the MCAT and GRE. gotta do good! dont want to be stuck in this spot next year. gotta get into a program so i can finally get done with school and start my real life! i cant wait. i know i still have a long road in front of me but i am ready for it.
...............until next time.............

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